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An Insightful Fireside Chat on CMOs, Technology, and Innovation

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Listen to Eric Eden, an accomplished marketer and CMO, and Taran Nandha, the CEO and founder of Growth Natives, in this insightful fireside chat on how CMOs can optimally use technology for innovation in 2023 and beyond. During this session, Eric and Taran discussed how CMOs can adapt to technological advancements and innovate despite limited resources. Eric also shared valuable insights on how young marketers can utilize technology to enhance their creativity and bring value to their respective organizations.

In this ‘Fireside Chat’, you will learn:
  • What options does GA4 offer to create properties for different needs?
  • Learn how to migrate from legacy systems to GA4 smoothly.
  • Ways to ensure data consistency by aligning dimensions and metrics in GA4.
  • Explore reporting options and overcome inconsistencies with custom solutions.
  • Resolve quota errors by using a custom GA4 connector for seamless integration.
  • Safeguard and export historical data securely with the Universal Analytics Connector.

Meet Growth Natives: Your Strategic Partner To Help Scale Your Brand And Create Engaging Customer Experiences.

Growth Natives opens new doors to get valuable insights, best practices, and custom solutions for a successful transition. Listen in to the chat and learn to optimize your analytics with GA4.
  • Learn more about Universal Analytics Connector and exporting historical data securely.
  • Safeguarding your valuable data and generating trend reports effortlessly.
  • Choosing your preferred destination for exporting data, like an S3 bucket or data warehouse.
  • Empowering yourself with best practices and custom solutions for a successful transition.

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