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Collaborate with Growth Natives today to leverage the Salesforce Sales Cloud capabilities optimally. We accelerate your CRM transformation to minimize the operational costs, ensure better adoption of your brand and achieve business goals to identify new revenue opportunities for your business.

Salesforce Sales Cloud


Get strategies that can boost sales, improve customer service and bolster productivity with our Salesforce sales cloud consulting. We help you accelerate your CRM transformation by creating plans that will minimize operational costs and ensure better business results. Our team can help you with:

  • Getting more leads and increasing revenue
  • Delivering outstanding customer service remotely
  • Enabling faster case resolution to customer issues
  • Automating marketing activities by eliminating manual data gathering processes
  • Improving intra-team collaboration
  • Increasing efficiency, boosting engagement and nurturing channel partnerships


We help your business in getting a 360-degree view of your customers’ needs. Improve your sales team’s productivity dramatically and increase your bottom line by 28% or more with access to customer interaction with brand and key contact identification. We help you implement Salesforce sales cloud solution to:

  • Creating a loyal customer base with personalized buying experiences
  • Uniting sales, marketing, service, billing and finance teams
  • Automating manual tasks to standardize operations using in-built AI
  • Monitoring data remotely and creating personalized sales journeys
  • Tracking your team’s performance with data analytics
  • Developing new strategies when moving into new markets


Integrate your Salesforce sales cloud solution with a wide range of third-party applications, social media and eCommerce platforms to close more deals. No matter the size of your organization, we help you become a market leader by managing:

  • Key accounts and contacts including insights from social platforms
  • Opportunities across all stages of customer journey with the brand
  • Leads from start to end with omni-channel, optimized campaigns
  • Sales data for faster decision making using accurate data
  • Communication between teams with robust information sharing
  • All-in-one-access to eliminate the need of switching systems


Uncover the benefits of migrating to Salesforce sales cloud but avoid the pitfalls on the way. Our experts can create the perfect roadmap for you and pay keen attention to defining your business case and ensuring a seamless onboarding experience into the Salesforce platform. We help you capitalize on sales cloud by:

  • Reducing the time required to migrate from one platform to Salesforce
  • Creating an efficient operational model to leverage Salesforce benefits
  • Deploying a sustainable CRM platform that improves business governance
  • Reducing costs involved in order management and invoicing by up to 60%
  • Broadening the market outreach globally at lower costs
  • Improving collaboration between employees, customers and consumers


Make the most out of your Salesforce sales cloud implementation with end-to-end support and training to leverage all of Salesforce’s benefits. Our experts work with you to keep your account updated as per the leading business processes. We support you business by:

  • Providing data management, user maintenance, security and other related services
  • Offering complete support and assistance for existing or new Salesforce solutions
  • Troubleshooting by offering quick resolutions to issues in the processes
  • Carrying out regular upgrades without interrupting current operations
  • Administering all data functionalities within the organization's Salesforce system
  • Updating clients about latest CRM with constant business analysis

Salesforce Evaluation

Find out the exact health of your Salesforce integrations in your existing tech stack? Our team evaluates your current setup and finds out the best way to optimize your salesforce architecture. We analyze the third-party integrations, check the development processes followed, look at the code hygiene, and determine ways to scale them up. Our analysis can also help you with:

  • Determining the technical Salesforce-related risks
  • Evaluating the cost for any expansion plans
  • Leveraging technological strengths to align the CRM with your business goals
  • Increasing chances to seize future growth opportunities

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