Clubhouse Vs Twitter Spaces and How to Use Both

  • By Sakshi Arora,
    Published on: May 25, 2021
  • Updated on: Jan 29, 2024
  • Social Media Marketing

Drop-in audio chat app Clubhouse has created a real buzz since it was launched in March last year. The app has over 10 million weekly active users, growing up from 600,000 in December 2020.

The impact has been so immense that social media platforms are scrambling in haste to create their own versions of it. 

Following the immense popularity of Clubhouse, Twitter has also joined the bandwagon with Spaces, which shares similar functionality to Clubhouse. But there are some key differences too, especially the way both the apps record your audio conversations.

Let’s have a look at how the two apps are different.

Clubhouse Vs Twitter Spaces: Key Differences 

What’s Different on Twitter Spaces

Twitter is an already established platform with more than 330 million active users as compared to only 10 million active users on Clubhouse.

As more people follow Twitter, it means there will be a wide variety of audio sessions catering to the interests of users of Twitter Spaces.

No Waiting List

Twitter Spaces is available to all Twitter users, which means you only need to have a Twitter account to use Spaces. It is also free as there are no subscription or membership charges.

To start a space, you need to have at least 600 followers. Otherwise, you can join spaces created by others.

Audio Conversations

Twitter Spaces stores the audio conversations for up to 30 days to check for platform violations. In case a violation is detected, Twitter can hold copies of a conversation for as long as up to 90 days. 

On the other hand, Clubhouse deletes audio conversations as soon as the room ends, and only holds on to the data when a user reports a policy violation. 

Twitter Spaces allows hosts to store audio recordings and copies of transcriptions, whereas Clubhouse has strict rules against participants recording any conversations without getting consent from all the speakers.

Emoji Reactions

Twitter Spaces lets you use emoji reactions such as 👋(clap), 💯(absolutely), and ✌️(victory) that listeners can use to give their feedback.

Contrary to that, Clubhouse gives no privilege to its users of providing feedback to the speakers. The only hack users have developed is to rapidly mute and unmute their mics to indicate applause.

No Need to Download a Separate App

Twitter is already a full-fledged social media platform, with Spaces as one of its integrations. To use Spaces, you don’t need to download any extra app or leave your Twitter timeline to switch to another interface.

It’s seamlessly integrated into the Twitter interface, and when anyone you follow is hosting a Spaces session, you will see it at the top of your timeline.

Better Communication

When any speaker or listener wants to convey a message to the host, they can do so without interrupting the Spaces session by using the direct message option or by sending a tweet.Such an option is not available on the Clubhouse platform. 

Twitter Spaces also lets the host pin any tweet for others to see it and share their opinions about it. The host can also allow captions for the Spaces session so that users can also get a text version of the entire conversation.

What’s Different on Clubhouse

Clubhouse is developed solely for organizing audio sessions and letting people discuss politics, current affairs, dating horrors, skincare, fashion, science & technology, and more. It also lets you have private rooms with great audio quality.


Clubhouse lets you appoint any member of the session as a moderator. A moderator can monitor the activities of the whole session while allowing anyone to be a speaker or moving them back to the audience. 

A moderator can also carry on the session even if the host leaves the session. Although, if the host re-enters the session, they will retain back all the rights of the host.

The moderator feature is not available in Twitter Spaces, and it’s the job of the host to manage everything from letting anyone speak or removing a speaker.

Private Chat Sessions

Clubhouse lets you choose three different room options:

  • Open Room: It is visible to all, and any other Clubhouse user can join it.
  • Social Room: It is visible only to the users that the host is following.
  • Closed Room: It is an invite-only room.

The host and the moderator can anytime convert a room into closed, social, or open.

Twitter Spaces Vs Clubhouse: Features

How to Use Clubhouse and Twitter Spaces to Boost your Marketing Efforts

Both Clubhouse and Twitter Spaces can be used by brands to take their marketing to the next level.

Here’s how you can use both the platforms for boosting your marketing efforts:

Join Clubs and Chat Rooms

If you want to find the right audience for your brand, make sure you join clubs related to your niche and the interests of your target customers. 

By joining relevant chat rooms, you can also get valuable audience feedback and insights into their likes, dislikes, preferences, purchase behavior, and more.

Aim to Create Value

You can pick a topic you think others can benefit from, and host a chat room to reach out to your audience. 

Make sure you develop a basic structure in advance so that you understand which points you want to discuss, and a separate time slot for Q&A. 

The main idea behind this move is to make your audience feel they got a lot of value from the participation.

Enhance Engagement

It’s a great idea to bring a keynote speaker or a specialist to help your audience on a certain topic. For instance, calling a tax attorney can help your audience to understand the tax code relevant to entrepreneurs and issues that people want to address. 

Giving a chance to your audience to learn new skills and gather useful information will make them valued and interested in your business.

Roll Out New Product Features 

When you’re planning to roll out new features, make sure to let your audience know what they are and how they will make their life easier. 

In Twitter Spaces, you can also get customer feedback in real time, which lets you know if your new product feature is a hit or miss.


Both Clubhouse and Twitter Spaces provide massive capabilities to businesses to boost their marketing efforts and engage with the right audience.

Both the apps are still in their pre-revenue state and are currently not monetizing their offering. But we may soon see a premium or ad-free version of the apps in the coming future.

As the popularity of both these apps is sky-rocketing, it is compelling for businesses to make the most of this trend and harness the opportunity to boost their productivity.

To know more, connect with us and discover how new social media trends can affect your business strategy. 

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