4 Crucial Sales Challenges You Can Solve With Salesforce CPQ

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  • By Sakshi Arora,
    Published on: Sep 15, 2021
  • Updated on: Mar 31, 2023
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Numerous organizations are unaware of the challenges in their sales enablement process and even though they know the issues subconsciously, they are not able to pinpoint them accurately.

So, let’s try to solve this issue and see if we can address the major questions that are affecting the performance of your sales teams. 

  • Are your sales representatives spending too much time on non-selling activities?
  • Does your sales department need a better strategy to boost sales?
  • Is the communication gap between the sales department and other teams detrimental to productivity?
  • Why do your proposals fail to meet customer expectations and are often subject to multiple revisions?

Do any of these questions pop up in your mind?

If yes, it is time you considered implementing a CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote) solution into your technology stack. Popular solutions like Salesforce CPQ are known for addressing and resolving all of the aforementioned concerns. 

It is always challenging for a business to implement a technology that has a positive impact on the ROI. But with CPQ, you can not only revolutionize your business but also enable your sales teams to work at optimum efficiency and become more productive by producing accurate sales quotes for the prospects quickly.


Not sure how to get started with Salesforce CPQ and how it can help you overcome your existing sales challenges? Let’s explore.

1. Time Utilization

Believe it or not, sales teams spend a lot of time on understanding products/services, generating prospective leads, and carrying out administrative tasks such as scheduling appointments. In fact, they are not able to focus on selling due to dependency on several departments and this causes delays in sales tasks dearly. 

There are instances where a lot of time is wasted due to customers receiving incorrect information about products or services. As a result, your sales reps fail to become trusted partners of your customers and take more time to set things straight. Here, Salesforce CPQ processes the client’s request for quotes and proposal submission easily. 

It embeds directly into the Salesforce CRM, retrieves all the information efficiently, and makes the quote delivery process a lot easier, thus offering more value to your customers.

2. Customization

Did you know that at least one out of every three customers indicates that they would like to receive personalized products and look for this feature when shopping? 

Today, customers look for relevance, reliability, and customization factors in the products and services they need. Whether it is food, their favorite playlists, or clothes, they want everything tailored to their specific needs. Therefore, you must focus your attention on delivering customized solutions rather than offering generic ones and address their challenges head-on. 

Salesforce CPQ implementation allows you to fulfill these requirements and offers customers exactly what they need. It enables your sales team to configure products and services based on your customers’ pain points. Your sales teams can get in-depth information about the offerings they are pitching to customers and combine two or more packages to give the best solutions to your potential clients. 

3. Accurate Quotations

Sales teams have a difficult time staying up to date with the latest pricing, discounts, and sales bundles. This process becomes even more tedious if they need to perform all the tasks manually and send outdated proposals that are not in sync with the latest company offerings. 

It can have a serious impact on the bottom line as they might end up giving discounts that are not consistent with the company’s offerings. They may also lose a lead if they try to change the terms after the initial discussions. 

Automated tools like Salesforce CPQ help you mitigate the risks involved and offer you documentation at every step of the way when quoting to your customers. These tools also help you get detailed information about:

  • Ongoing Discounts
  • Available Subscriptions
  • Descriptive Bundled Pricing
  • Pre-Negotiated Contact Pricing
  • Special Channel Pricing
  • Partner Pricing

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4. CRM System Enhancement

If you are using Salesforce’s cloud CRM system, your sales teams may be able to track a lot of activities and help prospects to move through the sales cycle smoothly. However, it doesn’t always equate to providing robust functionality for crucial information about the offerings.

It leaves room for errors and creates a bottleneck around the pricing process forcing the sales teams to wait for approved quotations from their superiors. 

By integrating Salesforce CPQ with your CRM system, you can streamline the quoting process and get access to flawless data reporting. Thus, you can create an optimized system and a better sales cycle. 

Wrapping Up

Salesforce CPQ implementation automates cumbersome everyday tasks like preparing pricing spreadsheets manually and lets your sales professionals focus more on selling. 

Streamlining some communication channels and the pricing approval process becomes easier. Salesforce CPQ funnels the data swimming around the company’s processes and converts it into actionable insights about pricing, products, and customer service. 

Invest in Salesforce CPQ implementation today to get error-free quotes and ensure price accuracy. Get the optimal performance out of your sales team and reduce the time taken to complete a sales cycle. 

Want to learn more about Salesforce CPQ implementation? Schedule a consultation with our expert team right away and we will prepare a detailed roadmap for your Salesforce CPQ journey. For more information, email us at info@growthnatives.com

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