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  • By Sakshi Arora,
    Published on: Aug 19, 2022
  • Updated on: Nov 18, 2022
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Just like you would make the most of your toothpaste and make way for even the last speck of it to squeeze onto your toothbrush however possible, you must make the most of your HubSpot instance in 2022 and beyond, because your every hard-earned penny counts. Even if you are touching the sky of success with your investment in HubSpot marketing automation, it’s never too late to explore more and juice out every ounce of potential it has to scale your business.

At Growth Natives, we spend countless hours using HubSpot for automating our customers’ business operations and marketing campaigns and exploring it further to make sure we leave no stone unturned. This is our key to utilizing the portal to its fullest potential and the reason we are HubSpot’s Platinum Solutions Partner today. 

Scouring the instance in our recent attempt to tap any untapped facet, we found out that HubSpot’s features are not limited to what businesses have discovered so far and go way beyond. And if you actually start leveraging these untried features from now onward, you can go a long way in standing apart from the crowd. Are you excited? Then, let’s get started. 

Freshest Features HubSpot Users Must Start Using Now

For the longest time now, companies in the B2B and B2C sectors have used HubSpot for automating marketing operations, managing customer relationships, account-based marketing, and ensuring RevOps success. Now, let’s use it for creating contract documents, closing deals with customers, and managing day-to-day projects. 

1. Create ‘Quotes’ Within Your Portal 

Let us ask a question. When a potential customer approaches you with a particular problem and shows faith in your business to provide them with an end-to-end solution, how do you go about presenting them with an SOW? 

Well, it’s such a common situation in the business world that we already have the answer. You need MS Word or Adobe Acrobat and may separately invest in the purchase of DocuSign, which is a proven way for eSignatures on different devices. 

So much spending and it might still only be worth a dime a dozen. Next, you will create the SOW or MSA in an MS-Word or PDF format, export and import it into DocuSign, and then receive it back with the required signature. You will then download the document and save it in HubSpot or another system you use. 

Quite time-consuming, right? Also, this process does not ensure the security of your SOW or the terms and conditions mentioned in it. The good news—is HubSpot has a solution!

The Solution

We used HubSpot’s ‘Quotes’ feature and here’s what we discovered to our advantage: 

Hubspot screenshot
  • You can use the pre-built functionality of setting templates, where you can add details such as 
  1. Company details
  2. Quote title
  3. Terms & conditions
Screenshot of Growth Natives - HubSpot CRM Setup
  • You can define the product line including the codes for your products and the prices—actual and discounted prices, right in the Quotes window.
  • You do not need a third-party tool to sign the document or get it signed by your customer. The authorized party can leave their signature via Quotes.
Screenshot of Signature & Payment Option
  • You can add any comments for the buyer, where you can define specific terms such as payment plan period and customer’s detail.
  • Further, you can also create company, contact, and deal using the Quotes feature of HubSpot.  

Now whenever a customer approaches you with their business needs, you can create estimates, share the proposal with your customer, and prepare the SOW in HubSpot itself. Also, when a customer disagrees with your terms or prices, make the necessary alterations then and there and offer them discounts as suitable. 

In a nutshell, HubSpot’s Quotes feature allows you to keep every object and team, be it Sales, Marketing Automation, Admin, or Accounts, in one place, and streamline your client management process. In addition, your customer will also have a complete view of the contract and once they sign it, you will receive an automated email notification confirming the same.

Bonus point: You can restrict the access to selected stakeholders when it comes to the right to edit the Quote templates or view them. 

Screenshot of Customize quote tempate

Also, depending on the changing roles and responsibilities of people in your organization, you can always change and update the access rights for Quotes. 

How Does ‘Quotes’ in HubSpot Benefit Your Business? 

Talk about the benefits and there are several—saying from our experience, obviously! 

  • The foremost advantage is that HubSpot’s Quotes ensure complete security
  • Limited View and Edit access to the quotations makes sure that no one can make changes to the terms and conditions, decisions, or template objects at the eleventh hour. 
  • Despite the restricted access feature, you can alter the terms for a particular customer at a particular point in time. 
  • ‘Quotes’ is easy to use and anyone can create or edit the templates without any technical know-how. 
  • You do not need to fear the loss of any important information or any SOW when using Quotes, as all the quotations are stored in one place
  • All information and contracts get organized with any data silos removed.
  • ‘Quotes’ is a much-needed repository for your SOWs or MSAs that provides easy access to these important documents that your organization cannot afford to misplace at any point of time.
Screenshot of project estimate
  • When an SOW is nearing completion or expiry, you will get an automated notification. Thus, you can renew the contract in question well in time
  • Any risks of change of terms and conditions or prices get eliminated. 

