Adobe Marketo: Revolutionizing the Marketing Automation Landscape

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Gaurav Rajpoot
Gaurav Rajpoot LinkedIn

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Gaurav Raajput, with 15 years of experience, specializes in B2B marketing, campaign management, marketing automation (Marketo, HubSpot, Eloqua), and sales operations (SFDC admin, custom apps). He excels in SQL, CRM integration, database management, reporting, and SDLC. His expertise includes lead nurturing, data warehousing, customer targeting, and financial reporting. Gaurav's specialties are MS CRM 3.0, business process analysis, data mining, and marketing strategy.

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Adobe Marketo is a game-changing tool in the digital marketing world, revolutionizing marketing automation by providing personalized experiences for customers, integrating marketing workflows, and measuring marketing impact.

If you are not yet familiar with Adobe Marketo or are looking to dive deeper into its possibilities, you've come to the right place! In this blog post, we will explore the ins and outs of this unique platform and help you understand how it can boost your marketing efforts. So, let us get started!

The Adobe Marketo Story: From Start-Up to a Marketing Powerhouse

Adobe Marketo has had an exciting journey to becoming the marketing automation powerhouse it is today. Established in 2006 by Phil Fernandez, Jon Miller, and David Morandi, Marketo aimed to bridge the gap between marketers and customers by providing a simple yet powerful platform for automating marketing processes.

Fast forward to 2018, when Adobe, the creative software giant, acquired Marketo for a whopping $4.75 billion. This acquisition allowed Adobe to extend its reach in the customer experience market by integrating Marketo's robust marketing automation tools into its existing suite of products.

What is Adobe Marketo?

Adobe Marketo is a powerful marketing automation platform that helps businesses streamline their marketing processes, engage with customers, and measure the impact of their marketing efforts. Marketo offers a comprehensive suite of features that enable marketers to create personalized customer experiences, automate marketing workflows, and align sales and marketing efforts.

Advantages of Using Adobe Marketo

Source: Adobe

Adobe Marketo offers many benefits for businesses looking to improve their marketing efforts and drive better results. Some of the main benefits of Adobe Marketo include:

1. Comprehensive Marketing Automation

Adobe Marketo's robust marketing automation capabilities help businesses streamline their marketing processes, from lead management and email marketing to campaign execution and reporting. This automation allows marketers to save time and resources while improving efficiency.

2. Create Personalized Customer Experiences

Adobe Marketo enables businesses to deliver personalized content and interactions based on each customer's preferences and behavior. This personalization helps create meaningful connections, improve customer engagement, and increase conversion rates.

3. Multi-Channel Engagement

Adobe Marketo supports various marketing channels, including email, web, social media, and mobile. It enables businesses to create consistent, personalized messaging across multiple platforms, ensuring a seamless customer experience.

4. Improved Sales and Marketing Alignment

Adobe Marketo provides tools that enable better collaboration, communication, and lead hand-off between sales and marketing teams. Such close alignment leads to improved lead conversion rates and revenue growth.

5. Scalability and Flexibility

Adobe Marketo is a scalable solution that can accommodate evolving marketing needs. Its flexibility also allows seamless integration with several third-party applications, enabling businesses to leverage their existing marketing technology stack.

The Core Components of Adobe Marketo

Source: Adobe

Adobe Marketo offers an extensive range of features that cater to different marketing needs. To better understand its capabilities, let's break down the platform's core components.

1. Marketo Engage: The Heart of Marketing Automation

At the core of Adobe Marketo is Marketo Engage, a comprehensive marketing automation solution that simplifies marketing processes and helps marketers deliver personalized experiences. Marketo Engage enables businesses to better engage with customers and drive revenue growth.

Some of the features of Adobe Marketo Engage include:

  1. Email Marketing: Create, send, and track personalized email campaigns to engage with your audience and nurture leads.
  2. Lead Management: Marketo Engage provides robust lead management features, such as lead scoring and behavioral tracking, to help prioritize and manage leads.
  3. Campaign Management: Easily create, deploy, and measure marketing campaigns across various channels.
  4. Multi-Channel Marketing: Marketo Engage supports multiple marketing channels, including email, web, social media, and mobile, to provide a consistent and personalized customer experience.
  5. Reporting and Analytics: Use Marketo Engage's comprehensive reporting and analytics capabilities to make data-driven decisions and optimize marketing strategies.

