Scale Your Account-Based Marketing Efforts with HubSpot

Scale Your Account-Based Marketing Efforts with HubSpot
  • By Sakshi Arora,
    Published on: Apr 28, 2022
  • Updated on: Mar 31, 2023
  • HubSpot

Imagine if you could directly engage with your target audience without wasting time on drafting marketing strategies or preparing yourself to sell to unqualified leads. Sounds too good to be true? Well, it’s rather easy with account-based marketing (ABM).

ABM is a B2B marketing approach where the sales and marketing teams work together to target the best fit accounts and convert them into customers. A successful ABM strategy could boost revenue, optimize your efforts, and provide in-depth metrics that might otherwise remain inaccessible. 

Using HubSpot helps enhance your ABM plan as you can overcome marketing challenges effortlessly. In fact, it is backed by numbers. About 80% of marketers report an increase in leads due to marketing automation. Using ABM with HubSpot ensures that both marketing and sales are in sync, leading your team to hop on the process of strategizing and creating campaigns to entice and engage with those accounts. 

5 Ways HubSpot Can Help Scale Your Account-Based Marketing (ABM) Efforts

If you are wondering how HubSpot can enhance your marketing efforts, let’s show you how:

1. Identify Target Accounts

Any ABM effort starts by listing out potential target accounts for your business. If you don’t have a dedicated list, HubSpot can easily help you identify good-fit accounts you should target. Even if you have identified your ideal customer profile, you can easily filter them in your HubSpot customer relationship management software (CRM) by the characteristics of your ICP. 

HubSpot's inbuilt CRM can help align departments within your organization and even track real-time progress. Once you have filtered your ICP and decided on a marketing approach, you will be left with a list of accounts matching closely to your target audience. 

2. Create Account-Based Marketing (ABM) Chatflows

As you begin to generate ABM-specific content, a HubSpot chatflow is a great method to engage your target accounts directly with the material you've created for them. You can use a chatflow to target a specific list of accounts so that your chat flows only appear to those accounts. So, regardless of how the target account arrived on your website, you can make sure they get the content you want them to read without sharing it with people who aren't on your list.

3. Do In-Depth Reporting

Knowing where your strengths are and what needs to be addressed for optimum participation is the cornerstone of any effective ABM strategy. You may report on a variety of levels using HubSpot, from marketing and sales through the pipeline. 

Your dashboards can also provide up-to-date visualizations with real-time data, allowing your team to gain insight into the engagement and performance of various campaigns. You can even create dashboards based on any metric by using HubSpot’s reporting features.

4. Create Landing Pages

You can use the HubSpot CMS to collect data from your CRM and use it to create dynamic content for your landing pages. You may use personalization tokens to directly address contacts at your target accounts by name, company, title, and any other information you have recorded in your CRM when you build out your landing pages. You can develop tailored landing pages at scale across a subset of your target accounts using these customization tokens.

5. Automate Your Marketing Campaigns

Marketing automation can be the key difference between a B2B company working with a few key clients and generating large volumes of leads from the individuals who matter most to them.

Within your ABM campaign, HubSpot's marketing automation software can discover certain triggers to segment specific data sets, engage with prospects automatically, and better nurture individuals who are unsure about committing to an opportunity.


A truly robust Account-Based Marketing plan requires much more than a well-organized target account list, and HubSpot's ABM tools are a great place to start as you consider implementing a long-term ABM approach. 

Need help implementing an ABM campaign using HubSpot? Growth Natives to the rescue! As a HubSpot Diamond Partner with a deep understanding of how to functionally implement ABM strategies, we are here to help you maximize your ROI. 

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