The Impact You Can Expect

  • When you leverage quotes, you will experience improved security of SOWs and their storage. 
  • Along with this, you will have a defined process for all your product and service lines, with pricing well defined for each of them. 
  • You will have pre-built templates for quotations that you can replicate and alter whenever required.

2. Use ‘Tasks’ for Sales… and Much More

You must have heard your Sales team talking about ‘Tasks’ and why not, when HubSpot itself boasts of it as a command center for sales reps. 

HubSpot’s ‘Tasks’ is quite popular among sales personnel because it gives them easy access to all the information that they need to convert leads into customers. Usually, your sales reps keep struggling with different tools for different bits of information and no single way that could connect those tools with each other. With the Tasks app in HubSpot allowing them to deliver delightful customer experiences, voila! 

But why should we not try and look beyond? What’s stopping us from reaching the app deeper? Well, at Growth Natives, nothing could hold us back and we are glad we scouted it to 360 project management and view. 

Here’s What ‘Tasks’ Is for: 

In the past, we have used other renowned agile project management tools for managing our projects and tasks. We know in and out of these tools and how these provide a kanban view of the progress of all your projects running in parallel. 

In these tools, there are cards that you can easily edit and move from one place to another or even from one board to another, and there are tags you can add for stakeholders adding priorities and deadlines for each task. In some cases, you can also add sub-tasks such as in Asana to get a clear view of tasks running in one project. 

But with the ‘Tasks’ app in HubSpot, you can do more. 

Hubspot sales navigation menu screenshot

It not only helps you track the progress of different tasks but also different teams. 

  • Depending on the requirement, one team manager can decide and raise a ticket to one of their own team members or another team member within the organization, simply by tagging the person in question.  
Screenshot of hubspot task creation

Note: You can tag one person at a time.

  • Using the app, it is easy to add all the project or task details including task title, assignee, company/ contact associated with it, due date, and any comments. 
Create Task Screenshot
  • As required, the assignee can further assign the task to a team member by tagging and specifying the due date (changing the same if needed). Also, it is possible to set reminders for the assigned tasks.
  • When a task is assigned, the assignee receives an automated email notification along with a due date reminder. 
Screenshot Of Due date and Reminder
HubSpot Screenshot
  • The best bet—you can fetch a client- or project-based report any time you want as well as look at a particular employee’s task list. 
Screenshot of Reports Details

How Does ‘Tasks’ in HubSpot Benefit Your Business? 

The Tasks app offers several advantages for your other departments over what it does for your sales personnel. 

  • With Tasks, you don’t need to switch from one tab to another or from one tool to another to manage your different projects. 
  • Simply log in to your HubSpot portal and store all your sales conversations as well as align your overall projects and tasks. 
  • Streamline to and fro of your tasks in progress and keep a track of each task’s current status. 
  • Also, keep an eye on each team member’s productivity and each team’s collective progress. 
  • Keep a clear view of all tasks scheduled for a project or customer. 

The Impact You Can Expect

  • Leverage ‘Tasks’ in HubSpot as your one-stop solution for managing all tasks and tracking their progress along with different teams’ productivity. 
  • Speed up your project management process and improve productivity. 
  • Cut costs significantly as you don’t need to invest separately in project management tools. 

As HubSpot’s long-established trustworthy partner, we have enthusiastically known the positive and restrictive elements of HubSpot which are in a 100:1 ratio. We love to tap the hidden potential of our HubSpot instance whenever we get a chance and will share any of its other untested features or capabilities in the near future too. In the meanwhile, we would be pleased to mention that if you are new to HubSpot or are hesitant to use it such that it turns out to be your best revenue generator, we can be the extended HubSpot partner you need. 

Book a FREE audit for your HubSpot instance with us today. Or write your concerns and questions at and let us take it from there to help you utilize HubSpot optimally. 

PS: It’s a win-win for everyone involved. 

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