For those looking to master this powerful tool, Adobe provides Marketo Engage certification courses and training that you can access through their website. Some of the popular courses and certifications include:

Marketo Certified Expert (MCE) Exam

The Marketo Certified Expert (MCE) certification is a globally recognized credential that validates an individual's proficiency in using Marketo Engage. The exam covers lead management, targeting and personalization, analytics and reporting, and program design. This certification suits marketers seeking to prove their Marketo Engage expertise and advance their careers.

Marketo Engage Core Concepts

This foundational course is for new Marketo Engage users, covering the platform's core features and functionalities. Participants will learn how to navigate the platform, create and manage marketing assets, set up and execute marketing campaigns, and analyze campaign performance.

Marketo Engage Advanced Techniques

Building upon the core concepts, the Marketo Engage Advanced Techniques course dives deeper into the platform's features, such as advanced nurture campaigns, advanced email deliverability, and advanced forms and landing pages. This course is ideal for experienced Marketo Engage users looking to enhance their skills and maximize the platform's potential.

Marketo Engage Email Deliverability

This course focuses on improving email deliverability and optimizing email campaigns. Participants will learn how to manage email reputation, maintain email compliance, and create engaging email content that adheres to best practices.

Marketo Engage Reporting and Analytics

The Marketo Engage Reporting and Analytics course helps users make data-driven decisions by utilizing Marketo Engage's reporting and analytics features. Participants will learn how to create custom reports, analyze campaign performance, and use insights to optimize marketing strategies.

By investing in these certifications and educational resources, marketers can learn how to leverage the platform's capabilities. To support users, Adobe also offers extensive Marketo Engage documentation, covering various aspects of the platform and a dedicated status page for real-time updates on system performance.

2. Marketo Account-Based Marketing (ABM): Targeting High-Value Accounts

Marketo ABM provides an excellent solution for businesses that target specific high-value accounts. This module allows marketers to identify, engage, and measure the success of targeted account strategies. By combining the power of personalization and automation, Marketo ABM enables businesses to create unique experiences for their high-value customers.

Some of the features of Marketo Account-Based Marketing are:

  1. Target Account Selection: Marketo ABM helps you identify and prioritize high-value accounts for targeted marketing efforts.
  2. Account-Based Segmentation: Segment your target accounts based on firmographic and behavioral data to create personalized and relevant marketing campaigns.
  3. Personalized Content: Marketo ABM enables creating and delivering customized content tailored to each account's needs and preferences.
  4. Cross-Channel Engagement: Engage target accounts across multiple channels, such as email, web, and social media, to provide a consistent and targeted experience.
  5. Account-Level Insights: Marketo ABM provides account-level reporting and analytics, allowing you to measure and optimize the performance of your account-based marketing campaigns.

3. Marketo Sales Engage: Aligning Sales and Marketing Efforts

Marketo Sales Engage helps sales and marketing teams collaborate better. With features like lead prioritization, personalized messaging, and real-time alerts, Sales Engage empowers sales teams to close deals faster and more efficiently.

Some of the features of Marketo Sales Engage are:

  1. Sales Email Templates: Marketo Sales Engage provides customizable email templates to help sales teams quickly create personalized and targeted messages.
  2. Playbooks: Sales teams can use playbooks to follow best practices and standardized processes when engaging with leads and accounts.
  3. Task Management: Marketo Sales Engage offers task management features, helping sales teams stay organized and prioritize their daily activities.
  4. Email Tracking: Sales teams can track email opens, clicks, and responses in real time, enabling them to follow up and gauge lead engagement.
  5. CRM Integration: Marketo Sales Engage integrates seamlessly with popular CRM systems, such as Salesforce, allowing sales teams to access valuable lead and account information directly within their CRM.

4. Marketo Analytics: Measuring the Impact of Your Marketing Efforts

Marketo Analytics is a powerful reporting and analytics tool that helps marketers measure the success of their campaigns and make data-driven decisions. Marketo Analytics provides actionable insights for optimizing marketing strategies, from tracking lead conversion rates to analyzing campaign performance.

