6 Elements That Contribute to Marketing Automation Success

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Sakshi Arora
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Marketing automation solutions are highly necessary to keep up with the competitive business market. Your existing methods and strategies might seem effective for a smaller audience, but automating a large portion of your tasks gives you room for growth.

Don’t take our word for it, but the statistics never lie:

  • On an average, around 51% of the companies use marketing automation for their business.
  • About 58% of the businesses plan to adopt marketing automation solutions in the near future.
  • 63% of the businesses that opted marketing automation, excelled over their competitors.
  • 80% of marketers saw an increase in the number of leads generated after using a marketing automation software.

Freeing your team from the repetitive tasks, allows you to direct their time towards a more fruitful direction. Automation can bring efficiency and a better-structured workflow for your business. Most of the marketers credit their success to marketing automation platforms.

However the success is not limited to the marketing automation software, here are the other factors that make the entire process a huge hit:

1. Creating Quality Content

Quality content at the right place and at the right time is essential for customer retention and lead generation. You should tweak your content to be compatible with every type of user. Keep in mind not all the users might be ready to be converted right away.

The users need to be guided into the buyer journey and you need to deliver relevant content at every step. It is better to provide first-time visitors with captivating content that they are more likely to read. The content should answer all of their questions, if you want the readers to stick around.

Marketing automation might appear different but at its core, but it follows the traditional methods. Having a team committed to content creation appeals to a wider audience and improves the impact of your overall efforts. 

Add dynamic content into the mix. This will  provide personalized content to the users. Higher quality content can bring you positive results.

2. Implement Automation In Analytics

It is best to have your sales team in the frontline for providing insights about suited automation platforms. You need a good idea about traffic generation, performance and which areas need attention.

Multi-source data can be synced for a better overall analysis with marketing automation software. Having all the necessary data helps make better decisions in your marketing automation research.

Data is constantly changing, and needs to be well monitored to adapt to get the best results.  Have a deep insight into past and present data so that you can tweak your marketing automation accordingly in the future. Analytics also gives room for personalization.

Maintain constant assessment of your results based on the investments. Finding the factors that drag down the results and resolving them is essential for marketing automation success.

3. Training The Team

It is your team that will be the biggest deciding factor for the marketing automation success. You need to train them to make the transition into automation and utilize it to its maximum potential. Hiring qualified staff is an alternative if training the current staff is not practical.

Upskilling your current team and yourself is a slow process and an important investment for the long run. This investment can prove beneficial for setting up the automation and optimizing it for the best results. With the right training, you and your team are less likely to make mistakes.

The time wasted on resolving avoidable mistakes related to tech or comms can be cut down. Automation doesn’t mean an end to manual work, it needs a fair share of monitoring to keep it running smoothly. The core commands are given by people to the automation services.

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4. Regular Testing 

Similar to other software, you need to conduct regular checks. You have to constantly conduct tests to see if it reaches the benchmark of its performance. 

The types of testing you can conduct on your marketing automation:

  • Performance tests.
  • Functionality tests.
  • Usability tests.
  • Integration tests.
  • API testing.
  • Compatibility tests.

You can analyze various aspects of your marketing using A/B testing. The blogs, landing pages, and social media posts can be observed for implementing modifications for the best results. These can make a huge difference to your overall campaign so they need to be thoroughly checked.

You shouldn’t take a backseat just because the current efforts seem to be providing you good results. There could still be overlooked aspects that are wasting your marketing resources. With the help of regular workflow tests, you can find ways to improve the current automation schemes.

5. Email Marketing

Email marketing can be very promising when it comes to high return on investment. Marketing automation success doesn’t depend on the mass-produced generic emails. The emails should be customized accordingly based on the user's history of interactions.

Your emails should be able to captivate the attention of different audiences to generate the maximum amount of leads. leveraging the power of automation nurturing, lead generation and promotion, can be done without much effort. 

Email marketing has great potential and you will miss out on a major portion of profits if you do not make investments in it. Provide your users a personalized experience for the best of returns. This will not only improve your profits but also improve organizational efficiency.

The user data can also be studied for providing suitable content for the users across all the platforms.

6. Teamwork Of Sales And Marketing Team

Marketing automation can hand you leads but the next step of following them up for conversion is equally important. Harmony between the sales team and the marketing team can bring you better results and marketing automation success.

Minor businesses often lose leads due to lack of manpower. Major businesses, however, can fail to identify the leads due to misalignment. Alignment between marketing and sales lessens the number of uncovered leads. 

Invest in lead generation for the growth of your business. If your current leads are being covered in a satisfactory way, focus on improving the lead generation. 

Most buyers have already decided their choices based on the research they’ve conducted before even approaching the business. After knowing the buyer journey you can further your approach with marketing and sales strategies that complement each other.

Utilize the key performance indicators and incentives in place to deliver the right user behavior patterns to the teams.


Marketing automation success comes with the right investments at the right time. The investments you make today will bring growth to your business in the coming years. Marketing automation has become the standard to run businesses as it reduces manual work.

That being said you can’t just cash out on the best marketing automation software and just relax. Constant maintenance and analysis by the teams are required to see if the automation is up to the mark.
Our team at Growth Natives can explain the factors that need to be focused on in achieving marketing automation success. We will see to it that no stone is unturned to bring you the best returns on your investments. Let us connect today!

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