10 Best Work-From-Home Productivity Hacks

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Work from home has become a thing since the coronavirus pandemic has struck the world. As the virus held us back from returning to offices, working from home was a natural solution to continue to work and keep our businesses afloat. Nevertheless, working from home is not as simple as it seems; you need certain work-from-home hacks in place and a professional atmosphere at your home to be completely productive. 

Creating the work atmosphere is still half the task; the other half requires you to maintain your personal self and life such that it doesn’t interfere with your official duties. 

One of the biggest drawbacks of working from home is that it is full of distractions such as cooking, cleaning, laundry, and watching TV. You must manage to do away with such distractions in order to maintain an efficient workflow.

The Surge of Remote Work. How It Affects Productivity

The popularity of work has seen a rise, in recent times completely transforming how we approach our professional lives. With its nature and the eradication of commutes, more and more people are embracing the work from home lifestyle. However while remote work comes with benefits it also poses challenges when it comes to maintaining productivity.

The Significance of Implementing Strategies for Working from Home

Working from home necessitates an approach in order to ensure optimal productivity. Distractions can be plentiful in the surroundings making it imperative to develop strategies to overcome them. By implementing the techniques for working from home you can unlock a level of productivity, achieve a better work life balance and ultimately excel in your professional pursuits.

Establishing the Framework for an Efficient Work from Home Environment

Working from home provides flexibility and freedom. Also requires an organized and distraction free environment to maximize productivity. By setting up an optimized workspace and utilizing strategies to manage distractions and maintain focus you can lay down the groundwork for a work, from home experience.

A. Creating an Optimized Workspace

1.Choosing the Right Home Office Space

  • When selecting your home office area it's important to consider factors, like light, noise levels and privacy. Look for a spot that receives plenty of sunlight as it can boost your mood and productivity. Make sure the space is in an area to minimize distractions and if necessary use noise canceling solutions. Lastly, prioritize creating a work zone that offers privacy.

2.Setting up an Well Organized Office

  • To create a workspace that promotes good posture and reduces the risk of discomfort or injury opt for adjustable furniture like chairs and desks. Arrange equipment such as computers, monitors and keyboards in a way that supports ergonomics. Additionally keep supplies and documents organized for access while minimizing clutter.

B. Managing Distractions and Maximizing Focus

1. Strategies to Minimize Common Distractions

  • During work hours limit device usage and silence notifications to avoid interruptions. Establish boundaries with family members or roommates to ensure work time. Communicate your schedule effectively so they understand when you need privacy and focus.

2. Techniques to Maintain Focus and Avoid Procrastination

  • Boost your productivity by adopting techniques like time blocking or the Pomodoro technique. These methods can help you stay focused on tasks, without succumbing to procrastination.
  • Time blocking is a method where you allocate time slots throughout your day, for tasks. On the other hand the Pomodoro technique focuses on working in intervals with brief breaks in between. To stay motivated and responsible you can incorporate measures, like sharing your progress with a colleague or utilizing task management apps.

Here, we have curated some of the tips and work-from-home hacks that will help you maintain a decent productivity level while working from home.  

1. Maintain Regular Work Hours

Setting up a schedule to balance work and life might be one of the most difficult things in a work-from-home situation. It is important that you maintain uniformity in your working hours so that you don’t compromise either factor. Breaks are part of work but without monitoring, you may unknowingly take more breaks than necessary. 

Though flexibility of timing is the biggest bonus of working from home, try to avoid untimely breaks that lessen your productivity. Create a fixed working schedule and maintain a stable workflow to improve your accountability. 

When met with the option of flexible work hours, adjust your schedule to utilize the hours when your productivity is high. It will help you meet your deadlines and improve the amount of work you deliver. It is easier to fit in meetings and conferences when you already have a schedule in place to recognize the free periods.

Before setting up your work schedule, keep these factors in mind:

  • The time when you need to be available for someone at a senior position
  • The hours when your productivity is high
  • The time when communication between client/colleagues is needed

2. Consider Self-Care and Mental Health

Being highly dedicated to your duties is commendable but do not ignore your physical and mental health amid the work. We are more efficient and productive when our stress levels are at the lowest. Incorporating occasional walks or interaction with loved ones in your routine is an effective work-from-home hack that helps reduce your stress levels.

