Ins and Outs of Modern Marketing and How Company Culture Plays a Vital Role

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Published on: July 28, 2022 Updated on: July 12, 2024 views Icon 468 Views

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Sameer Pawar
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Sameer, with 20+ years in B2B/B2C, focuses on extracting clear, actionable insights from big data, driven by a passion for understanding Google's endless queries.

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“You can have all the right strategies in the world; if you don't have the right culture, you're dead.” - Patrick Whitesell

It’s true. Your company’s culture largely impacts how you reach out to your target market with your products or services. Until and unless you align your organizational values with consumers’ values and expectations, you won’t really get into their shoes and will hardly get the taste of success. 

From sitting quietly in 4X4 cubicles to having open communication on bean bags, from fixed tea breaks to opening craft beer bottles during discussions, and from no music to playing Oldies and Jazz in the office complex, companies have come a long way in transforming and evolving their cultures. The shift from autonomy to an open culture has visibly resulted in exceptional customer satisfaction, happier and more engaged employees, and rising profitability. 

Fact check: Companies with strong cultures have seen a 4x increase in revenue growth

Whether you are expanding your customer base via online reviews about your products or services, peer recommendations, or social media advertising, remember that people are not only looking at what you are selling but also how you are doing it. 

In a world of omnichannel marketing, your target audience will look you up on different social media platforms, ask you questions, and talk to their groups to get feedback on your offerings. In doing all this, they will know how you interact with users and whether your brand resonates with their values and emotions. Besides, they will give you mere 5-7 seconds to make your first impression. 

The key is to let your smart work, positive customer relationships, and outstanding results speak for you. But how do you intertwine your marketing mix with your culture such that it takes you on the upward trajectory of strategic success? 

Quoting Taran Nandha, Founder and CEO of Growth Natives, “Culture is your people. If you take care of your customers and employees, you are bound to see intended outcomes with tremendous success.” 

In a recent talk with The Brand Called You’s Founder, Ashutosh Garg, Taran opens up and shares what modern marketing looks like and how you can leverage it to your advantage in conjunction with advancing and strengthening your company culture. 

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