Boosting Operational Efficiency by 75% with Salesforce CPQ Integration for a Leading Brain Technology Firm

How a brain technology leader achieves a 75% reduction in cycle time with Salesforce CPQ integration, enhancing efficiency.

Business Growth
Sakshi Arora

Aug 23, 2023

The Customer

The customer is a leading player in brain technology, dedicated to advancing human adaptability, recovery, and learning potential. With a profound commitment to innovation, they pioneer cutting-edge solutions that redefine the boundaries of brain science. Their visionary approach fuels advancements in cognitive enhancement, setting new benchmarks for the industry.

The Challenge

The customer faced significant obstacles within their CRM system, directly impacting their strategic objectives. Relying on Excel sheets for quoting resulted in errors and a lack of standardization, while the sales team struggled to generate accurate costs efficiently. They aimed to:

  • Shift from manual quoting to a streamlined, system-driven work order process using Salesforce CPQ.
  • Seek a Salesforce CPQ solution offering Excel-like flexibility and functionality while mitigating the risk of errors inherent in manual processes.
  • Address the challenge of maintaining consistent headers and formatting across multiple Excel sheets.

To overcome these challenges, they wanted to partner with an organization experienced in Salesforce CPQ implementation, capable of delivering customized solutions.

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The Solution

Our strategic approach began with a comprehensive analysis of the customer’s requirements, ensuring tailored solutions to effectively address their unique challenges. This included:

  • We implemented a robust Salesforce CPQ solution, utilizing cart-level, price, and product rules to seamlessly configure product bundles.
  • Then, we set up complex pricing structures, including default prices, discount schedules, and multiple currency setups, to meet the customer’s regional pricing needs.
  • We streamlined approval processes for authentication and rule standardization, establishing an efficient hierarchy.
  • Additionally, we enabled automatic document generation in multiple languages, using existing templates and location-based translation capabilities.
  • Renewals were automated through intuitive rules, with structured options for contract cancellation.
  • We facilitated work order automation and streamlined license activation, enhancing operational efficiency.
  • Lastly, we granted permission sets based on hierarchy and operational territories, ensuring optimized access for all stakeholders.

The Impact

Through our Salesforce CPQ implementation, the customer experienced a remarkable improvement in their business operations, resulting in manifold revenue growth with automated measures in place. Our solution delivered the following benefits:

  • 75% Reduction in Cycle Time
  • 49% Increase in Proposal Generation Volume
  • 55% Increase in Compliance

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