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Driving Sales Success: Your Roadmap to Mastering Guided Selling in Salesforce CPQ

CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote) software is far more than just a tool for day-to-day operations within businesses. It holds a strategic position, functioning as a catalyst for driving sales growth, enhancing customer satisfaction, and streamlining sales processe

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12 Customer Success Best Practices to Retain Existing Customers

Remember Icarus—the Greek mythological figure who forgot his father’s advice not to fly too close to the sun? His overconfidence got the better of him, and his literal fall was inevitable as his wax wings melted. Too many SaaS organizations meet the same f

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Vlocity CPQ vs. Salesforce CPQ: Which Is Better for B2B Businesses?

To run a successful B2B business, you need to perfect the quote generation process of large-scale orders across a vast distribution network reasonably quickly.  In the recent past, sales executives used to interact with key decision-makers in customers’

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How to Increase Sales With Salesforce CPQ & Data Integration

One of the biggest challenges when scaling up a company is the increasing level of complexity in business operations. In addition, expansions often include introducing new product lines, better service packages, add-on benefits, and discounts.  If you are

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The Ultimate Step-by-Step Salesforce CPQ Implementation Guide

Setting the correct prices for products is often a complex task. A single product can have multiple variants resulting in higher prices for more advanced models. For example, a smartphone can have different RAM and memory configurations, processors, and camera

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What Is Salesforce CPQ and Why Every B2B Ecommerce Business Needs One

A CPQ (Configure Price Quote) software is a crucial tool for many B2B businesses today. It assists the sales teams in providing the right pricing at the right time to customers for a wide range of complex products while also improving their own ability to boos

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4 Crucial Sales Challenges You Can Solve With Salesforce CPQ

Numerous organizations are unaware of the challenges in their sales enablement process and even though they know the issues subconsciously, they are not able to pinpoint them accurately. So, let’s try to solve this issue and see if we can address the major q

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Using Salesforce B2B Commerce CPQ and Billing to Drive Sales Efficiency

The Role of Billing in Sales Processes Efficient billing plays a crucial role in the success of any sales process. It not only ensures that customers receive accurate and timely invoices but also helps in revenue generation for businesses. Let’s explore