10 Outstanding Account-Based Marketing Ebooks You Must Read

10 Outstanding Account-based Marketing ebooks You Must Read
  • By Sakshi Arora,
    Published on: Jan 25, 2021
  • Updated on: Mar 30, 2023
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Developed in the early 2000s to bring sales and marketing together around their most important accounts, Account-based Marketing (ABM) has helped numerous technological and professional firms expand their thinking horizon beyond the sales pitch and toward actual client needs.

Though ABM has been all hype recently, we often forget that it has been around for a long time now. 

Not only firms, but also vendors, bloggers, and market researchers alike have actively started using ABM. Back in 2004, ITSMA had coined the phrase that B2B vendors have been doing for way before the time without actually using the official term. As many as 85% users who calculate ROI have stated that ABM has delivered many more successful results than any other approach.

If you want to understand account-based marketing in depth, there are several ebooks on the subject that cover the entirety of it in them. Be it tools, techniques, processes, or strategies, these ebooks envelope everything that comes with ABM. 

But to climb up to the top of it, you must first know what ABM really is.

What Is Account-based Marketing?

Account-based marketing (ABM) is a strategic approach to brand awareness and marketing based on account knowledge. In this approach, an entity views individual prospects or customer accounts as individual markets and interacts with them. Enterprise-level sales organizations follow this approach to marketing usually. 

ABM is also known as key account marketing where businesses establish high-value accounts or opportunities, target key stakeholders in these organizations, and introduce marketing campaigns across different channels to reach their target audience.

Why Do You Need Account-based Marketing? 

The next question that clouds up the brain is, how ABM will benefit you and why your business should choose ABM over traditional marketing. Here's why:

Personalization at Its Best

ABM allows marketers to target accounts with a personalized approach. With ABM, you can help every stakeholder in a target account by delivering the right content at the right time. For example, instead of a blast email campaign, one-on-one emails, direct messaging, and account target ads can be used. 

Conspicuous Results

The implementation cost may be a notch higher when you use the ABM strategy, but considering that you need to track fewer metrics, result-tracking is easier. Any campaign that you carry out can be tracked easily, and with clearer results, a particular account can be targeted more efficiently.

ROI Reaches a New High

ABM is cost-effective if used optimally. It involves shorter sales cycles and focuses only on the most attractive and important targets, thereby removing any unqualified prospects early. This way, the accounts of high success rates will have a higher lifetime value.

Through personalized ABM strategies, you can earn increased ROI. Altera reported that 97% businesses saw higher ROIs with ABM strategies than with other methods of marketing. 

I suppose by now you are considering moving to the ABM way of doing business and you are looking to go through every nook and cranny of it. So where should you start when it comes to creating an effective ABM strategy? These 10 ebooks will be your go-to repositories of knowledge about ABM, which you must go through once.

10 Best Ebooks for All Your ABM Needs

The 10 ABM ebooks listed below will answer all the questions that may ever hit your mind about account-based marketing.

1. 2020 ABM Market Research - By DemandBase

10 Best Account-based Marketing ebooks - 2020 ABM Market Research By DemandBase
Source: Demandbase

More firms are continuing to understand the growing trends of ABM and are using it to maximize their profit. However, some of them are still trying to figure it out. 

The 2020 ABM Market Research focuses on the top 7 habits of mature ABM teams, which helped them boost their ROIs lessons, along with lessons from early adopters of ABM programs in their firms.

After you finish reading this ebook, you will know the most common challenges of ABM teams, and the tools and strategies that as many as 900 peers have used to tackle those challenges. Besides, you will get familiar with the top three places where high-performing companies are investing and why some of the firms are holding back from using ABM. 

2. 2020 ABM Benchmark Study - By ABM Leadership Alliance

Best ebook - 2020 Account-based Marketing Benchmark Study - By ABM Leadership Alliance
Source: ABM Leadership Alliance

In 2017, the ABM Leadership Alliance and ITSMA had released some data about all the ABM strategies, insights, and practices. Those data are the very basis for this benchmark study.

This ebook will provide you with important details and commentary on priorities, maturity, budgets, instruments, strategies, threats, metrics, and business performance of the ABM program. The report even identifies five strategic guidelines for ABM using firms to accelerate growth in the year 2021. The guidelines go as agile acceleration, deep account insights, strengthened sales collaboration with a blended strategy, and metrics investment.

3. The Big Book of ABM Campaigns – By RollWorks

Best Account-based Marketing ebook - The Big Book of ABM Campaigns – By RollWorks
Source: RollWorks

Theoretical knowledge about why you need ABM is a thing of the past for RollWorks. A firm believer of the show and tell, this ebook shows you all the campaigns that the top 5 firms namely Bizible, Datanyze, LiveRamp, Radius, and RollWorks have carried out with the use of ABM. It will help you learn why you actually need ABM and not just read about it.

