Achieving 7X ROI in Just 8 Months Through Digital Marketing for a Top-tier Cloud Platform

How a cloud platform helping pharmaceutical companies achieve 7X ROI (with a 16X pipeline boost) in just 8 months through digital marketing.

Business Growth
Geeta Dutt

Apr 8, 2024

The Customer

The customer stands as a beacon of innovation in Product Lifecycle, Quality, and Safety management. Their fully connected, AI-powered platform, built on Salesforce, offers businesses of all sizes a transformative experience. They provide end-to-end solutions and ensure operational excellence through scalable tools that prioritize quality, safety, and efficiency.

The Challenge

The customer was unable to get the best of their marketing efforts and unable to fully utilize their analytics tools. They wanted to:

  • Implement a system for comprehensive ad lead tracking to precisely measure ROI.
  • Reallocate the advertising budget strategically and initiate a targeted Facebook ad campaign for improved reach and engagement.
  • Refine keyword targeting, enhance CTAs, and streamline the user flow to optimize audience engagement and conversions.
  • Redesign and optimize the website to improve page load times and overall user experience, ensuring a seamless journey for visitors.

To achieve this, they wanted to partner with an organization with extensive experience in digital marketing, SEO, and analytics to drive engagement and ROI.

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The Solution

  • Our strategic approach began with a meticulous audit and the implementation of targeted solutions to address customer’s challenges comprehensively.
  • We initiated Pardot automation (they were using Pardot as their marketing automation tool) to nurture and engage prospects effectively. 
  • By focusing on personalization, we crafted Google Ads and LinkedIn Ads to connect with potential customers.
  • We leveraged Taboola to seamlessly integrate advertising on relevant forums, enhancing the overall reach and engagement.
  • Additionally, we used Smartlook to measure engagement through heatmaps and A/B testing.
  • To improve quality score, we increased relevance between search terms, keywords, ads, and landing pages. Also, we enhanced the quality of leads with the help of precise targeting options.  
  • Finally, we fine-tuned their ad schedule, employed re-targeting methodologies to generate leads, and overhauled their advertising engine.

The Impact

By refining website tracking, optimizing marketing channels, and rejuvenating ad spend, the customer underwent a significant transformation, achieving impressive results in just 8 months. They achieved:

  • 7X Return on Ad Spend
  • $2 Million+ Pipeline Generated
  • 40% Increase in Inbound Leads

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