Marketo Operations Services to Accelerate Your Marketing Efforts

We offer a comprehensive portfolio of Marketo operations services to help you get the most out of your Marketo investment. Focus on strategy and planning, while your extended team of Marketo-certified experts at Growth Natives produces, deploys, and monitors your campaigns driving excellent results.

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    Key Marketo Operations Services We Offer

    Our team of Marketo experts, consultants, and strategists can deliver both custom and turn-key Marketo solutions to meet your business goals.

    Marketo Implementation Roadmap Planning

    Having years of experience in planning and implementing a balanced strategy, our team of Marketo experts can provide you a promising Marketo maturity roadmap for lasting success.

    • Clear Marketo operations strategy
    • Analyze & streamline your goals
    • A detailed plan for growth
    • Timeline to achieve your objectives


    Experience business expansion through our expert Marketo set-up and implementation services. From account set-up to integration, we can help you drive growth and optimize your marketing efforts.

    • Marketo account set-up including website server
    • Old campaigns migration from previously used system
    • Custom data fields for best-in-class data management
    • Foundation for future reporting and analytics processes
    • Lead capture forms integration with the main site

    Campaign Planning & Execution

    The entire Marketo instance planning, execution, and implementation demands attention and detailing. Our Marketo experts help you allocate resources to get full advantage of Marketo’s capabilities.

    • Design complex workflows
    • Improve processes performance
    • Process Integration into the website
    • Provide extensive training to your team

    Sales & Marketing Alignment

    Explore the automation possibilities for your sales and marketing workflows. Bring your sales and marketing teams closer and on the same page by integrating your Marketo instance with your CRM.

    • Sales and marketing funnel definition and agreement
    • Integration of inbound marketing using Marketo
    • Minimize and optimize the lead attack time
    • Creative sales support assets development

    GDPR / CASL / CCPA Compliance

    We prioritize GDPR, CASL, and CCPA compliance, ensuring ethical data practices that build trust and strong customer relationships. Let us guide you toward a secure and successful marketing approach that respects consumer privacy.

    • Engage with customers transparently
    • Comply with all communications laws
    • Implement GDPR compliance in Marketo

    Process Optimization

    Elevate your business with process optimization in Marketo. Our certified Marketo experts design tailored marketing and CRM workflows, boosting efficiency, data accuracy, and collaboration.

    • Marketo process optimization
    • Enhance the effectiveness of your Marketo Instance
    • Create engaging online ad campaigns
    • Get best practices to suit your goals

    Data Hygiene and Governance

    Through rigorous data cleansing, validation, and governance practices, we not only ensure your database’s health but also unlock the full potential of Marketo’s capabilities. Experience improved segmentation, better campaign performance, and ultimately, superior marketing results by entrusting us with the care of your data.

    • Improve data integrity in the Marketo instance
    • Organize data collection and management process
    • Eliminate bad data in Marketo
    • Ensure data compliance

    Data Strategy and Quality

    A strong data strategy minimizes risks and enhances marketing operations. Seamlessly segment, personalize messaging, and drive impactful campaigns confidently with our Marketo automation solutions. Trust us to protect data integrity, enabling informed decisions for marketing excellence.

    • Assessing and improving your database quality
    • Dynamic content for all marketing assets
    • Customized web API integration & form development

    Marketing Analysis & Reporting

    Harness the full potential of Marketo’s advanced analytics and reporting tools to gain deep insights into your campaigns’ performance and overall marketing effectiveness. Our dedicated team of Marketo architects will guide you through the intricacies of data interpretation, helping you uncover actionable trends and patterns.

    • Campaign performance reports in Marketo
    • ROI reporting by marketing channels
    • Custom CMO dashboards from Marketo and CRM data

    Marketo Managed Services

    With our Marketo Managed Services, you’re not just outsourcing – you’re enhancing your team with proven specialists who are well-versed in the intricacies of Marketo. Experience unmatched agility, reliability, and productivity as you navigate the dynamic landscape of marketing.

    • Improve productivity and better output from marketing operations
    • End-to-end support for your Marketo instance management
    • Zero downtime during employee turnover or extended leave of absence

    Our Customers

    At Growth Natives, we have served valuable customers and established strong partnerships with them whose skills and expertise complement and enrich our own.

    Awards and Recognitions

    We are honored and humbled to have received multiple awards and accolades in our growing years.

    Frequently Asked Questions - Marketo Operations Essentials

    Marketo operations services encompass a range of strategic and tactical activities aimed at optimizing your use of the Marketo marketing automation platform. These services can benefit your business by improving campaign performance, lead management, data hygiene, and overall marketing efficiency.

    Marketo operations services typically include tasks such as lead scoring, lead nurturing, email campaign setup, landing page creation, data cleansing, database segmentation, reporting, and integration with other marketing and CRM tools.

    By fine-tuning your Marketo instance through operations services, you can create more targeted and effective lead-generation campaigns. This, in turn, increases the quality of leads and enhances your chances of converting them into customers through personalized nurturing and engagement strategies.

    Yes, Marketo operations services can be tailored to the specific needs and size of your business. Whether you’re a small startup or a large enterprise, these services can help you maximize the value of your Marketo investment.

    Marketo operations services often involve data cleansing and enrichment activities to ensure that your marketing database is accurate and up to date. This helps in reducing bounce rates, improving email deliverability, and enhancing overall data quality.

    You can send us an email to and our team will get back to you promptly. We’ll schedule an initial consultation and will work with you to assess your needs, define objectives, and create a tailored plan to optimize your use of the Marketo platform.

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