Reducing Administrative Burden by 75% in Real Estate Operations Through Territory Management

How a real estate company achieved a 75% reduction in administrative time through territory management enhancing their operations.

Business Growth
Sakshi Arora

Aug 23, 2023

The Customer

The customer is a prominent real estate firm headquartered in the US. With over 500 employees, they’re known for leading innovation in property development and management, setting new standards for excellence in the industry.

The Challenge

The customer relied on an almost manual process to collect data about accounts and opportunities in different territories. The manual process consumed a lot of time and made it extremely challenging to assign data and accounts to team members effectively. They wanted to:

  • Implement the Salesforce Territory Management tool for structuring their teams.
  • Manage their respective territories based on account characteristics such as ZIP codes, industry-specific clients, revenue, and more custom metrics.

To achieve this, they aimed to partner with an organization experienced in implementing Salesforce solutions to drive operational efficiency and effectiveness.

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The Solution

  • We conducted a thorough Salesforce audit to identify and resolve issues related to accounts, contacts, opportunities, cases, and leads.
  • Then we, implemented Salesforce Territory Management to establish a territory-based hierarchy, granting access to data based on employees’ roles in the company.
  • Our team then, refined regions and subregions within the territory hierarchy and assigned roles to agents in each area.
  • Additionally, we established custom account assignment rules for different territories, ensuring agents had access only to relevant accounts.
  • We also provided role-based access controls for different users within Salesforce to minimize distractions and optimize efficiency.

The Impact

Through our Salesforce Territory Management implementation, the client witnessed a remarkable transformation, driving significant improvements across their operations in just 2 months. Key outcomes included:

  • 47% increase in lead progression
  • 75% reduction in manual task time
  • 22% average revenue boost across territories

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