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Salesforce CPQ Services

Streamline your sales process and accelerate deal closures with Salesforce CPQ Services – opening up a world of new opportunities.

Why You Need Salesforce CPQ

In today’s competitive business world, it’s essential to be responsive and accurate when it comes to pricing and customer service. Companies that can provide the best prices and faster turnaround times are more likely to win over customers and outpace their competition. However, many businesses nowadays struggle with outdated manual processes, complex business rules, and legacy systems that slow down their quote-to-billing cycles. To streamline this critical process and stay ahead of the curve, consider implementing Salesforce CPQ solution.

As experts in CPQ implementation and integration, we provide our clients with top-notch Salesforce CPQ services that enable them to quickly generate accurate sales quotes. Utilizing their specialized knowledge and skills, our team of Salesforce CPQ consultants is committed to driving sales growth for businesses. So, what are you waiting for? Increase your business revenue by 50% or more with error-free quotes generated with Salesforce CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote) tool. Drive B2B sales like never before and allow your sales team to focus on more critical tasks that require their core expertise.


Salesforce CPQ Consulting

We help businesses streamline their sales process and close complex deals faster. Our Salesforce CPQ consulting services include full-scale CPQ implementations, technical support, audits & health checks to identify and fix issues, and custom development to meet your specific requirements. Our experts can help you with:

  • Reducing the turnaround time to generate quotes.
  • Evaluating the accuracy of the quote generated.
  • Decreasing the time required to sell products.
  • Scaling up the order value at every opportunity.


Fix the challenges identified in the consultation process before implementing the CPQ process. Our team divides the sales goals into different categories and optimizes the process with out-of-the-box solutions in conjunction with your business goals. Optimizing your workflow helps you with:

  • Concentrating on finding the ideal CPQ workflow by prioritizing CPQ features
  • Defining and optimizing the best process for generating and approving quotes
  • Knowing product portfolios - SKUs, pricing, discounts, service, and more
  • Configuring business rules, setting up SLAs, order forms, line editor, and quote templates

Salesforce CPQ Integration

Our expert team specializes in seamless Salesforce CPQ integration, thereby enabling smooth data transfer between your billing systems and Salesforce CPQ. Our solution supports complex hierarchical approval and E-signatures to ensure a hassle-free CPQ integration experience. We work on integrating the Sandbox environment to ensure that the final product is free from any bugs. Our agile integration approach allows you to:

  • Cleansing the data to eliminate duplicity and review it for 100% accuracy
  • Identifying the nature of data and maintain transparency when handling it
  • Delivering error-free data by identifying the owners of master data
  • Conducting robust manual and automated testing for workflows and integration


Convince people to embrace the change with ease when you implement something new. Eliminate the resistance to changes that might follow recommendations from our experts and staff training as and when required. Get accuracy quotes and drive more sales to boost revenue by:

  • Creating, managing and training the staff members about new functions
  • Highlighting how CPQ adds value to the bottom line across your catalog
  • Conducting online or in-person training programs to expedite onboarding
  • Informing users about new customization accurately and securely

Why Growth Natives As Your Salesforce CPQ Solutions Partner

  • We bring in a wealth of technological expertise with decades of collective experience.
  • You get Agile & global delivery within your budget and without any surprises.
  • Our teams are always up-to-date about any new Salesforce releases and updates.
  • We ensure that the Salesforce implementation and customization process is seamless.
  • We leverage our expertise to benefit your in-house team and provide regular support for any issues.
  • We deliver on-shore expertise at off-shore pricing and help you get the best ROI without hassle.

Case Studies

Here are studies on our latest projects which showcase our strategic skills and achievements.
Salesforce CPQ Implementation
75% Reduction in Cycle Time With Salesforce CPQ Implementation

A globally renowned brain technology company needed a Salesforce CPQ solution which could resolve issues in their CRM that directly impacted their business plans. Growth Natives worked closely with them to provide a customized automated solution that could...

Salesforce Billing Implementation
69% Improvement in Forecasting Accuracy With Salesforce Billing Implementation

A leading hardware company wanted to optimize its billing and taxation process for the goods sold in the country. A free thorough Salesforce audit by Growth Natives helped identify their billing and invoicing issues which we resolved by delivering a...

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