Pardot Einstein – Putting AI to use in B2B Marketing Automation

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Pardot Einstein’s Engagement Model- The big thing of present fast recedes into the irrelevance tomorrow and the raison d'etre of today’s B2B marketing is “automation, integration, and speed.” Artificial Intelligence (AI) is empowering B2B marketers in ways hitherto unknown and opportunity lies in cashing on it.

And rightly so its usage has jumped manifold with the advantages it offers, like predictive customer journeys, intelligent segmentation, programmatic advertising and reaching out to the right customer at the right time. This happens by aiding marketers in informed-decision making with the help of automated data analysis. Pardot Einstein watches and analyzes data from Pardot marketing automation and Salesforce and makes predictions with the aim of helping sales and marketing teams be more efficient.  Einstein informs the marketers about the type of customers that most engage in the form of straightforward scores and data.

Pardot Einstein Marketing Automation Technology Includes Following

1. Einstein Lead Scoring

2.Einstein Behavior Scoring

3. Einstein Campaign scoring

The broader goal of using AI technology in B2B marketing automation was to bring the marketing and sales teams closer. As such the easy to use technology doesn’t need lengthy implementation and training of AI models.

The technology helps build a solution around how customers are consuming the data. The marketer has the data and it has a customizable out-of-the-box solution!

Einstein Lead Scoring

It helps the B2B marketing automation teams to know leads that have the most potential to become customers based on their persona in a simpler and faster way than traditional methods.  The marketer gets empowered to prioritize and adopt a focused approach. They get to score leads on the basis of how well they fit into the company’s successful conversion patterns and by making comparisons to prior converted leads.

Einstein develops predictive models for the organization on the basis of data analysis and analyzes data every ten days to refresh the scores. It also helps in knowing, the fields that influence the leads the most.  The lead scores can be found on the Einstein Score Component on the lead detail pages. The component has the facility to show, which leads made the fields negative or positive. However, the fields that don’t appear in the Score Component still have the ability to influence the score, howsoever minimally.

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Einstein Behavior Scoring

This feature informs B2B marketing teams when the customer is ready to make a purchase.  In other words, it looks at engagement in “ready to buy” behavior terms.  The use of this tool is increasing steadily with time. The use of Behavior Scoring is emerging as a popular choice for marketers. Einstein Behaviour Scoring reveals patterns of marketing touchpoints like interactions with website and email campaigns that result in a sale and spots these positive insights with other prospects, thus increasing their chances of making a purchase. 

The score can be better understood by dissection into two ideas—Patterns of engagement and Buying signals. Patterns of engagement look at the B2B marketing touchpoints from the first touch to purchase. The feature derives buying signals from patterns in high-converting sales. In other words, Einstein finds out what kind of combination leads to sales, which it interprets as buying signals.

This helps the marketer to identify the customers who mean the most to business. Since the scoring notes activity patterns, it is all about the combination and not single actions. The feature adjusts a prospect scoring in relation to the company’s database on the whole.

Einstein Campaign Insights

This feature helps optimize B2B marketing insights and targets new audiences. The campaign insight feature of Pardot Einstein lets the marketer know the efficacy of the top marketing campaigns without having to sift through tons of data. The insights unravel the factors that made a particular campaign as a top performer.

The Insights also reveal customer personas, demographics, and a geographical region the campaign is most engaged to and, thereby, helps in B2B marketing asset management.  Insights are updated every four hours or whenever a fresh insight is detected.


In essence, with Pardot Einstein, we have Artificial Intelligence guiding B2B marketing decisions, saving us time and effort. The decisions translate into more customers and more business with a better return on investment (ROI) and an integrated approach. So as the technology pushes on its barriers, it is of utmost necessity for B2B marketers to cash on it today.

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