Some of the features of Marketo Analytics include:

  1. Custom Dashboards: Marketo Analytics allows you to create custom dashboards that display relevant metrics and KPIs, providing a comprehensive and real-time view of your marketing performance.
  2. Revenue Attribution: Marketo Analytics enables businesses to track and attribute revenue to specific marketing activities and channels, helping them understand the ROI of their marketing efforts and optimize their strategies.
  3. Advanced Segmentation: Marketo Analytics provides advanced segmentation capabilities, allowing you to analyze your audience based on various demographic, behavioral, and firmographic criteria. It helps you better understand your target audience and tailor your marketing efforts accordingly.
  4. Program and Campaign Analytics: With Marketo Analytics, you can measure the performance of individual programs and campaigns, tracking key metrics such as opens, clicks, conversions, and more. Identify successful campaigns and optimize those that can be underperforming.
  5. Web Analytics: Track website traffic, visitor behavior, and conversions. This information helps you understand how users engage with your website and identify areas for improvement.

5. Marketo Adobe Integration

In order to give marketers a complete and seamless marketing automation and customer experience solution, Marketo, which is now a part of Adobe, offers strong integrations with several Adobe products. These connections provide marketers the ability to organize their processes, gather insightful data, and provide tailored experiences to their target audience across several channels. A few noteworthy Marketo-Adobe integrations are listed below:

Adobe Experience Cloud

The Adobe Experience Cloud is a collection of integrated marketing, advertising, and analytics tools. Marketo is a significant part of this suite. Through this integration, marketers can use Marketo's automation features in conjunction with other Adobe products like Adobe Analytics, Adobe Target, and Adobe Campaign to manage end-to-end customer experiences.

Adobe Analytics

Marketers can acquire a deeper insight of consumer behavior and engagement across numerous touchpoints by combining Marketo with Adobe Analytics. Through this interface, they are able to monitor and evaluate the success of their marketing initiatives, divide audiences based on certain standards, and improve their tactics using data-driven insights.

Adobe Target

Marketers can provide tailored experiences and optimize content based on user behavior and preferences thanks to Adobe Target Marketo's integration. Marketers can design personalized experiences that increase engagement and conversions by fusing Adobe Target's customization tools with Marketo's lead nurturing and segmentation tools.

Adobe Campaign

Effective cross-channel marketing campaign orchestration is made possible by the combination of Marketo and Adobe Campaign. They can use Adobe Campaign's multi-channel campaign management tools in conjunction with Marketo's lead management and nurturing capabilities to create coordinated, targeted marketing campaigns that cover email, mobile, social media, and more.

Adobe Creative Cloud

Because of Marketo's interface with Adobe Creative Cloud, marketers can easily produce unique, aesthetically appealing content on the Marketo platform. Marketers can build and implement visually appealing campaigns that are consistent with their brand identity and appeal to their target audience by easily gaining access to Adobe Creative Cloud assets.

Adobe Document Cloud

Marketers can automate document production, monitoring, and administration using Marketo's interface with Adobe Document Cloud. The creation of contracts, agreements, and other marketing materials is streamlined by this connection, making it simpler to manage and track the full document lifecycle.

6. Marketo Adobe Campaign

When combined, the robust marketing automation tools Marketo and Adobe Campaign provide businesses with a complete solution for organizing and implementing cross-channel marketing campaigns. Let's examine Marketo Adobe Campaign and its features in more detail:

Cross-Channel Campaign Management

Marketers can easily design, carry out, and track multi-channel marketing campaigns with Marketo Adobe Campaign. Marketing professionals can handle several channels, including email, mobile, social media, the web, and offline channels, using a single unified interface. Higher campaign efficacy and engagement are the results of this connection, which allows uniform messages and customer experiences across touchpoints.

Targeted Audience Segmentation

Marketers can make use of Marketo's powerful audience segmentation tools in combination with Adobe Campaign's campaign management features by using Marketo Adobe Campaign. Marketing professionals can now establish specific target groups based on demographics, behavior, preferences, and other factors thanks to this connection. Marketers can give their audience experiences that are more relevant and individualized by focusing their messaging on a few distinct categories.

