Improving Forecasting Accuracy by 69% with Salesforce Billing Implementation for a Leading Hardware Company

How a hardware company achieved a 69% improvement in forecasting accuracy with Salesforce Billing implementation, notable within just 90 days.

Business Growth
Sakshi Arora

Aug 23, 2023

The Customer

Our customer stands as a leading seller of hardware products, commanding a significant presence nationwide in the US. They aimed to refine their billing and taxation processes for goods sold across the country, prioritizing efficiency and accuracy in their operations.

The Challenge

The customer faced significant hurdles in optimizing their billing and taxation processes for goods sold across the country. Relying on outdated systems and manual processes led to inefficiencies and errors in their operations. They needed solutions to:

  • Streamline billing and taxation processes for nationwide sales operations.
  • Generate invoices based on the account hierarchy for transparent record-keeping.
  • Implement the Salesforce Billing add-on package into their Salesforce CPQ system.
  • Automate order processing, including invoicing, payment tracking, and revenue management.
  • Manage credit and debit notes effectively and integrate third-party payment gateways seamlessly.

To address these challenges, they wanted to partner with an experienced organization capable of implementing Salesforce Billing and providing tailored solutions to enhance operational efficiency.

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The Solution

  • Our strategic approach commenced with a comprehensive Salesforce audit, delving deep into the client’s billing and invoicing challenges.
  • Following this, we established records for different legal entities, such as France and Switzerland, reflecting the organizational structure.
  • This facilitated precise tax rate application to products, ensuring accurate tax calculations for every order.
  • Subsequently, we implemented two invoice schedulers to generate daily and monthly invoices for activated orders, running at specified intervals.
  • In addition, we ensured invoices were generated within the parent account hierarchy for enhanced clarity.
  • Our team then implemented a revenue recognition rule, categorizing products under specific financial categories to align with the client’s financial reporting requirements.
  • This holistic solution not only addressed immediate billing and invoicing challenges but also laid the foundation for efficient financial management and reporting.

The Impact

Within just 90 days of solution implementation, the client experienced tangible improvements across their operations. Their forecasting accuracy and ability to identify opportunities saw a remarkable boost, resulting in increased revenues. They achieved:

  • 69% improved forecasting accuracy
  • 31% revenue increase
  • 56% higher customer satisfaction

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