5 Strategies To Run Successful E-mail Marketing Campaigns

5 Strategies To Run Successful E-mail Marketing Campaigns
  • By Sakshi Arora,
    Published on: Mar 06, 2020
  • Updated on: Mar 30, 2023
  • Email Marketing

Many of us have been there – crafted an important e-mail carefully, for our e-mail marketing campaign and waited patiently for replies. But after a long wait, You begin to wonder- could I have used a different approach? Could I have written a better e-mail? Or did I miss something to impress my targeted audience?

Getting a high opening rate from your e-mail campaign feels like a dreadful task. The fact is, on average, an ordinary person receives approximately 150 e-mails daily and, without even a second thought, deletes half of them. 

To make your intended target open, read, and take intended action to your e-mail, you need to write persuasive e-mails.

5 Ways To Make Your E-mail Marketing Campaign (E-mails) More Persuasive

The following suggestions will help you write enough convincing e-mails that will persuade your audience not only to make them open but also to engage them and make your e-mail campaign a success. 

1) Make Clear Proposition Right In the Subject Line

33% of e-mail recipients choose whether to open an e-mail depending solely on the subject line- HubSpot. On average, an individual spends around 11 seconds gandering over an e-mail to determine whether he will read to the end. If the subject line is pleasing to the recipient's eyes, they will be propelled to open your e-mail, even if they do not know about your business. 

Write a short, benefit-focused subject line. However, the research has proved that the length of subject lines doesn't determine the open and click-through rates, but relevance does. Get to the heart of your motive right away. Look at these examples of catch e-mail headlines. 

Image Source: Get Response

2. Give Your Audience A Reason to Read your E-mail

While you may want to dive head-first into setting up an e-mail campaign and broadcast it, make sure you profoundly understand your audience. Know your audience's:

  • Pain-points
  • Needs & Goals
  • Communication Style

And then create e-mail considering all these factors. Even though you are offering an excellent service or selling a great product, it doesn't hurt to remind your subscribers why they need to use them and how great they are. More than you can imagine, sometimes just a simple explanation is all it takes them to accept your offer.

Compare the two examples:

  • "We are offering a new collection of winter running shoes."  
  • "We are offering a new collection of winter running shoes that will enable you to run comfortably even when it's slippery and cold outside. 

The second example gives the customer a solution to their problem and shows them how you care about them. This psychological trick will make them desire to make a purchase decision.

3. Include A Social Proof 

For any e-mail campaign, social proof works wonders.  Social proof is also something that works across all stages of the buying cycle awareness, engagement, and purchase. When making a decision, clients like to get clues from people with the experience of the product. 63% of consumers accept that they're more likely to buy from a site that shows product reviews & product ratings. 

Adding social proofs in e-mails helps in boosting the conversion rate & ROI while lowering the acquisition cost. Here is what type of social proof you can go for:

  1. Customer testimonials
  2. Customer or usage numbers
  3. Awards & Recognition (Your business has received)
  4. Product Review & Ratings (By Customers)
  5. Direct Customer Feedback (e-mail, chat messages, photos or videos)
  6. Press Mentions ( by popular news sites or industry publications)

4. Use Curiosity Gaps in your E-mail Marketing Campaigns

Creating a curiosity gap means you're teasing your reader by providing a little hint of what's to come while concealing most of the information. The curiosity gap is an attempt to compel people to click on your e-mail, Ad, or blog post they see on Twitter.

This works in a way where the gap in knowledge encourages the receiver to click and open the mail to read what's explained inside. 

Example1: "* Don't Open This E-mail*"

Example2: "Is this the hottest career in marketing?"

Example3: "Are these the best SKINCARE products?"

That's why businesses hire proficient writers to craft them. Nevertheless, they don't work as effectively as your clients' imagination.

5. Plan & Schedule Your E-mail Campaign 

The time you send e-mails really matters. Your timing for emails should be dependent upon the time your audience mostly comes online. It also depends upon when they are most likely to engage. Example - If you are targeting stay home moms the ideal time would be between 10 AM to 12 PM, when they are most likely to be free.

An Experian e-mail marketing campaign benchmark study (across all industries) says

  • Mostly the people access the internet and are surprisingly active in late-night hours.
  • On average, 21.7% of unique open rates recorded from 8 pm to 11:59 pm.
  • 17.6 percent of unique open rates recorded from 12 am to 4 am. Surprisingly, these late-night groups are more likely to click through, with click-through rates of 4.2% and 3.2 percent, respectively. 

The key to success is often experimentation with your time to send.


Everyone's inbox is filled up with business inquiries, newsletters, promotions, and not forgetting emails from good friends and families. 

Write as if you are emailing a good friend and not as if you are addressing a faceless crowd. Be conversational. Respect everyone's time because it's precious to them. For any further help with writing an e-mail to experience a bountiful email marketing campaign, you can drop us a line at info@growthnatives.com. We are known for crafting successful e-mail marketing campaigns.

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