Empower Your Online Business with Marketing Automation for E-commerce

Marketing Automation for E-commerce
  • By Sakshi Arora,
    Published on: Feb 19, 2020
  • Updated on: Feb 13, 2023
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As a small eCommerce business owner, you no longer have to be out-competed by large companies with more resources. Developing trends in Marketing Automation for E-commerce allow you to attract and maintain customer interest without sacrificing time and resources to run your eCommerce business. All it takes is setup and occasional campaign management through your Marketing Automation tool. When executed well, Marketing Automation can transform customer interest into customer loyalty.

Let’s see how investing in marketing automation can help your eCommerce business to scale.

Marketing Automation For Ecommerce Helps To Acquire New Customers

The first step to growing your business is acquiring new customers. Rather than relying on outdated tactics to attract customer interest, investing in marketing automation for e-commerce enables you to launch highly successful omnichannel marketing campaigns for your online shop.

By tailoring marketing to match the customer’s personality, Marketing Automation generates customer interest in your products and services, helping you target and convert customers across multiple engagement platforms (email, SMS, Social Media, etc). Marketing Automation for e-commerce prevents you from overlooking valuable platforms by providing advanced reports that enable you to accurately evaluate the success of marketing campaigns.

Enable Personalization

Email marketing campaigns, for instance, generate great conversions when personalized. That doesn’t just mean putting a customer’s first name at the top of a message. Rather, it means personalizing each email so that the customer feels as if the email was composed just for them.

Without automation, it’s practically impossible to provide a large customer base with personalized emails. With automation, it’s not just possible— it’s easy.

Look at some E-commerce Marketing Automation Statistics

Ecommerce Marketing Automation Statistics

Source: Latest Marketing Automation For Ecommerce Stats

Improve customer engagement (repeat purchase) and Customer Lifetime Value

Another useful outcome of using Marketing Automation is to cross-sell and up-sells. Cross-sells encourage customers to add related items to their cart, and up-sells motivate customers to switch to higher-value, higher-cost items.

Business owners who forgo split-testing and up-sells leave a lot of money on the table that could be secured easily through Marketing Automation.

Attracting more customers is only the first step, however. Marketing Automation Tools offer an unparalleled ability to increase the average value of each purchase and establish customer loyalty. Rather than securing one purchase at a time, Marketing Automation for e-commerce helps transform one-time consumers into loyal customers.

Another way to do so is by offering a subscription service. Even offering a small incentive for customers to re-up their subscription can drastically increase customer retention. Furthermore, by utilizing receipt emails to offer cross-sells you can take advantage of often-neglected marketing space.

Reduce Cart Abandonments

But even after growing your business and cultivating loyal customers, your sales numbers could still be a third of their potential without Marketing Automation for e-commerce.

Nearly 60% of US online shoppers abandon their carts before purchase. Leading causes include unexpected shipping costs, “window-shopping”, and restrictive payment options.

Exit-intent popups can remedy the number one reason consumers abandon their carts: unexpected costs. Exit-intent technology detects when the customer wants to back out of your site or click on a link outside of your store. At that point, it presents the customer with a free shipping code. Consumers hate unexpected costs and love unexpected discounts. If they aren’t hooked the first time, the message simply repeats until they are.

Tactics such as limited offers and “low stock” messages can compel customers to complete purchases instead of just window-shopping. The fear of missing out is a powerful motivator, and someone would rather spend money than pass up the opportunity for a limited-time offer or a quickly-selling product. By creating a sense of urgency and scarcity, you convert window-shoppers into avid purchasers.

Scale Marketing Operations

Implementing Marketing Automation for e-commerce allows you to focus on the important parts of running your business while also scaling your marketing effectively. As your business grows, Marketing Automation keeps all the pieces running smoothly and helps you scale your marketing operations.

Don’t Delay- It’s Time To Take Action!!

Growth Natives recognizes that a digital age demands sophisticated marketing tools. Low up-front investment in Marketing Automation for e-commerce, if done wisely, yields enormous returns as your business grows. Marketing Automation provides an easy and efficient way to harness customer insights to enable the long-term growth of your business. Ask our team of experts to help you grow big, drop us a line at info@growthnatives.com

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