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Background and Problem Statement

The customer is a multi-million dollar real estate company that employs over 500 people across the US. For a long time, they used an almost manual process to collect data about accounts and opportunities in different territories. Though they managed to get the task done, it was consuming a lot of time and was making it extremely challenging to assign data and accounts to team members effectively.

They wanted to implement the Salesforce Territory Management tool to structure their teams and enable them to manage their respective territories based on account characteristics such as ZIP codes, industry-specific clients, revenue, and more custom metrics.

The Growth Natives Team’s Solution

First things first. To analyze their pain point in detail, we at Growth Natives conducted a free in-depth Salesforce audit and identified the issues related to their accounts, contacts, opportunities, cases, and contacts. We also streamlined their allocation process by creating straightforward rules about assigning a specific lead to agents in particular geolocation.

In addition, we created role-based access to different Salesforce users in the company to help prevent distractions from excess information flashing on their screens. While the top management was able to retain access to all data within the company, role-based access improved their agents’ performance by 47% within the next two months.

Our team collaborated with the client to analyze their ongoing process and cultivate the best solution for their enormous real estate business. We used a fast-paced approach and design to tailor-make a solution that could resolve all their challenges quickly.

Here is a quick look at the process we followed:

  • We created a territory-based hierarchy within the system and assigned access to data based on an employee’s role in the company.
  • The territory hierarchy structure allowed the regional managers and sales heads to view their specific geolocations with a bird’s eye.
  • After establishing the territory-based hierarchy, we added different regions and subregions to the list while assigning roles to agents in those areas.
  • We also created unique account assignment rules for different territories; the agents were then able to access the accounts related to their target portfolio.
  • While the regional directors retained access to accounts in their territories, they could not access the accounts in other territories.
  • Head of Sales received complete access to all territory accounts, and it allowed them to evaluate the performance of each territory with factual data at hand.

Result and Impact

Our solution helped the client in the following ways:


increase in the process of taking the lead from nurture to closure stage in two months.


reduction in time spent on administrative activities like manual preparation of excel sheets.


average increase in revenue across the board for all the different territories of the company.

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