Automated Campaign Execution

With Marketo Adobe Campaign, marketers can automate the execution of campaigns, saving time and streamlining procedures. Marketers can create triggered campaigns based on predetermined rules, certain actions, or occurrences. This connection makes it possible to communicate with consumers in a tailored, timely, and automated way throughout their journey, increasing engagement and conversion rates.

Lead Management and Nurturing

Marketers can handle leads effectively and direct them through the sales funnel thanks to Marketo's lead management and nurturing features, which interact flawlessly with Adobe Campaign. Through multiple channels, including web forms, landing pages, and events, marketers can gather leads that they can later nurture with automated, tailored content. The complete lead management process is improved because of this connection, which guarantees a seamless transfer of leads from marketing to sales.

Analytics and Reporting

Marketo Adobe Campaign offers thorough reporting and analytics features that enable marketers to gauge the effectiveness and return on investment of their campaigns. Marketers can learn more about the efficacy of their campaigns, monitor conversions, and study consumer behavior with the help of unified reporting between Marketo and Adobe Campaign. This data-driven strategy gives marketers the tools they need to develop continuously and optimize their efforts.

Personalizing Customer Experiences: Marketo's Secret Sauce

One of the critical strengths of Adobe Marketo lies in its ability to deliver personalized customer experiences. Let's look at how this platform empowers marketers to create meaningful interactions with their audience.

1. Dynamic Content and Segmentation

Marketo enables marketers to create dynamic content that adjusts based on the preferences and behaviors of individual customers. By leveraging customer data, you can create  customer segments and target them with personalized messages, ensuring that customers receive relevant and engaging content.

2. Multi-Channel Engagement

Customers expect a seamless experience across multiple channels in today's digital age. Marketo helps businesses deliver consistent, personalized messaging across email, the web, and social media. This multi-channel engagement approach ensures companies can connect with their customers where they are most active and receptive.

3. Behavioral Tracking and Lead Scoring

Understanding customer behavior is crucial for delivering personalized experiences. Marketo's behavioral tracking feature collects valuable data on how customers interact with your content, which you can use to create tailored marketing campaigns. Additionally, Marketo's lead-scoring functionality allows businesses to prioritize leads based on their level of engagement, ensuring your marketing efforts focus on the most valuable prospects.

Streamlining Marketing Processes: Marketo's Powerful Automation Features

Automation is at the heart of Adobe Marketo's value proposition. Let's explore how this platform helps businesses streamline their marketing processes and improve efficiency.

1. Campaign Management

Marketo's campaign management feature simplifies creating, deploying, and measuring marketing campaigns. With its intuitive user interface and drag-and-drop functionality, marketers can easily design and execute campaigns across various channels without technical expertise.

2. Lead Nurturing

Nurturing leads is a critical aspect of marketing, and Marketo's automation capabilities make this process more efficient. With features like automated email sequences and trigger-based campaigns, businesses can guide leads through the sales funnel, ensuring they receive relevant and timely information at each journey stage.

3. Workflow Automation

Marketo's workflow automation capabilities allow businesses to automate repetitive tasks, freeing up valuable time for marketers to focus on more strategic initiatives. Marketo's automation features help streamline marketing operations and reduce manual effort, from automatically assigning leads to sales representatives to updating customer records.

Integrating Adobe Marketo With Your Marketing Stack

One of the key advantages of Adobe Marketo is its ability to integrate seamlessly with a wide range of third-party applications. This flexibility ensures businesses can leverage their existing marketing technology stack while benefiting from Marketo's powerful automation features. Some popular integrations include:

  1. CRM systems like Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, and SugarCRM
  2. Content management systems like Adobe Experience Manager and WordPress
  3. Analytics tools like Google Analytics and Adobe Analytics
  4. Social media platforms like LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter
  5. Webinar platforms like Zoom and GoToWebinar

Adobe Marketo Pricing

Adobe does not provide specific pricing information for Marketo on its website. The cost typically depends on different factors, such as your business size, the number of users, and your organization's specific needs. Marketo offers different pricing tiers and packages, including various features and modules, such as Marketo Engage, Marketo Sales Engage, Marketo Account-Based Marketing (ABM), and analytics.

Contact Adobe's sales team directly to get a customized quote and a better understanding of Marketo pricing for your business. They can assess your requirements and provide pricing information tailored to your needs.

