Stay Connected With HubSpot’s New Inbound Calling—Latest Addition to Its Sales and Service Hub

Stay Connected With HubSpot’s New Inbound Calling—Latest Addition to Its Sales and Service Hub
  • By Sakshi Arora,
    Published on: Jul 01, 2022
  • Updated on: Feb 13, 2023
  • HubSpot

HubSpot has made a significant stride in improving its Sales & Service Hub Professional, introducing features that, even though pretty fundamental, help solve major customer pain points. And that is excellent news for HubSpot customers and users. 

For a quick recall, HubSpot has launched three features in the Professional SKU, including:

  1. Playbooks: To help create a repository of sales and service-related practices and resources that can be shared with teams.
  1. Conversation Intelligence: To help better coach your team and get visibility into customer conversation with real-time insights from call recordings and transcriptions.
  1. Inbound Calling: To help directly get calls from your contacts to a business phone number.

We have already talked about HubSpot Playbooks and Conversation Intelligence in our previous blog posts, and how these will benefit your business. 

In this third and final blog post in the three series blog, we will look at the Inbound Calling feature, which HubSpot announced for its Sales and Service Hub Starter, Professional, and Enterprise in March 2022. 

HubSpot made the Inbound Calling feature available with the US, the UK, and Canada phone numbers from May 02, 2022. Along with this, the company also made some changes to HubSpot Calling. Let’s take a look.

Inbound Calling allows you to receive calls from contacts in the CRM to a business phone number, which you can get from within HubSpot. Such powerful integration between CRM and phone systems can enhance customer experience and drive business growth. It gives you the flexibility to receive calls even when you are away from your laptop and eliminates the need to switch between apps to make and receive calls. 

With HubSpot’s Inbound Calling, you can: 

  • Get a new business phone number within HubSpot
  • Make outbound calls 
  • Redirect inbound calls to your mobile device or other calling tools
  • Take advantage of all inbound/outbound call records, transcriptions, and recordings available in the HubSpot CRM

While initially only the United States, the United Kingdom, and Canadian phone numbers will be available, HubSpot might add more countries to its list in the future. But it should not impact its users, as these phone numbers can be used for outbound and inbound calling by users from anywhere in the world. 

In addition, HubSpot has also changed the pricing structure of HubSpot Calling.

Historically, the company used to have calling minute limits per user, which did not require a paid Sales or Service Hub seat.

From May 02, 2022, it has introduced flexibility in how businesses want to use these minutes. Now, users can share the calling minutes across the entire account and will need to pay for a Sales or Service Hub seat to use those minutes.

Here is a detailed look at the account-wide minute limits and the number of phone numbers based on tier:

  1. Sales or Service Hub Starter: 500 minutes per month and 1 HubSpot provided phone number
  2. Sales or Service Hub Professional: 3,000 minutes per month and 3 HubSpot phone numbers
  3. Sales or Service Hub Enterprise: 12,000 minutes per month and 5 HubSpot phone numbers

These feature updates are significant as now you can receive calls on your mobile phones while also leveraging Conversation Intelligence to analyze your interactions with contacts. 

HubSpot intends to release more product updates in its Sales & Service Hub Professional Sales to help businesses grow better. It will provide a ton of documentation and training material on making the most of these features. So, be sure to check out the HubSpot Academy to learn more.

If you are interested in getting some hands-on HubSpot training or want to know if it is the right solution for your business, we are here for you! Just get in touch at and our HubSpot certified professionals will get back to you.

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