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Power your eCommerce growth with integrated omnichannel marketing. Build and execute the perfect eCommerce
marketing strategy. Growth Natives is your highly skilled extended team of eCommerce marketing experts. Leverage our GrowthPod™ methodology for full-funnel and full-stack eCommerce marketing services!

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eCommerce Strategy

We help create a pragmatic eCommerce marketing strategy that fits your business objectives. Our omnichannel marketing experts have deep experience in building a full-funnel strategy for your eCommerce business.

  • Omnichannel plan for eCommerce marketing
  • Resource and budget planning
  • Competitor research and benchmarking
  • Traffic acquisition strategy
  • Full funnel marketing plan
  • Ideal search and social media mix strategy
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Maximize Return on Ad Spend (ROAS)

Leverage your team at Growth Natives to define the ideal return on ad spend. We will test and experiment across channels to achieve the desired ROAS for your marketing. Segment and target your audience leveraging the best of available advertising technology.

  • Persona and buyer's journey optimization
  • Keyword planning including long tail keywords
  • Integrating social and search marketing
  • eCommerce Marketing Technology Stack optimization
  • Nurture planning for eCommerce leads
  • Conversion rate optimization experimentation
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eCommerce Store Implementation

We are a team of certified and trained experts for platforms such as Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce, Amazon, and Google Shopping. We ensure success with proven eCommerce marketing strategies and excellent technical implementation of your eCommerce store.

  • Site layout and structure for great user experience
  • Optimize for buyers journey and revenue results
  • Onpage SEO for organic marketing
  • Blog and content strategy implementation
  • Upsell and cross-sell process implementation
  • Implement relevant plugins for eCommerce marketing
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Full Funnel eCommerce Optimization

From traffic at the top of the funnel (TOFU) to revenue at bottom of the funnel (BOFU) we have you covered. eCommerce marketing success comes from making sure the right traffic acquisition and conversion optimization tactics are in place.

  • TOFU campaigns to target the right audience
  • Landing page layout and conversion optimization
  • Ad copy that engages and converts traffic
  • Purchase process testing and optimization
  • Abandoned cart reengagement campaigns
  • Post-sales engagement for CLTV growth
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Customer Retention and Growth

Increase Customer Lifetime Value through eCommerce marketing specially designed and targeted at your existing customers. Implement loyalty programs, email marketing, and digital marketing tactics to engage and grow existing eCommerce customers. Leverage integrated customer eCommerce marketing campaigns to improve overall ROI.

  • Implement eCommerce loyalty programs
  • Build a subscription business for repeat purchases
  • Design and implement marketing automation nurtures
  • Scale referral-based eCommerce marketing
  • Omnichannel abandoned cart marketing
  • NPS and gamification to measure CSAT
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Marketing Automation for eCommerce Marketing

Implement and scale marketing automation for driving eCommerce marketing success. Certified experts across Active Campaigns, Hubspot, Marketo, Mailchimp, Klaviyo, and other best in class technologies. Integrate SMS and Messenger marketing in your marketing strategy.

  • Build and Integrate your eCommerce marketing stack
  • Enable integrated digital and email marketing
  • SMS and Messenger for high engagement rates
  • Design and implement omnichannel nurtures
  • Measure and report success across channels
  • Manage your eCommerce marketing calendar
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eCommerce Channel Optimization

Deploy the test and learn the methodology for your eCommerce marketing campaigns. Your extended team will continuously invest in new test campaigns and channels to achieve the best possible results. Make data-driven decisions to ensure every channel is optimized for continuous success.

  • Cross channel eCommerce ROI optimization
  • Paid search optimization across Google and Bing
  • Retargeting campaigns optimization
  • Social media and search channels ideal mix
  • Event-triggered demand generation campaigns
  • Multi variant testing designed for eCommerce marketing
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Analytics and Reporting for eCommerce Marketing

Leverage custom eCommerce marketing dashboards and reports to ensure data-driven decisions. Attribution reporting to ensure accurate measurement of ROI. Trend reports over time across attributes like personas, channels, geography, etc to make future investment decisions.

  • Daily revenue targets and success dashboards
  • First touch, last touch, and multi-touch reports
  • Attribution reports for eCommerce marketing campaigns
  • Brand engagement and revenue results reporting
  • Trend reports over timescale from traffic to revenue
  • Reports by Product, Personas, Segment & Geography
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