Relaxing in off-work hours doing fun activities or pursuing your hobbies is also beneficial in regulating your stress. Relationships and staying connected with people are other healthy ways of promoting self-care.

3. Don Your Job Attire

The work atmosphere first and foremost starts with you and not with your surroundings. Doing work in your pajamas may sound like fun and refreshing but it hampers your productivity and is not an ideal way of working. 

A few tips that will keep you productive throughout your day:

  • Do not skip baths; be fresh and ready to work
  • Wear formal clothes
  • Avoid any attire that gives an “unprofessional” feeling

You should dress up every morning as you would for work and maintain your usual workflow unless you seem to perform greatly in your pajamas. Then, by all means, continue.

4. Have Your Work Equipment in Place

Work from home requires plenty of hours on the desk just like an employee spends long hours in the office cubicle. So, it’s better if you have the right kind of furniture for in-home settings.  

Investing in good furniture will help maintain a good posture and improve your productivity. Consider buying an office chair that is engineered to provide comfort for long sitting hours. 

Here are some more ways to improve your workstation at home:

  • Have a desk with adequate space 
  • Organize files/ work-related documents
  • Ensure proper lighting and ventilation
  • Get a stable power source and network connection

5. Create Interaction Boundaries

For efficiency, it’s best to maintain boundaries while working from home. Letting people know the importance of your work is one of the most effective corporate life hacks to get focused and alone time

Also, set designated areas to work without any disturbances. Maintain the boundaries only during your working hours. Don’t forget to give them their share of attention once the shift is over.

6. Communicate, It Is Crucial

Having colleagues isolated within their home spaces doesn’t provide the chance for a face-to-face team interaction that is possible in an office environment. To neutralize this, an office life hack would be to regularly communicate with your co-workers. It brings complete transparency into how everyone is progressing.

A constant communication flow helps keep all the team members up-to-date and perform better.

7. Set Targets and Goals

Keeping a clear vision regarding the amount of work to be done each day is one of the office productivity hacks that ensure stable progress. Set deadlines for yourself and complete your tasks within that time.

Letting your tasks pile up will make it a burden eventually, ruining your workflow. So, say a big NO to procrastination. Try to complete tasks earlier and start prepping for your next tasks without over-exerting yourself.

8. Go Off the Grid

Knowing when to stop working is as important as knowing when to start working. Working beyond your limits will exhaust you and bring in other performance issues. Take breaks when you feel it is needed or after you complete a tremendous task.

Doing overtime is noble but make sure it isn't at the price of your overall efficiency. Going offline once your shift is over (unless your job requires you to be always online) is the best work-from-home hack. Powering down prioritizes creation over overconsumption. 

9. Listen to Music

Listening to music is an unconventional work-from-home hack that helps drown out other distracting voices. Music is a strong mood booster that keeps entertaining you during work without causing interruptions.

Be careful to remember to mute the music during the meetings though.

Tips for listening to music without disrupting work:

  • Choose songs that suit your mood
  • Find music that resonates with your taste
  • Use instrumental or electronic music as lyrics are distracting
  • Listen in low but audible volume
  • Use playlists to prevent searching for songs in between work

10. Keep Aside Household Tasks

Household chores are important but you should avoid them during your working hours. It is highly unprofessional to do other tasks during work hours. Personal tasks should be strictly kept for off-work hours. 

You don’t want to reduce your efficiency and performance by devoting your working hours to less important tasks.  


Building a work-from-home atmosphere not only ensures convenience, but also productivity. Your goal should be to deliver as much work from home as you would in the office and even more. So, do not stray away from your duties with the numerous distractions present at home and stick to your favorite work-from-home hacks to maintain your work rate.

The team at Growth Natives is relentlessly working from our respective homes whenever the need arises, keeping our productivity at the peak level. Our clients’ satisfaction and continued support for us speak for our efforts and sincerity.

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