How To Generate High-Quality Leads With LinkedIn Product Pages

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Sakshi Arora
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Sakshi Arora is a seasoned content writer and marketer specializing in B2B topics such as marketing automation and website development. Leveraging her journalism background, she infuses her work with clarity and creativity, captivating audiences. Beyond her professional pursuits, Sakshi finds joy in writing about personal emotions, showcasing her introspective side and adding a unique touch to her portfolio.

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Cultivating a huge following on LinkedIn is not easy but not impossible either. It needs to be met with suitable strategies as this is not exactly your average social media platform. You need to roll up your sleeves and craft a strategy that goes with the professional setting of LinkedIn.

LinkedIn is an important platform for building networks, hiring staff, expanding your business, and even forming partnerships with other companies. The growth of your business can be turned up a notch if you are successful on LinkedIn.

The profile you show up with on LinkedIn is going to be your first impression of many business relationships. This is why it is important to focus on the elements that can affect your professional pursuits.

Utilize the features LinkedIn product pages preps you up with and cultivate a good following to build a great LinkedIn product pages presence.

6 best tips for Generating High-Quality Leads With LinkedIn Product Pages

1. Determine Your Priority, Gaining Followers Or Connections

On the LinkedIn platform, you need to clarify which type of statistic you are trying to increase. Followers and connections are similar but not entirely the same. Connections arise from a mutual willingness to see the posts of each other.

Whereas followers are the group that wishes to see your posts whether or not you follow them back. Connections are usually formed when you are known by the person and followers are per se sort of fans or people who hold great interest in seeing your posts and updates.

Although LinkedIn has a limit of 30,000 connections per account, you are better off having only the necessary connections. You don’t need to clog up your feed with numerous posts from thousands of people. You’ll end up missing posts of value.

If you are nearing an overwhelming number of connections, opt for keeping them as followers. You needn’t be picky about limiting whom to be your followers. This is if increasing the follower count is your major goal.

2. Knowing Your Audience

Your audience isn’t your boss to always be met with specific demands but that is no excuse to not captivate them. Gaining followers is a result of constant content delivery that was very informative to educate them or interest them.

Don’t be that account that exists just to aggressively market every single prospect that you come across. Based on my personal experience, I could just say I usually end up marking these accounts as spam so that they don’t fill up my inbox.

Keep it more simple and direct, this will make an impression that you value their time. Do adequate research on them before you approach them with your solutions. Maybe even throw in a little bit of personalization to better connect with them.

3. Provide The Right Amount Of Content 

People follow you when they feel like they receive something in return. Providing valuable content is what you give back to your audience for the support they give. The key aspect when doing this is to not go overboard and provide content in excess.

Grinding out quality content is a good thing but rolling them out too frequently might cause a strain on your task force. This is bad for holding a constant content posting schedule as sooner or later you will run out of content ideas.

Even if you do manage to provide valuable content frequently the margin of gain is probably far too less for the efforts you make. See to it that you have a good balance between quality and quantity for the best outcomes.

It can be noted that excessive content tends to receive lesser engagement than the profiles which post a moderate amount of content regularly. This is the result of the LinkedIn algorithm that hides content from profiles that post excessively.

We can observe in the above statistics that the profiles averaging 10-30 posts receive the highest number of engagements. So no, don’t take those overtime hours working on surplus new content just to be negatively rewarded.

Instead of posting daily, you could opt for an approach where you upload a few posts weekly. Consider the timings as they can affect the engagements you receive. You will also need to time it in a way that you make time for responding to those engagements.

4. Engagements Using Captivating Content

Let’s get started with the content you post out for everyone to see. The content is great, well written, and checks out with all the facts it stated. But there’s a catch, it’s well written and doesn’t give your audience any ground for questions.

This is not the path you wanna follow if you are looking for creating engagements. Providing them opportunities for asking questions is a surefire way to gather engagement and interact with them.

Your content is as successful as the number of people who talk about it. Engagements will work in your favor as the LinkedIn algorithm will prioritize high engagement posts. LinkedIn encourages posts that are capable to attract people with interesting content.

Amidst the professional setting LinkedIn has formed over the years it is still a social media platform. To thrive in social media you must be as the name suggests “social”. Maintain a conversational profile throughout your posts instead of always sticking to promotional content.

The interactive features of LinkedIn such as polls are also a great way to gather engagements. They are known to get high reach and can help bring new traffic to your profile. Just make sure the poll topics are relevant to your cause or industry.

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5. Optimize Your Content

Content strategy varies based on the platform you are using. Unlike the platforms that have better reach with image content, LinkedIn displays a better success rate on text-only content. Fit the most vital content material within the first 3 lines.

The rest of the content will be only visible if the viewers click on “read more”. Hence, you ought to captivate the viewers within the first few lines to make them open your content piece. Or else your efforts go down the drain because your audience didn’t even bother to read it.

Adhere to typing styles that involve shorter sentences and use adequate spacing to break up the post. An endless paragraph at first glance appears boring and can drive away your audience.

Even emojis can be of great help in your posts. Utilize emojis that complement and stand out against the LinkedIn interface. Emojis in yellow/red colors tend to grab the attention of the audience.

6. Using Hashtags And Tagging Other Influencers/Employees

Hashtags are a great source to rely on for reach. It helps the platform group you to the associated sections for the users to come across the posts better. When your content is categorized it is only competing with the related posts and not every available post.

This can make or break your content piece based on how it performs within that category. Don’t shy away from using multiple related hashtags and not just the popular ones. Use plenty of hashtags but don’t go overboard with it.

Users turn to hashtags for satisfying their search intent and hence hashtags are a reliable feature to use for reach. Do not misuse this feature by using unrelated hashtags in hopes for reach. The algorithm might rank your content poorly if it doesn’t satisfy the users.

Influencer marketing is the future and well-reputed influencers can help your cause. Featuring them on your posts can bring you traffic from their audience. Try and get these valuable influencers to engage your posts for the best results.

Mention the influencers and don’t recycle the same line over and over again just to include their name. Tag only those who have a big name in your industry and are relevant to the content.

Keep the tags to a minimum when doing so since tagging multiple influencers can appear non-credible. Ensure these tags are well thought and strategically placed.


There is a step-by-step progress system you need to follow to make it big on LinkedIn. Gathering the followers/connections should be done first and followed up with the efforts to gain reach and captivate the acquired traffic.

Ensuring the focus on the growth makes a loop of returns that keeps accumulating and increasing your margin of profit. The more people come across captivating content the more likely they are going to share them with their connections/followers.

The Linkedin platform is a hybrid social media platform that has numerous professional applications. These platforms are channels for business and marketing efforts to thrive. If you are interested in generating leads or creating an impact on Linkedin contact us at

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