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How Human-Centered Designs Can Transform a Billion Lives

The growth of the internet is well documented and by the end of the day, 6,00,000 new users would have gone online for the first time in their lives. While people in the urban and developed parts of the world take the internet and access to knowledge for grant

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How Sketch and InVision are Transforming the Design Workflow

“Without the leap, we’ll never know what we will be. We’ll never know what we are capable of.” – Jacqueline Imagine talking to an entire team of experienced and competent designers to move in a new direction. Changing the way they run their design de

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7 Software Design Patterns You Must Know in 2024

Software development is as complex as it sounds. However, most of the problems that developers come across are common. There are no prizes for reinventing the wheel and hence, you rely on solutions that other developers have used in the past. Design patterns a

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Graphic Design Trends to Watch in 2022

Did you know 93% of communication is visual? Graphics play an important role in your brand’s marketing campaign. As the world has changed since the onset of the pandemic, virtual interaction between brands and their customers has forced businesses to explore

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7 Graphic Design Trends to Watch in 2024

Understanding Graphic Design Trends: Graphic design trends refer to the popular styles, techniques, and aesthetics that are currently being used in the industry. These trends play a crucial role in shaping the visual landscape and are essential for designers t

A woman is showing a bulb with text What is Design Thinking? Why is It Important?

What is Design Thinking? Why is It Important?

Understanding Design Thinking A. What is Design? Design is the intentional creation of an object, system, or process with the aim of solving a problem or improving functionality. It encompasses aesthetic elements, functionality, and user experience to create a

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Top 7 UI & UX Design Trends

The UI and UX industry is undergoing a transformative phase. With the recovery of the global economy and shifting customer perceptions, UI design priorities have evolved.  Understanding UI Design In order to create a successful user interface, it is impor