This ebook sheds light on the top 5 ABM campaigns run by Bizible, Datanyze, LiveRamp, Radius, and RollWorks, and how each of these figured out their target accounts. You will get a pictorial representation of the campaign's steps, results, and the areas that needed much work.

4. Account-Based Marketing – By Marketo

Account-Based Marketing ebook – By Marketo
Source: Marketo

Traditionally, lead generation was about capturing maximum number of leads, which is possible, but almost 79% of these leads did not even convert into sales. With the help of ABM, lead generation, you can target a specific set of accounts that convert. Lead generation draws in the numbers while ABM targets those leads even before you market to them. 

The Account-Based Marketing ebook by Marketo provides information on account-based marketing processes such as

  • How to zero in on the process of conversion to be able to easily calculate conversion rate,
  • How to more accurately reflect your marketing efforts with your sales objectives,
  • How to amplify your lead nurturing with useful insights into the number of visits to your website,
  • How to avoid unnecessary messages for ads, and
  • How to combine powers with real-time personalization, directly translating anonymous prospects into professional leads.

5. Your No-Fear Guide to Scaling Personalized Content for ABM – By UberFlip

Best Account-based Marketing ebook - Your No-Fear Guide to Scaling Personalized Content for ABM – By UberFlip
Source: Uberflip

The idea of creating hundreds of personalized pieces for your account-based marketing strategy can keep anybody up through the night. The no-fear guide helps you scale your personalized content like a piece of cake. A recent survey about B2B marketers showed that creating content by the accounts is one of the most effective strategies for engaging target accounts. 

So it’s important to read this ebook to learn how to scale personalized content for ABM by providing personalized, focused experiences for your best prospects without worrying about creating hundreds of pieces.

6. Get the Essentials to ABM Success – By Triblio

Best Account-based Marketing ebook - Get the Essentials to ABM Success – By Triblio
Source: Triblio

The ready-set-go framework will help you choose the level of personalization, messaging, and channels for each target audience. Triblio has helped with thousands of ABM campaigns and has also won recognition from Demand Gen Report, SiriusDecisions, TOPO, and many more.

The ebook by Triblio helps you learn about proven models for account segmentation, ABM essentials, and worksheets. It even helps you discover award-winning ABM campaigns.

7. Unstoppable ABM – By Recotap

Best Account-based Marketing ebook - Unstoppable ABM – By Recotap
Source: Recotap

The B2B purchase journey is constantly changing and becoming complex. According to the resources, on average, 7 stakeholders make purchase decisions on behalf of their organizations and use upto 6 channels for conducting research while remaining anonymous for 56% of their purchase journey. 

This ebook by Recotap will help you get the knowledge about how B2B marketers are challenging the existing status-quo and moving toward approaches to providing newer buying experiences, including account-based marketing strategies. Unstoppable ABM will also help you break down the ABM approach to run successful campaigns for your organization.

8. The New State of Account-based Marketing – By LeanData

Best Account-based Marketing ebook - The New State of Account-based Marketing – By LeanData
Source: LeanData

For a long time, the misconception that sales and marketing teams work in harmonious synchronization has been around but that is not true. Between the two, there always has been tension and no matter how much both the teams try, they could not be the passengers of the same boat. 

But with the evolution in the technology world, ABM emerged with features from both sales and marketing zones, ensuring efficient results to organizations. 

The ebook by LeanData gives you a background check on ABM. After reading this ebook, you will be able to answer whether ABM is the correct strategy for your organization or not and why you should choose it.

9. Is ABM for You? – By SalesIntel

Best Account-based Marketing ebook - Is ABM for You? – By SalesIntel
Source: SalesIntel

When Account-based Marketing is adopted by an organization, both sales and marketing experts work together, consolidating vendors, data, and technology. Today, ABM is not only a convenient strategy but also a necessary one. 

This ebook will enlighten you on why Account-based Selling is necessary, what its research benefits are, who should use it, and how you should build your ideal customer profile. Once you finish reading it, you will know how to create the best content for ABM accounts so that they convert.

10. The Definitive Guide - Account Based Marketing – By GetIT Comms

ebook - The Definitive Guide - Account Based Marketing – By GetIT Comms
Source: GetIT Comms

Account-based Marketing technique is one of the marketing strategies that are born out of necessity. B2B organizations use it to maximize their marketing efforts with their existing customer base, despite the fact that it takes in-depth research and planning for the best results.

This definitive guide by GetIT Comms will help you know exactly what ABM is, and how it is the right thing for you. Learn how you can choose the right accounts along with ABM workflows, content and messaging, and activation.

Wrapping Up

Account-based marketing is taking the B2B world by storm. Most of the firms have started implementing the strategy to get in the best results from their target accounts. But you cannot master ABM if you do not know what it is about in the first place.

ABM along with integrated tools can help you identify your target accounts and take specific actions thereafter. For detailed information on how you can start with or improve your ABM strategy, do give us a chance to explain! Reach out to us here or write to us at info@growthnatives.com.

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