Paid Advertising Strategy

Digital advertising was once hailed as the gateway to a new era of highly targeted and efficient marketing. The promise was enticing – tailor-made ads for customers, precise demographic segmentation, and ability to pay only for clicks.

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    Sakshi Arora

    October 10 , 2023 Reading Time Icon 1 min read

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    What is Paid Advertising?
    Paid advertising is a popular digital marketing strategy in which business compete to showcase their ads to online users. Through building system, the highest bidder gets their ads displayed and is charged for each click received by their ad.

    Type of Paid ads
    There are multiple types of ads to choose from based on your objective. Here are eight most common types of ads used in advertising :

    • Search Ads
    • Social Media Ads
    • Email Sponsored Ads
    • Native Ads
      Display Ads
    • Google Shopping Ads
    • Video/Instream Ads
    • Remarketing Ads