How to Revitalize Your Lead Generation Process Using Marketo

Revitalize Your Lead Generation Process Using Marketo
  • By Sakshi Arora,
    Published on: Jun 08, 2022
  • Updated on: Feb 13, 2023
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There is a popular saying in the world of marketing, “The Money is in the List”. 

Businesses having the most qualified leads succeed while others fall behind in the race. This is why lead generation has become a vital activity for marketers. In a competitive market, many equate leads to be as important as brand awareness campaigns. 

According to a leading market research firm, 91% of marketers rate lead generation as the most important goal. This stands testimony to the importance of lead generation. 

Traditional advantages of location, accessibility, and brand equity don’t offer the distinctive edge as they did in the past.   

Why Is Lead Generation Important?

Though most tend to equate lead generation with increased sales and revenue, and rightly so, it plays several other important roles in the growth of your business. 

Lead generation helps in reaching out to more people with your products and services and adds to your brand equity. Along with this, it helps your business bring in a new pool of customers to compensate for the loss of old customers due to high attrition in the online ecosystem. Hence, marketers spend time and energy to generate leads and convert them. It keeps businesses up and running and edges past competition. 

How Automation Can Improve Lead Generation?

There is a proven way of generating leads and nurturing where the marketing team uses a mix of different strategies including email marketing, content marketing, and advertising to generate leads. The sales team nurtures these leads intending to convert them into regular customers. However, the marketing and sales teams have friction on two counts – a steady supply of leads and the quality of leads. While the marketing team blames the sales team for lack of conversion, the latter pins the blame on the quality of leads!

This age-old conflict has its roots in poor alignment between the sales and marketing teams. Marketing Automation can help your organization come out of this vicious cycle by aligning the marketing and sales processes. Marketing automation tools such as Marketo let your team capture real-time data for each lead which is automatically passed over to the sales reps. This can be a game-changer as studies show conversions can shoot up 9x when businesses follow up leads within 5 mins. 

How Can You Revitalize Marketing with Marketo? 

Though Marketo automates the lead generation process, it does offer you enough scope to customize your Lead Generation campaign. There are possibilities for marketers to accentuate the whole process using creativity and improvisation. Let us look at some of how you can revitalize your lead generation process using Marketo. 

  • Define Your Leads 

You must focus on the very basics, and it starts with defining your leads. For instance, a hundred people might show interest in your product, but qualified leads are those that are closer to the buying cycle and are likely to buy a similar product in the future. You need to define the traits of the qualified leads based on their demographics, purchasing power, budget, and most importantly when they start exhibiting buying behavior. 

  • Personalize Content

Content is the king in digital marketing and to get the best out of your Lead Generation campaign with Marketo you should personalize it. This tool lets you personalize content for 1:1 interaction with prospective customers based on their intent, engagement activities, and offline data sources. AI-powered Adobe Sensei recommends quick content strategies for maximum engagement and conversion. 

  • Nurture Your Leads

It is easy to get prospective customers to the top-of-funnel (TOFU) but this would mean little to your business if you aren’t able to convert these leads. Once you have leads near the top of the sales funnel, Marketo steps in to help you in nurturing those leads by automating the whole process. The tool helps you in boosting engagement with the leads and bringing them down the funnel resulting in sales. 

  • Insights into Market Data

Having deep insights into the market data is one of the most important aspects of lead management. It is a make-or-break game as the more insights your sales team has the better is the prospect of conversion. Marketo lets you centralize data from different channels including marketing, sales, and account data, etc. You’d have a deep understanding of the buying habits and behavior of the leads allowing more targeting selling by your sales team. 

  • Focus on Cross Channel Engagement 

In the world of online marketing, cross-channel engagement is one of the most important strategies for success. The best lead management strategy involves creating the perfect synergy between digital and offline channels. You must target customers on the channels they prefer instead of waiting for them to come to your preferred channel. Marketo has advanced cross-channel engagement features helping you in this aspect of lead generation and conversion. 

  • Measure & Introspect 

The best automation tools have their limitations and possibilities. It ultimately boils down to how the marketer makes use of the platform to generate leads and convert them. Marketo brings advanced analytics features to the dashboard that lets businesses measure the success of their campaigns. You’d have insights into several KPIs that define the success of the campaign. Keep a close eye on these KPIs and optimize the campaign to achieve better results. 

Final Thoughts

Marketo offers you limitless possibilities with lead generation and lead management. This AI-powered tool not only lets you automate the process but helps you engage the most qualified customers through advanced tracking behaviors. With Marketo at your disposal, your marketing team can easily build marketing campaigns and scale them to greater heights using the most productive marketing channels that assure faster conversions and higher revenue. 

If you are looking to get the best out of Marketo, you need experts from Growth Natives to help you. We are a team of Marketo experts and have mastered the use of this advanced Lead Generation and Lead Management tool. Our team would help you generate the most qualified leads using Marketo and convert them. 

To know more about our lead generation strategies or to get started with your campaign email us at or visit our website. 

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