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How LAMAV, an Organic Skincare Brand, Is Changing the Beauty Industry

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With changing customers’ needs and demands, the skincare industry is constantly evolving. LAMAV, a certified organic and 100% vegan skincare brand, is following suit. Introducing ayurvedic formulas and Australian bio-actives to its products, the brand is heading toward changing the course of the beauty industry. In our one-on-one conversation with LAMAV’s founder and CEO, Tarj Mavi, we discovered how she started her interesting entrepreneurial journey in the beauty industry and much more.

In this ‘Growth Chat’, you will learn:
  • About the skincare industry and how LAMAV was founded
  • How the 14 years of their existence have been and how their customers responded
  • Why there is a need for ecommerce marketing
  • How Growth Natives helped LAMAV scale in two years since 2020

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