Building Marketing Funnel for Long-Term Business Growth

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  • By Sakshi Arora,
    Published on: Sep 17, 2021
  • Updated on: Apr 03, 2023
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Marketers can only excel when provided with information that directs them towards a precise goal. Analytics tops the chart of many marketers when creating a great marketing strategy and at the same time, they must include other factors as well. 

One of these is understanding customer behavior, and it can be accomplished through building a marketing sales funnel. This is the reason digital marketers put more effort into analytics and sales funnels to form an effective strategy.

Including and implementing various strategies one by one provides marketers with massive benefits and when we talk about the marketing funnel, it itself is a series of strategic actions. In the customer behavior model, the sales funnel comprehends the thought process an individual goes through while interacting with a product, service, or brand.

Remember, delivering a positive customer experience should be the goal of your company as it goes hand-in-hand with the marketing sales funnel.

Accountability with the sales marketing funnel helps in understanding which route to take. It is easy to begin.

  • Start by identifying the present channels for building the funnel
  • Check the platforms created previously 
  • Look for the methods placed for nurturing a customer’s journey
  • Analyze the previous KPIs to determine the effective channel
  • Retest the non-performing channels for different funnel settings
  • Make sure to test, assess, adjust, and retest the sales funnel

Each funnel has a huge impact on customer’s behavior, which is why it is essential to know the customer persona intricately. By using funnels, and knowing each step, it becomes easy to place the strategy in a way that will drive customers from one step to another.

Funnels surely have a compelling impact on any business.

Building Marketing Funnel for Long-Term Business Growth

The customer’s journey is depicted in your sales funnel.

Understanding your funnel assists several marketers in identifying its loopholes - the ones where prospects churn out from the funnel and never convert.

It is essential to build a sales funnel when the anticipated results are not achieved. Let’s see how it can be done!


This is the time to grab the attention of potential and present customers. It can be through compelling content, attractive social media campaigns, tempting paid marketing strategy, or other tactics.

The motive is to make potential customers aware of your brand and the services/products you offer.

With the perfect timing and appropriate strategies, it is possible that the customers can make a purchase decision immediately. There is a probability that the consumer has already conducted their part of the research and is aware of your brand and services on offer at competitive pricing.

Awareness means to woo the potential customer in such a way that they re-engage with you by returning to your website and proceed to complete a purchase.


Taking the consumers to the interest stage itself is a difficult task. But once they reach this stage, the competition gets tough. Consumers begin to research more comprehensively, start comparing your offerings with competitors and sometimes even rethink their buying decision.

As a marketer, it is time to charm your potential customer with amazing content that helps them to reach a decision. Remember, the content should not be pushy. The motive here is to educate and encourage them to choose your brand.

Forcing your products or services to a customer will only drive them away. The goal here is to show how your product or service can be an asset for them. Work on helping them in forming a sound opinion of your brand while assisting them in every way possible.


This is the part where you need to swoop in your incredible expertise. The customer is ready to choose a brand and they might have two to three options in hand, which includes your product too.

Now is the time to offer the best offers to close the deal.

‘Make them an offer they cannot refuse’

You can also incentivize the products, offer free shipping, discounts, sweepstakes, etc., and/or other bonus products to tempt them into clicking the buy button.

Regardless of what is added to the box, make sure the offer is irresistible and your customers will regret not taking advantage of it.


This is the final part of the sales funnel and the customer is ready to buy your product or service and become a part of your brand’s network. Sometimes, marketers confuse action as the deal done stage, though it is the final part, and you will need to put in the same amount of effort as before.

Your aim should be to build long-term partnerships that will lead to the overall growth of a business. As a marketer, it is essential to do your best in selling your product or service to a customer and lay the foundation for repeat purchases.

Thus, the action step includes a hidden strategy, a plan to focus on customer retention. This can be easily done by adding reward points, expressing gratitude for becoming a part of your business, assisting them with customer support (if needed), and other foreseeable options.

Takeaway - The Final Verdict

Building a sales funnel is not an overnight job. It takes understanding, time, and a lot of hard work. But in order to survive and stand tall in this cut-throat competition, it is considered an optimal way.

The key to an attractive sales funnel is content. Create content that encourages customers in a positive way to move to the next step. When strategizing a funnel, it is essential to focus on details. A minute thing such as font size or content layout can dramatically impact the conversions.

Attracting customers to buy from you is the only way to make them connect. Focusing more on just selling will drive them away.

Take the time to create a marketing funnel that reflects both your company’s objectives and those of your target audience. Nurture it over time by making the essential adjustments to the strategic approach implemented at different phases of the sales funnel. 

Furthermore, analyze your previous strategies and try to figure out why your efforts aren't succeeding, and optimize them to suit different funnel settings.

For more information about leveraging your sales funnel optimally and landing every lead, get in touch with our experts today at You can also go through our blog section to learn about different strategies and the latest trends in the marketing world. 

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