Growth Natives Wins HubSpot’s Q4 2021 Impact Award for Integration Innovation

Published on: February 11, 2022 Updated on: April 08, 2024 views Icon 325 Views

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Whoopee! We’re thrilled to announce that Growth Natives has won HubSpot’s Q4 2021 Impact Award for innovation in integrations. 

The custom CRM card we built for Lightspeed represents the innovative approach that our marketing automation team uses to solve complex automation challenges and the cooperation and support from our customers. We built an API bridge that helps Lightspeed pull in PII data from their on-premise database while also maintaining the confidentiality of personal information. 

This is a remarkable achievement for us and a testament to our HubSpot team’s prowess and ability to solve tough problems.

About the Impact Award 

We’re already HubSpot’s Gold partners. HubSpot uses the Impact awards to recognize members of its Solutions Partner Program who go above and beyond to help their customers grow better.

These awards are given on a quarterly basis in five categories of Grow Better: Sales; 

Grow Better: Marketing; Grow Better: Service; Integrations Innovation; and Website Design. Growth Natives garnered the award for Integrations Innovation and is now listed in the Impact Awards Hall of Fame.

“HubSpot’s Solutions Partner community is a critical driving force in our mission to help millions of scaling businesses grow better,” said Brian Garvey, VP Solutions Partner Program at HubSpot. “I’m amazed by Growth Natives’ innovative approach to integrations that demonstrated their commitment to delivering exceptional customer experiences. On behalf of everyone at HubSpot, I want to thank and congratulate Growth Natives and the other Impact Award winners on such an exciting achievement.”

Wonder what made HubSpot recognize Growth Natives? 

Innovation in Custom CRM Card on Contact View

Lightspeed’s idea is to get a one-stop solution for accessing all customer data. 

Lightspeed Financial Services Group (LFSG), an established online broker providing secure finance services and high-performance access to equities, options, and futures markets, used multiple systems to manage the client lifecycle and struggled to keep up with the hundreds of customer queries every day. 

Growth Natives created a custom CRM card API on contact view that resolved their challenge, helping them improve customer resolution times with no compromise on the confidentiality of their customers’ personal information.

Lightspeed can now focus on further optimizations of the customer journey by leveraging HubSpot’s integrations and workflows.

Thanks to Our Team

“Growth Natives team loves experimenting with HubSpot features and capabilities and thus, was able to innovate a solution that positively impacted the customer’s business. The award is a testament to our technical prowess and ability to solve complex automation challenges,” says Taran Nandha, Founder and CEO at Growth Natives.

What Next?

We will continue striving to achieve even better with HubSpot’s evolving suite of tools and capabilities

If you are looking for a full-stack HubSpot solution provider, we're here to help you achieve your goals with a twist. Write to us at or visit here to learn more. 

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