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Optimize Your Marketo Instance with Marketo Managed Services

Leverage our Marketo managed services to execute day-to-day activities easily while you can focus on what’s important. Our team at Growth Natives will help you with Marketo implementation and process optimization, enabling you to get the most out of your Marketo Instance.

Marketo Managed Services

Extensive portfolio of managed services to help you get the most value out of your Marketo implementation

Scalable Extended Team of Marketo Certified Experts

Extend your team seamlessly to lower the cost of running Marketo, accelerate your pipeline, and build a productive team.

  • Augment your staff with Marketo certified experts during peak load or employee turnover
  • Execute your Marketo plans with a quick turnaround time
  • Keep your marketing operations running in case of long-term employee absence due to maternity, planned vacations, etc.
  • Get end-to-end support for your Marketo Instance management

Campaign Strategy and Execution

Leverage our Marketo certified experts to support end-to-end campaign execution. Be on top of how your leads move through your sales pipeline.

  • Create full-funnel campaigns that nurture your leads
  • Drive engagement with conversion-focused content and designs
  • Execute your campaigns in accordance with Marketo best practices
  • Measure KPIs of your campaigns to optimize your strategy and maximize ROI

Lead Management Optimization

Align your sales and marketing efforts with efficient lead management and nurturing strategies. Our Marketo experts will help you to:

  • Create lead scoring models to identify potential buyers from the pool of prospects
  • Enrich your leads using third-party apps to help sales team with up-to-date information
  • Segment your leads to create customized nurture campaigns
  • Eliminate bad data and maintain data hygiene

Improved Reporting and Analytics

Use Marketo analytics and reporting to get actionable insights and improve your ROI. You can rely on our Marketo consultants to:

  • Build ROI reports across individual marketing channels
  • Customize CMO dashboards from Marketo
  • Create campaign performance reports
  • Analyze top KPIs to optimize your marketing campaigns

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Case Studies

Here are studies on our latest projects which showcase our strategic skills and achievements.
Salesforce CPQ Implementation
75% Reduction in Cycle Time With Salesforce CPQ Implementation

A globally renowned brain technology company needed a Salesforce CPQ solution which could resolve issues in their CRM that directly impacted their business plans. Growth Natives worked closely with them to provide a customized automated solution that could...

Salesforce Billing Implementation
69% Improvement in Forecasting Accuracy With Salesforce Billing Implementation

A leading hardware company wanted to optimize its billing and taxation process for the goods sold in the country. A free thorough Salesforce audit by Growth Natives helped identify their billing and invoicing issues which we resolved by delivering a...

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