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  • By Sakshi Arora,
    Published on: Nov 24, 2021
  • Updated on: Mar 30, 2023
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“The first step in exceeding your customer’s expectations is to know those expectations.” Roy H. Williams

What is better - knowledge or insights? Though knowledge is power, when it comes to analyzing customer behavior, you cannot afford to overlook insights. Understanding customer data is better than just gathering it for marketing purposes!

Getting proper insights into customer behavior aids you with the right information you need to make effective and sound decisions on how to improve business efficiency and profits. 

According to a McKinsey report, the likelihood of generating above-average profitability and marketing earnings is almost two-fold high for those that use customer analytics intensively, i.e., the customer analytics champions, as for those who do not apply customer analytics,  i.e., the laggards. 

A customer analytics tool provides marketers with the essential data regarding their marketing efforts and customer behavior. Manifesting real-time insights, businesses can improve their customer experience and deliver better value.

Benefits of Using Customer Behavior Analytics Tools and Software

  • Increase sales and profit margin
  • Improve customer retention and loyalty
  • Drive customer acquisition
  • Establish customer profitability 

If you are not sure which tool your business should choose, we have got you a list of the top 10 behavior analytics software tools and why we recommend them.

Let’s get started!

Top 10 Behavior Analytics Software Tools

1. Google Analytics

Behavior Analytics : Google Analytics
Source: Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a free web tool used by a plethora of marketers and website owners. As many as 56.7% of websites use the tool to understand customer behavior and understand their purchase journey. 

With Google Analytics you can measure customer behavior, gather insights about what drove them towards your website, and understand where the most traffic is coming from. Based on this data, you can customize your marketing strategy to improve user experience, build products that attract your customers, and refine your campaigns.

2. Hotjar

Behavior Analytics : Hotjar
Source: Hotjar

Hotjar is one of the popular customer behavior analytics tools that allow marketers to see how customers are interacting with their products by using screen recording and heatmaps. Hotjar displays the number of taps, hover, clicks, and scrolls.

Source: Hotjar

Moreover, you can view individual recordings to analyze where your customers get stuck. By gathering these crucial insights, you can optimize your funnel and ensure a satisfactory user experience.

3. Adobe Analytics

Behavior Analytics : Adobe analytics
Source: Adobe

Adobe Analytics is another tool that provides you with behavior reports on how a web user interacts with your website. Adobe Analytics is an amazing analytical tool that offers data collection from various channels.

Whether it is your website, social media, IoT, or even OTT, Adobe Analytics uses machine learning and predictive algorithms to generate critical data for advanced insights. In addition, it helps in traffic analysis and omnichannel data collection.

Behavior Analytics : Brand Watch
Source: Brandwatch

Brandwatch helps you customize your strategies and interactions efficiently by tracking brand mentions on various platforms. Moreover, you can enhance your customer journey by integrating Brandwatch with tools such as Google Analytics, Salesforce, and BuzzSumo. 

4. Brandwatch

From competitor analysis to brand management, behavior analytics to influencer marketing, Brandwatch does it all. It uses artificial intelligence to analyze and deliver better and unique insights.

5. Sprout Social

Behavior Analytics : Sprout Social
Source: Sprout Social

Social media drives massive tractions and if you want to know your audience on social media, Sprout Social is your go-to tool. With this analytics tool, you can keep a check on all your consumer interactions, campaigns, engagement, replies, testimonials, and events.

The tool provides you with real-time brand monitoring, so you can track locations, keywords, hashtags, and demographics. On top of it, you can convert any message or reply on social media into reminders or tasks.

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6. Mixpanel

Behavior Analytics : Mixpanel
Source: Mixpanel

A self-serving behavioral analytics tool for both web and mobile. Mixpanel is designed for SaaS companies to gather real-time data insights. The tool helps you understand which features your customers are using the most and how they are engaging with your product. Furthermore, it helps you know your customer lifetime value and your power users.

With Mixpanel, you can evaluate the analytics and statistics gathered to measure, analyze, and improve customer experience. Also, with A/B testing, you can examine which of these websites, applications, or products is driving more traction.

7. Crazy Egg

Behavior Analytics : Crazy Egg
Source: Crazy Egg

Crazy Egg is another amazing customer analytics tool, with an extraordinary heatmapping feature, allowing companies to fully understand customer behavior. Businesses can track where their website visitors click most frequently, what pages and articles they view, how far they scroll on a given page, and when they depart.

Marketers may improve the user experience of any website and gain a better understanding of their target audience by using this crucial data. Users may also utilize the built-in A/B testing to build multiple test layouts and evaluate which one performs the best.

8. HubSpot

Behavior Analytics : HubSpot
Source: HubSpot

From landing page creation to lead nurturing, email performance measurement to social media tracking, HubSpot is an all-in-one tool used by a number of marketers. It is considered as the customer lifecycle analytics and marketing tool and is mostly used for measuring traffic, email automation, and managing leads.

HubSpot recognizes high-intent customer behavior, showing the prospect is ready to proceed to the next step. In addition, it makes it simple to build a hyper-segmentation list depending on your customers’ persona and interaction with your products and brand.

9. Zoho Pagesense

Behavior Analytics : Zoho Pagesense
Source: Zoho Pagesense

Based on customer behavioral data from Zoho Pagesense, marketers can seamlessly track, analyze, and optimize the websites and apps. Zoho Pagesense helps customers to set up business goals in order to analyze key data and discover which pages on their site are causing significant drop-offs.

10. Brand24

You can view the most popular features on your website and user scrolling patterns with the built-in heatmap tool. In addition, to make better business decisions, Zoho lets you observe how users engage with your website and why they behave in a specific manner.

Behavior Analytics : Brand24
Source: Brand24

Brand24 assists companies in better understanding their consumers by providing insights into what they are discussing. It is an online reputation management tool, allowing you to monitor your business performance in real-time.

Adding to this, companies can track key performance indicators (KPIs) such as reach and engagement and receive daily/weekly automated reports. Overall, Brand24 is an excellent consumer analytics tool that can significantly improve your company's online reputation.


Going beyond just knowing your customers and rather going a step ahead to understand them will take your business to places. Integrating the above-mentioned tools into your marketing strategy will not only help you predict the next steps your customers might take but also help you craft your campaigns strategically to get maximum traction and increased profits. Elevate your marketing efforts impeccably with behavior analytics tools! If you seek help with taking your business to the next level, write to us today at We are a team of modern digital marketing experts who will assist you through every step of the funnel to enable you to scale up.

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