How to Choose the Right Marketo Consulting Partner

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Turn your big ideas into real-world results. To make the most of your Marketo performance, you must get everything from the strategy to talent to content and data, right. 

But what you need most is the right Marketo Consulting Partner. It ensures that you get an extensive range of solutions that will help your company leverage the maximum benefits of your Marketo investment.

You need Marketo certified experts to get the best of the platform implementation,  campaign execution, advanced analytics, and optimization of your Marketo instance’s health, roadmap, and strategy. 

Whether you're looking to optimize your marketing automation or you are just starting, the Marketo consulting partner you choose must be a trusted expert and advisor.

Here are 5 traits you should look for when choosing your Marketo consulting partner:

1. Clear Vision

Your partner should be able to frame the narrative behind how they got to this point, in clear detail. They should be able to answer the following questions:

  • What metrics does the company use to rank its business partners? 
  • What do they think they can bring to the relationship for the short-term and long-term success of your campaigns? 
  • How can they advance your progression and accomplishment within your organization? 
  • And most importantly, how long has the company been working in Marketo?

You want to hire a team with extensive experience not only in marketing operations but also in Marketo because you need internal resources and their support on complex projects or on tricky issues. Look for what is their vision for their own company or a narrative or strategic plan for your company and the tactics to deliver it. 

2. A Proven Track Record

The best Marketo Consultants will have client stories that highlight long-term, valuable relationships. This includes not just case studies, but customer testimonials and growth stories too. 

Do they have references from clients similar to your team? 

The key is to learn about their happy clients whose organizations are similar to yours. They must have testimonials from clients and partners they have worked with or awards from partner companies. 

The award applications that delve deeper into your potential partner’s best work and bios of the executive team and team specialists paint a clearer picture.

3. Innovative Technology

Every potential partner will have some kind of technology. The Marketo consulting partner you pick will need to define their unique technology value proposition and give a broad demo of how their solution is built for growth. 

An experienced consultancy team will bring their own best practices to your marketing organization and Marketo instance. They will tweak them for your needs, saving a ton of your time and reducing errors. 

They can also import their customizable programs in your instance, including their road-tested Program Templates, lead scoring programs, and the best practices based on your Marketo campaigns and assets.

4. Field Expertise

Does your partner have extensive knowledge of other platforms and solutions? Do they understand the role these tools play in all facets of your marketing strategy? Which verticals do they specialize in? Can they pivot when your business needs change? 

Working with an agency that can pivot on your changing needs is the most important thing to watch out for. Your partner should be able to articulate and understand your company’s pain points on a deep level before it can advise on solutions.

5. Integrity

Does the partner have a deep sense of your business, your company’s pain points, and how your company wants to grow? 

The right partner must have one goal—to make their clients successful. Make sure their communication style works for you and they provide you with strategic, result-based advice. 

Moreover, you need to believe that they will be with you for a long time, as your needs and objectives change. Find out how frequently they can schedule meetings; if you have an urgent issue and you would have to wait for several days to get on their calendar, your progress will slow down. 

The right Marketo Consulting Partner will create value, have highly-trained teams, and operate in a spirit of collaboration. The Marketo team at Growth Natives remains up-to-date about the marketing automation platform and makes sure that they only implement the latest trending features. 

Get your Marketo instance tested today. Streamline, Automate, and Manage Business Outcomes Like Never Before! 

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