What Do Duplicates Really Cost in Your Marketing Automation/ CRM Platform

Real Cost of Duplicates in Your Marketing Automation/CRM Platform
  • By Sakshi Arora,
    Published on: Mar 03, 2021
  • Updated on: Feb 13, 2023
  • Marketing Automation

The logic of a successful sales strategy is simple—you try to gain as many leads as possible and convert them into real customers. 

However, the process is anything but easy. It can face all sorts of problems—with duplicates being one of the most complicated ones. 

According to SiriusDecisions, it only costs $10 to clean and dedupe a record, but the cost becomes $100, if you simply leave the duplicate data in your database. 

At $100 a record, the overall financial expenditure becomes daunting. 

What Are Duplicates Actually?

Duplicates are multiple entries for the same person or organization in a CRM or marketing automation software. However, most marketers don’t realize the duplicate problem unless it breaches the allowed database limit.

The usual way to prevent the creation of duplicates is to dedupe the datasets and go behind the limit lines again. The process gets complicated when you have duplicates from sales, CRM history, or people filling in different information. 

Let’s discuss the reasons why duplicates in your CRM and automation platform may cost you a fortune.

Damaged brand reputation

Efficiency in communication is pivotal to ensure your lead data is well-organized and up-to-date. Customer contact data serves as the major source of existing, new, and referral business. With duplicate data, there’s a high probability of bombarding a prospect with multiple phone calls or emails. This impairs your engagement strategy and can hurt your brand reputation.

Inaccurate new names reporting

It’s a common issue when you add new people to the database, whereas in fact, it is only the same person. Inaccurate new names reporting can lead you to wrong business conclusions and inefficient planning.

Inability to make informed decisions

Informed business decisions are always data-driven, based on novel, accurate and up-to-date data. On the other hand, duplicate data can exaggerate your marketing efforts and can lead you to draw inaccurate conclusions.

Ineffective sales efforts

With unnecessary duplicates piling up in your database and taking up space, you have to pay extra to marketing automation platforms. And when you run campaigns for any duplicate leads, untargeted messaging will result in low click-through rates and wastage of your financial resources.

The Real Cost of Duplicates in Your Marketing Automation/ CRM Platform

Duplicates can create unwanted scenarios for an organization. That is why there’s some level of awareness regarding the problems duplicates bring, and there’s a certain level of effort spent on them while combating them.

In many organizations, sales development reps are trained to find any duplicates before they work on harnessing the leads.

However, the more your business grows, the bigger will be your database. This means it’s simply not viable to use manual efforts. While duplicates have become a systematic issue, marketing automation provides the ability to automate deduping.

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