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Drive your organization’s revenue forward with Salesforce CPQ. As your CPQ consulting partner, Growth Natives optimizes your current sales cycle and makes the process more efficient. Our hands-on expertise of Salesforce implementation allows you to work on building fruitful customer relationships.

Salesforce CPQ


Get the key KPIs of your sales process on track with personalized Salesforce CPQ consulting. We analyze your business requirements and offer solutions to complex concerns. We factor in the feedback loop and get you closer to your milestones with every sprint. Our experts can help you with:

  • Reducing the turnaround time to generate quotes
  • Evaluating the accuracy of the quote generated
  • Decreasing the time required to sell
  • Scaling up the order value
  • Refining the workflow at every opportunity


Fix the challenges identified in the consultation process before implementing the CPQ process. Our team divides the sales goals into different categories and optimize the process with out-of-the-box solutions in conjunction with your business goals. Optimizing your workflow helps you with:

  • Concentrating on finding the ideal CPQ workflow
  • Defining and optimizing the best process for generating and approving quotes
  • Knowing product portfolios - SKUs, pricing, discounts, service, and more
  • Configuring business rules, setting up SLAs, order forms, line editor, and quote templates
  • Prioritizing CPQ features with the help of subject matter experts


Transfer the data between your billing systems and Salesforce CPQ with ease with added support for complex hierarchical approval and E-signatures. We work on the integration in the Sandbox environment to ensure that the final product is free from any bugs. Our agile integration approach allows you to:

  • Identify the source and overall nature of the data
  • Cleanse the data to eliminate duplicity and review it for complete accuracy
  • Maintain transparency when handling data in real-time
  • Deliver error-free data by identifying the owners of master data
  • Robust manual and automated testing for workflows and integration


The biggest challenge when implementing something new is convincing people to embrace the change. Eliminate the resistance to changes that might follow with recommendations from our experts and staff training as and when required. Get accuracy quotes and drive more sales to boost revenue by:

  • Creating a team and manages and trains the staff members about the new functions
  • Highlighting how CPQ adds value to the bottom line
  • Catering to the needs of users across different departments
  • Conducting online or in-person training programs to expedite onboarding
  • Informing users about new customization accurately and securely

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