Marketo Implementation Best Practices for Maximized Benefits

Marketo Implementation
  • By Sakshi Arora,
    Published on: Feb 01, 2022
  • Updated on: Feb 13, 2023
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Did you know that more than 50% of businesses are currently using some form of marketing automation? If you aren’t one of those, you are falling behind in the race. Marketing automation can help you achieve the trinity of increased revenue, faster growth, and most importantly, lower the cost of operations. 

Marketo has become the first-choice automation tool for businesses across the board. Chances are you are already part of the Marketo community or planning migration to the Marketo platform as part of your marketing automation strategy. Before you migrate, it is important to have a good understanding of this tool and how it should be implemented to meet your business goals.  

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Marketo offers businesses a lot of potentials to automate their marketing campaigns. From lead generation to sales and marketing alignment, there are unlimited possibilities. However, the key to Marketo's success is to get its implementation RIGHT. The following Marketo implementation best practices will help you leverage the true potential of this marketing automation software.

Best Practices for Marketo Implementation 

1. Integration with CRM

Customer relationship management is a business’ key input into the buyer’s journey. To get the best out of your marketing automation campaign, it is important to integrate CRM with your marketing automation tool. 

Depending on your marketing strategy, you are likely to have customer databases from different marketing channels. This can be a challenge as Marketo for all its advantages doesn’t have a CRM solution of its own. CRM solutions such as Salesforce can easily be integrated with Marketo, and this can help increase marketing output manifold without incurring additional costs. 

2. Cross Channel Marketing

Cross-channel marketing sits at the top of priorities for all businesses. Businesses need to meet their customers where they like being met. Marketo’s inbuilt cross-channel marketing feature acts as a force multiplier. 

Marketo Implementation
Cross Channel Marketing

Irrespective of the platform you choose for marketing, Marketo aligns all the actions seamlessly across different channels. The marketing team needs to leverage this feature to widen the customer base by tailoring the outreach campaign within Marketo.

3. Account-Based Marketing

The importance and need for account-based marketing have been well established. This strategy focuses on interacting with the right customer, on the right device using the right channel. Whether it's email, mobile application, or web applications, Marketo can easily be integrated across different marketing channels to run the most targeted campaigns. 

Here, Marketo makes use of the advanced AI-profiling features that ensure your potential customers are targeted when they show the right signals during the long buying journey. 

4. Customer Profiling & Lead Nurturing

Marketo does have a good lead nurturing feature. Depending on the interaction a potential customer has with your website or application, Marketo can segregate the leads and set future communication strategies through drip campaigns. This is good as it helps in speeding up the lead’s journey through the sales funnel. 

However, segregating customers based on their social profile, spending prowess, and buying intent requires extensive lead nurturing. Applying the same customer profiling attributes across the board limits the lead nurturing capabilities of the platform. Thus, smart Marketo implementation requires customized lead nurturing strategies. 

5. Document Issues for Future Reference

When Marketo is implemented, it brings about a change in how your organization's other tools and processes run. Occasionally, you are likely to experience conflicting issues between Marketo and other tools. As a part of Marketo best practices, it is important to document such technical issues. When your company grows with time and you have new hands managing your marketing and sales campaign, this technical documentation can come to your rescue. 

Hire an Expert Team

If you want your Marketo implementation to be at its best, half-hearted efforts won’t do. It is important to adopt the best practices from the very start and have your entire team follow them religiously. If that sounds overwhelming, you need to get in touch with an expert team. 

Getting an experienced and professional team to implement your Marketo strategies pays rich dividends. This will have your in-house team achieve the desired maturity curve with Marketo and take charge of the lead generation campaign. 

Final Words

Marketo has more potential than you might have ever thought. It isn’t just an email automation tool as many users think. Your business must compete aggressively and make the most out of the marketing budget. Implementing these best practices shall help you get the most out of Marketo. Empower your sales and marketing team and their efforts by adopting these best practices, and stay ahead in the game. 

If you are looking for a team that can implement these best practices using Marketo, Growth Natives has you covered. We have a team that has years of experience using this sophisticated application and powered businesses toward success. We implement these best practices and tailor the whole process to address your niche needs. To know more about the possibilities with Marketo or get in touch with our team, write to us at or visit our website. 

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