Additionally, Adobe Marketo occasionally offers promotions or discounts, so discussing these options with the sales team is a good idea to ensure you get the best possible pricing for your organization.

Adobe Campaign vs Marketo Engage

Adobe Campaign and Marketo Engage are powerful marketing automation platforms in their own right. While both platforms offer robust features to streamline marketing efforts and engage customers, they have distinct differences in terms of their focus and target audience. Let’s check them out.

Target Market 

Adobe Campaign is made for big businesses with complicated marketing requirements. It provides a wide range of management tools for complex marketing campaigns across several touchpoints and media. On the other side, Marketo Engage specializes in lead management, nurturing, and B2B marketing automation and is appropriate for mid-sized to big enterprises.

User Experience and Interface

Drag-and-drop capabilities in Adobe Campaign's user-friendly interface make it simple to develop and control intricate marketing workflows. Additionally, Marketo Engage provides a user-friendly interface with a focus on lead management and nurturing. Individual interests and needs may influence the user experience.

Campaign Management

Adobe Campaign offers features for managing and carrying out cross-channel marketing campaigns. To deliver targeted and customized messaging across numerous channels, it offers powerful segmentation, customization, and automation capabilities. Although Marketo Engage has tools for campaign management, its main areas of interest are lead management, lead nurturing, and B2B marketing.

Lead Management and Nurturing

The lead management and nurturing capabilities of Marketo Engage are exceptional. In-depth lead scoring, lead nurturing processes, and lead lifecycle management tools are all provided. Marketers can successfully acquire, track, and nurture leads throughout the buyer's journey with the help of Marketo Engage. Although Adobe Campaign also includes lead management, it might not have as many capabilities or the same level of attention to detail as Marketo Engage.


Both Marketo Engage and Adobe Campaign offer the ability to integrate with various systems and marketing tools. Marketo Engage, on the other hand, provides a wider selection of pre-built connectors and alliances, particularly with CRM platforms like Salesforce. Because of this, it is a common option for businesses seeking seamless connectivity between their marketing and sales platforms.

Scalability and Customization

Adobe Campaign is renowned for its scalability, capacity to manage massive data sets, and ability to handle intricate marketing requirements. It offers a wide range of customization possibilities to fit the platform to unique corporate requirements. Although expandable, Marketo Engage is mainly geared at the mid-market niche and could not provide as many customization choices as Adobe Campaign.

Comparison of Adobe Campaign and Marketo Engage

Comparison of Adobe Campaign and Marketo Engage

Feature Adobe Campaign Marketo Engage
Target Market Large enterprises Mid-sized to large businesses
User Interface User-friendly with drag-and-drop functionality User-friendly
Campaign Management Robust cross-channel campaign management capabilities Campaign management with a focus on lead management and nurturing
Lead Management Offers lead management features, but not the primary focus Extensive lead management and nurturing capabilities
Integrations Offers integration capabilities with other marketing tools and systems Broad range of pre-built integrations and partnerships, especially with CRM systems
Scalability Scalable and handles large volumes of data and complex marketing requirements Scalable, but with a focus on the mid-market segment
Customization Extensive customization options Customizable, but cannot have the same level of options as Adobe Campaign

Success Stories and Use Cases

General Electric (GE)

GE, a multinational conglomerate, implemented Adobe Marketo to enhance its lead generation and nurturing processes. By leveraging Marketo's advanced lead scoring and tracking capabilities, GE could identify high-potential leads and deliver personalized content to them at the right time. The implementation of Marketo resulted in a significant improvement in lead quality and a more efficient sales process, leading to higher conversion rates and improved ROI.


Lenovo, a global technology company, utilized Adobe Marketo to streamline its lead management and nurture campaigns. Marketo's automation capabilities allowed Lenovo to deliver targeted content to prospects based on their interactions with the brand. The implementation resulted in a substantial increase in lead conversion rates and a significant reduction in lead response time, significantly improving Lenovo's marketing efficiency.


Cisco, a renowned networking and technology solutions provider, employed Adobe Marketo for account-based marketing (ABM) initiatives. Marketo's ABM features enabled Cisco to identify key accounts, segment them based on behavior, and deliver personalized content at scale. The ABM strategy led to a considerable increase in pipeline velocity and deal size for targeted accounts, demonstrating the effectiveness of Marketo in driving revenue growth.

