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19 Mar

Marketing emails are among the closest connections we have with customers. An engaging email is still one of the lowest cost channels for marketing. While emails have a short life, some don't have a life at all. A recent survey unearthed insightful awareness every marketer should know. 75% of every email sent is ignored, and even when read, 50% aren't useful to the audience. 


Does it mean marketing emails are as good as dead? No!


Habitually, people check email every day and most check them multiple times a day - It's an intrinsic part of people’s lives. They don't ignore email; they disregard the emails that don’t engage them.

If you are not getting enough love for your marketing email campaigns, you need to reevaluate your email marketing strategy. 

If your email open rate is below average and you are not getting enough responses, here are the reasons why your emails may be getting ignored and how you can fix the issue. 


Long-Winded Emails

 A too-long email copy leads to a low email conversion rate and is only a click away from trash. At times marketers tend to make emails comprehensive, sharing lots of information beyond what needs to be shared. 

Cut your email length. Keep it 150 to 250 words, at most highlighting the key points using bullets for easier review. Audiences are more likely going to read and reply to an easy looking email. Provide information as clearly and succinctly as possible without forfeiting the personality for your brand.  


Your Marketing Emails Are Not Mobile Optimized

Mobile matters now more than ever. According to a recent survey, 75% of the participant said they check their emails through their mobile devices. People are now using mobile devices to read and reply to emails. Design your email templates and experience keeping mobile users in mind. Don’t be just mobile-friendly, be mobile-first when writing and designing your emails.


Subject Lines Are Not Getting Attention 

 According to statistics, 47%of the recipients will open the email basing their decision on the email subject line while 69% will report them as spam based on the same. The subject line of an email should be enticing enough for the audiences to open. It should be concise and eye-catching. 

For a high conversion rate, ensure the subject line is a precise summary of what you are trying to say. Personalize it with the prospect/customer's name maintaining its length to around 60 characters. According to valid research, 82 % of expert marketers don’t send emails with a subject line longer than 60 characters. 


Sending Too Many Marketing Emails

Over-communication is the number one reason why recipients unsubscribe from an email list according to Chadwick Martin Bailey. Check your email blasts frequency. If you are emailing individuals more than 4 times a month, it can overwhelm the audiences. Have proper suppression rules in place when setting up your email systems

Give your readers space. Be relevant and only email when you have unique and seriously exceptional information to share. When you don't over bombard the audiences, they take notice and treat your email with respect. 


Sending Marketing Emails That Don't Add Value

Quality is crucial when creating marketing emails. Be creative and send relevant information to your audience. For email campaign success, consider the interest of the other party by ensuring that every email you send is worth the recipient's time.  If you have more than one persona in your email database make sure you segment the personas and send different emails to different personas. Offer information and knowledge to help your audience make decisions. Keep them informative and less sales-oriented. 



Marketing emails play a vital role in engaging your audience and promoting your business. They also matter to the people you are trying to reach. However, they can drive away clients when done wrong, rendering your efforts useless. Build the right email marketing cadence and focus on meaningful copy and be as personalized as possible.



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