Extract True Value with an Actionable Adobe Marketo Measure Audit

If you’re ready to turn those marketing numbers into serious growth, then it’s time to pinpoint exactly where your ROI is soaring and where it’s taking a bit of a snooze. 

That’s the power of a wholesome Marketo Measure (formerly Bizible) audit! From streamlining processes to fine-tuning attribution modeling, we’ve got you covered with a comprehensive Bizible audit.

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    Why Do You Need an Adobe Marketo Measure Audit??

    Identify gaps and ensure data accuracy with a Marketo Measure audit. Enhance attribution accuracy and optimize decision-making for better results with detailed insights from every stage of the customer journey.

    An audit ensures Marketo Measure captures interactions across CRM, marketing automation, and ad platforms with data accuracy, optimized integration, and improved campaign performance.

    Detailed insights from the audit guide strategic decisions, such as adjusting messaging or targeting, based on solid data analysis, leading to more effective marketing campaigns

    The audit reveals underperforming areas in your marketing strategy, such as overlooked customer segments or untapped channels, to capitalize on for growth.

    What’s Included in Our Adobe Marketo Measure Audit?

    Efficient Installation Process

    • User Setup: Configure user accounts and permissions for secure and efficient access.
    • Domain Setup: Ensure all your domains are properly configured for comprehensive tracking.
    • JavaScript Installation: Implement tracking scripts across your website for accurate data collection.
    • Form Exclusions: Exclude non-valuable forms to focus on meaningful touchpoints.
    • Ad Platform Integrations: Connect with AdWords, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Bing for integrated reporting.
    • Salesforce Integration: Seamlessly integrate Marketo Measure into your Salesforce instance, including sandbox installations if necessary.
    • Custom Amount Field Orientation: Configure Marketo Measure to use a custom amount field if required.

    Tailored Configuration

    • Online and Offline Channel Mapping: Utilize UTM parameters, URLs, and CRM campaign types to accurately map touchpoints.
    • CRM Campaign Integration: Develop rules to create touchpoints from CRM campaigns and memberships.
    • Marketo Engage Integration: Create touchpoints from Marketo Engage programs and activities, if needed.
    • Segmentation Rules: Establish segmentation based on your tier, with up to 10 segments for higher tiers.
    • Marketing Spend Import: Import at least three months of marketing spend data for accurate attribution.
    • Attribution Window Setup: Define your attribution window and fine-tune touchpoint settings.
    • Custom Stages and Models: Configure custom stages (MQL, SAL) and attribution models for higher tiers.
    • CRM Activity Integration: Create touchpoints from CRM activity records for advanced tiers.

    Comprehensive QA, Validation, Reporting & Training

    • QA and Validation: Verify and validate all installation and configuration settings.
    • Reporting Dashboards Training: Learn to use the Marketo Measure Discover reporting tool, apply filters, and interpret data.
    • CRM Integration Training: Understand how to utilize new objects and fields in your CRM for insightful reporting.

    Discover Hidden Profits & Maximize Marketing ROI

    So, bid farewell to those pesky inaccuracies that have been holding you back and sign up for a Bizible audit now!