5-Point Checklist for Your Ecommerce Product Detail Page

A Must-Have Ideal Ecommerce Product Detail Page Checklist
  • By Sakshi Arora,
    Published on: Dec 08, 2020
  • Updated on: Mar 30, 2023
  • Ecommerce

“In the modern world of business, it is useless to be a creative, original thinker unless you can also sell what you create.”

– David Ogilvy, co-founder of Ogilvy & Mather

Have we ever thought of how difficult it was for top ecommerce websites to initially start the ecommerce business? They must have faced many failures and setbacks; however, once they cracked the code of success, they were unstoppable.

It is not rocket science to create a successful ecosystem for ecommerce business. Let us explore some of the important features of an ideal ecommerce product detail page:

Gallery or Product Photos and Videos

Gallery or product pictures play an important role in getting more customers onboard.

No less than 67 percent of consumers find product images as a more important factor than product descriptions or reviews when it comes to influencing their buying decision.

Since hands-on experience of products is not possible over ecommerce platforms, companies have learned the art of using product images as an important tool in attracting more customers.

Must-Have Ecommerce Product Detail Page Checklist - Product Gallery
Source: Wix Help Center

But what they must remember is that these images on the ecommerce product detail page should be a particular way.

Some of the important features that can enhance the product image experience of customers over the web are listed below:

1. Showcasing the product as a solution

If our product serves a specific purpose, like a hair straightener or a hiking accessory, it's time to show the audience how it can be used. By using product images on the ecommerce product detail page to show customers its complete functionality, we can engage them at a deeper level. They gain a better understanding of how to use it and quickly learn the advantages of our product. They visualize themselves using the product for their own use.

If we have the resources, product demonstration videos are a worthwhile investment. Our audience will find great inspiration to buy the products if we can show them product videos. We should ask ourselves the questions below to have more idea about how to use images.

  • What is the best size for ecommerce product images?
  • What’s the ideal file size to maintain good load times for the ecommerce product detail page?
  • What file types are best to use?
  • Which images are you going to provide for thumbnails?
  • What type of images do you need to optimize a category page and an individual ecommerce product detail page?

a. Using a 360 degree or a 3D Image

We should try and use a 360-degree image or a 3D image to give more clarity about the visuals of the product.

Must-Have Ecommerce Product Detail Page Checklist - 3D product image
Source: Intellect Outsource

A customer will have a better understanding about the product and its features. Apart from that, the ecommerce product detail page also looks more vibrant and modern when you use a 3D image.

b. Zoom functionality

It is important that potential customers can zoom-in on the item to see the areas that they might be interested in. Adding zoom to your ecommerce product detail page is worth it as it means a lot to your customers. Whether your site has a zoom plugin or not, be sure to show multiple ‘zoomed in’ product images, including shots that reveal the most important details of the product. For example, a Coach bag on the website will look more appealing if the visitor can zoom in and feel the original texture and fabric.

c. Unboxing Videos

Videos showcasing how to unbox a product are extremely popular these days simply because they are more visually appealing to the customers.

Must-Have Ecommerce Product Detail Page - Unboxing Video
Source: linkr

For example, customers get a nice feel about opening a new mobile phone from its box and getting a closer look about all the accessories inside the box. Unboxing a new product gives a new kind of experience to the customer.   

d. User generated images

If we can get good quality user generated images it can work as a good testimonial for the potential buyers. They will be able to see the real product without any filtered representation. 

2. Providing a clear product overview 

Providing a clear-cut product overview makes it easier for the audiences to take a quick decision about making a purchase or not. An ecommerce product detail page overview should have the elements listed below:

a. Ecommerce Product Detail Page Title 

Our product page title should include brand name, product version, size/dimension, and color. At the same time important keywords should also be used while writing on the product title.

As an example, if we are selling men’s sneakers, the product title should look something like this: Nike Black Size 14 Men’s Sneakers. This is a very distilled version of how it should look, and we should keep in mind that an exceptionally long title gets more ignorance from the customers. Ideally titles should not be more than 200 characters.

b. Price

Product price should be indicated properly on your ecommerce product detail page along with the CTA (call to Action) button and the geo currency updater should be installed so that the buyer gets to know the exact price along in the local currency. If any discount is offered over the sales price, a clearly indicated subsidized price should be written. 

c. Features

Product features should be explained properly below the CTA under the product description menu. If we can explain what all benefits the product is going to serve, there are more chances of the product getting picked up by the customer. 

d. Customization options 

Any customization available with the product should be highlighted and the customized product visuals should be showcased on the product sales page. Many times, we may win a client just because the product customization appeals more to the customer.

e. Call To Action (CTA) 

CTAs are the buttons throughout a site that tell your customers what to do, where to click and what to buy. Having a clear call-to-action on every ecommerce product detail page allows you to steer the customer toward the most appropriate spot in your conversion funnel.

Must-Have Ecommerce Product Detail Page Checklist - Call to Action (CTA)
Source: Growcode

CTA is the most important feature of the product sales page which helps the seller and buyer to complete the transaction over the web. The CTA drives the customer to move further down the sales funnel and close the deal by agreeing to pay the sales price. Placement of CTA over the ecommerce product detail page is the most important factor in every ecommerce business. 

3. Include social proof

Social proof is customer reviews generated by the customers themselves. We should always give space to our customers to share their feedback and ability to express liking and disliking of our products. New customers feel more secure buying a new product for the first time if they find more people buying it. Even a negative feedback can be managed tactfully and can help convert more customers.

4. Similar product suggestions 

Incremental sales is always welcomed and cross selling tactics always pay well if implemented smartly. Cross selling on ecommerce portals can be done by providing information on what other people are buying along with the main product purchased. It is believed that this type of cross selling.

5. Human interaction for any help or guidance needed

If we can provide a live chat solution on the sales page by the producer or the seller, our customers will be able to clear any doubts in a real fast manner and their buying decision process will also get faster. Chatbots are available very easily these days and can be useful in winning deals delayed at a crucial juncture.

There could also be many other elements which may lead to the creation of a perfect ecommerce product detail page but the above-mentioned elements are a must to create an effective ecommerce ecosystem.

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