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Transform Your Strategy with Expert Eloqua Consulting Services

Get hands-on guidance on Eloqua and get the most out of your Eloqua marketing automation platform. As market leaders in Eloqua consulting services, our experts help optimize, scale, and boost your marketing operations. Our team of Eloqua consultants brings in-depth knowledge of the Eloqua platform and strategic experience to guide you at every step. We work closely with your team to understand your unique business needs and develop a customized solution aligned with your goals.

Comprehensive Eloqua Consulting Services

Bridging the gap between goals and reality with expert Eloqua consulting.

Eloqua Marketing & Sales Alignment

Our Eloqua consultants align your sales and marketing workflows with best practices. We help you seal the gap between these two critical functions to maximize conversions, accelerate the sales cycle and improve collaboration between the two teams.

  • Implement an effective lead-generation campaign.
  • Improve lead quality and accelerate the sales cycle.
  • Track customers buying journey and boost engagement.
  • Pass high-intent leads timely to the sales team.
  • Reduce instances of lost or ignored leads.

Build Lead Management Framework

As Oracle consulting experts, we build a result-oriented lead management framework for capturing, qualifying, and nurturing leads. Our team outlines steps to convert potential customers into paying customers and improve their overall experience on your platform.

  • Define your ideal customer profile and develop buyer personas.
  • Improve lead quality and increase conversion rates.
  • Integrate Eloqua with your CRM system.
  • Create lead nurturing campaigns to deliver personalized content.
  • Establish protocols for lead routing and handoff.

Eloqua Nurture Campaign Execution

Our Eloqua consultants help you design campaigns that nurture your leads at different buying cycle stages. We create a scoring model to prioritize your leads based on their level of engagement and fit with your ideal customer profile.

  • Identify the target audience and segment them based on relevant criteria.
  • Build your campaign flow using Eloqua's campaign builder.
  • Create campaign assets, including content, emails, and landing pages.
  • Monitor performance and refine your campaign.

Eloqua Platform Management Solutions

Focus on growing your business as we handle complex and time-consuming tasks. Our Eloqua consulting services include end-to-end platform management solutions to help you get the best out of this marketing automation tool.

  • Eloqua Managed Services for day-to-day platform management.
  • Support services for support, account management, and training.
  • Optimize instances by reviewing the configuration and data architecture.
  • Comprehensive analysis of your instances, lead scoring and reporting.

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Get expert Eloqua consulting services with hands-on guidance on Eloqua campaign management.

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Case Studies

Here are studies on our latest projects which showcase our strategic skills and achievements.
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75% Reduction in Cycle Time With Salesforce CPQ Implementation

A globally renowned brain technology company needed a Salesforce CPQ solution which could resolve issues in their CRM that directly impacted their business plans. Growth Natives worked closely with them to provide a customized automated solution that could...

Salesforce Billing Implementation
69% Improvement in Forecasting Accuracy With Salesforce Billing Implementation

A leading hardware company wanted to optimize its billing and taxation process for the goods sold in the country. A free thorough Salesforce audit by Growth Natives helped identify their billing and invoicing issues which we resolved by delivering a...

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