Celebrating Community: A New Chapter for Growth Natives

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  • By Sakshi Arora,
    Published on: Sep 14, 2021
  • Updated on: May 05, 2023
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We have some exciting news for you; we have moved our offices to a new workspace!

Our new office houses all our teams, from Development and Design to Marketing and Sales, in a spacious and beautifully structured location to enable greater efficiency, workflow, and communication among teams. With a blend of corporate and cafeteria aesthetics, our office was aglow with natural light this morning as each team member entered the office dressed in their black GrowthNatives t-shirt and found a bar of surprise chocolate awaiting them at their desk. 

Work Station

This was not all; more surprises awaited us at a tea party with delectable street food served in our new and freshly stocked pantry, accompanied by coffee and other beverages made and served by our talented in-house staff. 

Along with tea, we welcomed a VIP! Our office was inaugurated with a lovely ribbon-cutting ceremony performed by Sardar Lal Singh, Former Finance Minister of Punjab and Sr. vice president of Punjab Pradesh Congress Committee, Chairman of Punjab State Agricultural Marketing Board. He then cut two cakes for the team to enjoy. The popular vote was split between the vanilla-butterscotch cake and the chocolate cherry cake. 

Ribbon-cutting Ceremony of Growth Natives performed by Sardar Lal Singh, Former Finance Minister of Punjab
Ribbon-cutting Ceremony

As the day proceeded, the samosas and cake were relished, and everyone got comfortable with the new space, choosing their workstations and personalizing them, introducing themselves to coworkers whom they didn’t know so well due to working on different floors in the previous office, and getting pictures taken at their favorite spots in the new office. As it turns out, our new atrium has great lighting for pictures too! 

People are sitting in lounge area in Growth Natives

We had a lovely moving day and are very excited to announce this new beginning of a chapter full of zeal and growth for us. We hope you partake in our enthusiasm and wish us well as we look forward to working with you from our new office!

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