Part-1 | Lead Flow Automation

It is very important that you create an effective lead flow process to take advantage of this influx of potential customers. In this section let’s evaluate your lead flow automation.

How do you manage leads from different channels that may be the right target or engaged with you? *

Do you have your process to identify hot leads at the top of the funnel that requires immediate follow up by sales? *

How are cold or warm leads from the top of the funnel managed and followed-up on? *

Part-2 | Lead Quality Management

Without a lead quality management system in place, sales can find themselves wasting their time in pursuing unqualified leads and letting sales-ready leads slip through the cracks. Let’s see how well equipped you are for managing the lead quality in your marketing automation system.

How do you define your leads which are ready to go to sales? *

What do you do with the leads which aren’t closed by sales as expected? *

How often do you revisit and how do you refine your lead scoring and grading models? *

Part-3 | Sales and Marketing Funnel Optimization

To get the best ROI on your marketing budget, attracting the right leads and converting them through the funnel at the best possible speed is key to your revenue success. By optimizing conversion at every step of the way one can increase lead velocity and revenue growth. Let’s see how do you stack against others for this important part of your marketing automation process.

How do you personalize your content assets to drive efficient engagements? *

How do you look at where your most profitable leads are coming from or the areas that are most conducive to driving conversions? *

Do you have well-defined content pieces for every stage of the sales and marketing funnel? *

Once sales have converted a lead to opportunity and are trying to close the deal, how does marketing support them? *

Part-4 | Full Funnel Reporting & Analytics

Running marketing without proper reporting and Analytics can be risky. Let’s see how much risk are you taking with your marketing budget.

If your CEO asks for your top-performing Lead Source, you would: *

How do you measure your marketing ROI with reference to the closed business and revenue generated? *

How well is your sales and marketing process integrated? *

How sophisticated are you in your marketing analytics and reports? *

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