5 Must-Haves for B2B Website Conversion Rate Optimization

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Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) based on A/B testing is one of the fastest deployable methodologies to increase the percentage of your website visitors taking the desired action.  There are abundant Conversion Rate Optimization tactics available to increase conversion rates for your B2B website.

5 B2B Website Conversion Rate Optimization Tactics

In this blog, we will keep the spotlight on easy to miss Conversion Rate Optimization tactics which can act as catalysts for your B2B website conversions and help you achieve demand generation targets.

1. Have Your Contact Phone Number in the Top Fold of the Website.

According to the training journal – having your phone number available on the home page can itself boost conversion by 10-20%. With the increasing use of mobile devices for search, your website visitors may not have the time, patience, or an available hand to scroll and fill out an online form. Make it easy for them to contact you by enabling single click dialing from the first fold of their mobile experience. It also works great for website visitors that may not want to wait for email responses and want to engage with someone right away.  Example below

2. Flaunt Your Accolades and Accomplishments.

You have earned your awards, social validation ratings, and real testimonials, it is time to flaunt them. Make sure they are available on the website pages you are driving traffic to and seek conversion on. Your rewards and recognitions will inculcate a feeling of security amongst your website visitors and encourage them to take action.

3. Use Creatively Enhanced Yet Relevant Imagery.

Visuals have a far deeper impact and engagement level than words. Make sure the images and other visuals you use on the landing pages are relevant to the traffic you are driving and/or represents your product or service. Ensure that the relevance is maintained between the visual used at the source of traffic (example an online ad banner) and the landing page. A visual imprint of your product or services can also be very powerful. A perfect example would be the screenshot of your product giving the visitors a sample of what to expect leading to conversion and engagement.

4. Have Value-Driven Call-to-Action (CTA) Buttons.

Have your CTA buttons highlight the value for the target prospect and improve Conversion Rate Optimization For instance, if you are looking for customers to create an account and join your rewards program rather than having the CTA button read “Create Account”, you may want to replace this with “Start Earning Rewards”. This will drive curiosity and the possibility of conversion as nobody wants to not earn rewards. 

5. Use as Few Form Fields as Possible.

A long-form with many fields can get boring and tedious for anyone to fill. Get the absolutely necessary to have information like name, email ID, Company,  etc. and limit your form fields to no more than 5 if possible. Get rid of fields like address, landline number, unless necessary. Once you know the company website, you can easily and automatically augment the required information from available 3rd party sources. Several companies are using this technique to increase conversion rates.

We recommend that you implement the ideas in this blog post through AB testing and figure out which works for your website visitors. We are certain you will find some winners here.

If you need a partner to do AB testing our team of CRO experts with 40 Years of combined experience are just an email away info@growthnatives.com

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