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Web App Development Technologies
  • By Sakshi Arora,
    Published on: Jul 12, 2021
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In the light of the progress in web app development technologies, we can say that we have progressed more in five years than in the past decade. Web app development technologies are improving every day. In the year 2021 and further this sector has high potential with endless possibilities.

Web developers explore these new web app development technologies to implement new tricks to provide the best possible outcome for their projects.  Since this is a very competitive market, smaller businesses have a difficult time trying to establish a foothold in the arena. They thus turn to innovative web app development technologies that can help them stay at par or excel from the competition.

Investments towards website development with advanced functionalities might be expensive but ultimately it is one of the best ways for a website to prosper. Here are some web app development technologies that will define the upcoming years of web development:

Progressive Web Apps (PWA)

Progressive web apps’ core functionality is in providing users with a linear experience, a smooth interface, and faster loading times. And though PWAs have been in existence for some time now, moving forward, it is anticipated to be one of the biggest juggernauts among web app development technologies.

The feature of PWAs which attracted web developers is their ability to eliminate the need for a smartphone application. PWAs are made with an Application programming interface that can provide enhanced processes whilst requiring a minimal codebase.

The UX of PWAs provides a better user experience and is capable of providing few core features even during offline mode. Popular digitally advanced companies like Uber, Twitter, and Instagram have been making good use of PWAs.

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMPs)

Similar to PWAs, AMPs is a feature focused on giving the maximum speed to boost a website to reduce site abandonment rates. An AMP is suitable only for static content but has a faster load time as compared to normal HTML-based pages.

It only displays the vital content elements like text or inserted images after dropping the fancy elements. This technology is best used in blog sites and other text-oriented websites used by different industries. It is best implemented at the earliest stages as AMPs have the potential to improve SEO ranking.

Motion UI

Displaying content is only half the work, displaying it in an aesthetically pleasing manner helps the information get noticed easily by the readers. 

Benefits of Motion UI:

  • Stylish and visually pleasing
  • Boosts page interaction
  • Improves user experience

Simple and subtle animations when browsing through a page are appreciated by users of all ages and can help draw the target audience towards specific sections of a website. The visuals are also tailored to be simple and be extremely helpful in guiding a user to their points of interest on a web page.

Motion UI can be incorporated into various website elements such as menu bars, headers, scrolling, backgrounds, etc. The fluidity provided by Motion UI gives users a pleasant experience and in turn, supports the interaction between them and the website.

The only thing to be careful when implementing Motion UI is to make sure that the animations do not compromise a website’s loading speeds as heavy files require more processing power and render times.

Web App Development Technologies
Source: Dribbble

Serverless Application & Architecture

Serverless application is the end product of endless trial and errors for solving overloading and data loss in various websites. The concept is put into place by replacing traditional servers with cloud systems that are capable of managing machine resource consumption.

This technology focuses more on keeping the internet environment in a more sustainable setting to follow long-run objectives. Serverless applications have built-in service integrations that reduce application configuration and focus on application creation.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is increasingly becoming a bigger part of our daily lives over the recent years. The potential of AI to reduce manual work keeps increasing and with good reviews. Their capability of performing repetitive tasks 24/7 is being utilized by many companies as it gives their teams more time to focus on strategic tasks.

With time, AI will be programmed to carry out more complex tasks. Concepts like Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine Learning (ML) have gone past the theoretical stages and are contributing to many systems. Chatbots have now become a common occurrence, especially on major websites.

These AI-powered chatbots answer frequently asked questions and guide the customers throughout their journey while parallelly giving relevant suggestions.

Web App Development Technologies

Internet of Things (IoT)

The Internet of Things (IoT) is one of the most promising technologies and 2022 might just be the time to showcase its true potential. It is a series of interconnects that requires the least human interaction to perform commands for the user’s convenience.

Few examples of where IoT comes into play are payment automation and smart home technology. They help in reducing overall tasks found in a user’s busy lifestyle. UX designers need to familiarize themselves with IoT as they often influence UX trends. 

Benefits of IoT:

  • Good for gathering user data 
  • Safety regulations to protect users
  • Better portability and swift performance
Internet of Things

Blockchain Technology

Distribution Ledger Technology also known as blockchain is one of the most trusted technologies. Blockchain offers many security benefits thanks to its peer-to-peer architecture. Apart from recording transaction history, blockchain exhibits transparency, decentralization, and a distributed ledger.

It is one of the most secure technologies and keeps users safe from hackers and errors. That is the reason why enterprise systems are working on blockchain to upgrade their security features. It is anticipated that the banking industry is likely to implement blockchain technology to provide safe services to its customers.

The contracts running on the blockchain cannot be tampered with and gives the users a sense of security, making blockchain one of the hottest technology prospects for 2022.

Safety features of blockchain include:

  • Transparency
  • History transfer and tracking
  • Safer transactions
  • Forgery resistant contracts
  • Cloud storage
  • Lesser tech errors

Voice Search Optimization

2022 could just be the year voice search ascends to a whole new level. It has been used extensively since 2017 and even then we have witnessed a fraction of its overall potential.

Almost every mobile device has digital assistants that respond to voice commands from the user. Even devices like smart speakers are becoming a common household appliance.

Verbal communication is a fairly simple concept and people can easily understand new voice interfaces. Voice assistants can be used for a variety of purposes and can be easily adopted by children and senior citizens. Vocal commands are also a good way to analyze user behavior. Web app development technologies can also integrate with voice-based systems and this can be used to provide personalized solutions through voice commands alone. 

Voice Search Optimization

Single Page Application

A Single Page Application (SPA) is an interface built for a single-page website where users progress through the details swiftly. This technology is an alternative to the traditional web pages that consist of several layers of pages to display their content.

By reinventing the format and limiting it to a single page, you can cut the buffering time when progressing to the next page. SPAs' popularity is mainly attributed to the rise of Javascript-based b. SPAs are extremely helpful in web page optimization as they simplify the hard-to-find routes or menus for the users.

SPAs are better at reducing site abandonment rates and are one of the leading web app development technologies to watch out for.

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Having a well-established webpage with good performance is a step in the right direction but there is more work to do. Hackers are always on the lookout to sabotage web apps with significant amounts of user data and this threat shouldn't be taken lightly.

Security breaches have destroyed brand reputations in the past and have contributed to organizational losses. If you do not focus on the security of your web pages, you might end up on the victim list.

Every little change to the website should undergo appropriate testing measures. A small gap or a weak link among the security features can give hackers a backdoor to gain access to your website.

Security algorithms that notify suspicious activities can prevent security breaches. Third-party services that bring convenience to a webpage can be used by hackers to breach security and get unauthorized access. Make sure the third-party services are from reputed providers with in-built security measures that won't be compromised easily to put the entire system at risk. 


The world of web app development technologies is subjected to constant innovation thanks to the never-ending demands from users.  Web app development frameworks can always be improved and your website development teams should strive to implement the best practices.

New web app development technologies can greatly increase the chances of your success if you implement them securely into your system.

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