Future of Marketing Automation

Source: Freepik

1. AI and Predictive Analytics: The integration of artificial intelligence (AI) and predictive analytics is expected to play a pivotal role in marketing automation. AI-powered algorithms can analyze vast amounts of customer data, enabling Marketo to deliver more accurate personalization and targeted content. Predictive analytics can help marketers anticipate customer needs, optimize marketing strategies, and identify high-potential leads.

2. Hyper-Personalization: Customers increasingly expect personalized experiences. Marketo's strong foundation in personalization is likely to be enhanced further with advances in AI and data analytics. By leveraging customer data and behavioral insights, Marketo can help businesses deliver hyper-personalized content, leading to higher customer engagement and conversion rates.

3. Omnichannel Marketing: As consumers interact with brands across multiple channels, omnichannel marketing becomes crucial. Adobe Marketo's ability to support various marketing channels, such as email, web, social media, and mobile, positions it well to continue facilitating consistent and seamless customer experiences across touchpoints.

4. Customer Journey Orchestration: In the future, marketing automation platforms like Marketo will focus on orchestrating the entire customer journey. From initial brand awareness to post-purchase engagement, Marketo can be at the center of mapping and managing the customer journey, ensuring relevant interactions at every stage.

5. Cross-Platform Integration: As marketing technology ecosystems grow more complex, cross-platform integration will be essential. Adobe Marketo's existing integration with Adobe's Experience Cloud and other third-party applications demonstrates its commitment to providing a seamless and comprehensive marketing solution.

How to Address Common Challenges

1. Data Integration and Quality: One common challenge is integrating data from various sources into Marketo and ensuring data quality and accuracy. Businesses should invest in data management practices, such as data cleansing and deduplication, to maintain a reliable and unified customer database.

2. Skill Gap and Training: Using Marketo to its full potential may require specialized skills. Providing comprehensive training to marketing teams and continuous learning opportunities can bridge this skill gap and empower marketers to leverage the platform effectively.

3. Content and Personalization Strategy: Marketo's personalization capabilities are powerful, but businesses must have a well-defined content strategy to deliver targeted and relevant content to different segments. Investing in content creation and understanding customer preferences are crucial for successful personalization.

4. Compliance and Data Privacy: With the increasing focus on data privacy regulations, businesses need to ensure that their marketing practices comply with relevant laws. Marketo users must be well-informed about data protection requirements and adopt best practices for handling customer data.

Final Thoughts

Adobe Marketo has undoubtedly made a significant impact on the marketing automation landscape. Its comprehensive suite of features and focus on personalization has become an indispensable tool for businesses looking to streamline their marketing processes and deliver exceptional customer experiences.

If you're considering investing in a marketing automation platform, Adobe Marketo should be on your radar. Its robust capabilities, extensive range of integrations, and user-friendly interface make it a strong contender in the world of digital marketing. 

To ensure a smooth implementation and maximize the benefits of Adobe Marketo, consider partnering with Growth Natives. As experienced marketing technology specialists, Growth Natives can help you seamlessly integrate Marketo into your existing marketing ecosystem and optimize your marketing efforts for the best possible results.Write to our Marketo Consultants at or call our toll-free number +1 855-693-4769 to watch your marketing efforts soar to new heights!

Frequently Asked Questions

Adobe Marketo is suitable for businesses of all sizes, from small enterprises to large corporations, across various industries. It is especially useful for marketing teams looking to automate and scale their marketing efforts.

Adobe Marketo provides detailed analytics on campaign performance, lead behavior, customer engagement, and ROI. It includes customizable dashboards and reports to help marketers make data-driven decisions and optimize their strategies.

Adobe Marketo is user-friendly, offering an intuitive interface and robust features that streamline campaign management, automation, and analytics, making it accessible for marketing teams of all skill levels.

Adobe Marketo helps track and measure marketing ROI by providing detailed analytics, campaign performance insights, and reporting tools, enabling marketers to assess effectiveness and optimize strategies for better returns.

Adobe Marketo supports lead management by automating lead scoring, nurturing, and segmentation. It helps in tracking lead behavior, identifying high-quality leads, and moving them through the sales funnel efficiently.

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