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Conversation Intelligence
  • By Sakshi Arora,
    Published on: Jun 22, 2022
  • Updated on: Mar 31, 2023
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Sales teams are always talking—with customers, leads, or partners. While they are at it, they continuously take notes and record conversations to ensure nothing slips through the crack. Though this old-school approach is a proven way to close more deals, it is inefficient and time-consuming. 

HubSpot’s new Conversation Intelligence features—Call Transcription and Coaching—in its Sales Hub & Service Hub Professional provide a solution to this problem. In the first blog, we discussed how HubSpot Playbooks helps create a robust sales enablement strategy by simplifying the process of searching and sharing relevant content. And in this second in a three-part series blog, we’ll look at Call Transcription and Coaching in more detail. 

But first, what is Conversation Intelligence?

Conversation intelligence is an AI-driven solution that turns conversations into actionable insights. It provides insights by:

  • Recording and transcribing calls
  • Searching keywords in recorded calls and transcripts
  • Associating call records and transcripts to the timeline of a contact
  • Allowing team members to share transcripts with the team
  • Identifying parts of transcripts for coaching and mentoring

Why Conversation Intelligence? 

HubSpot introduced Call Transcription and Coaching for two main reasons:

Higher visibility: Getting real-time visibility into a sales rep’s performance is difficult. How do you understand why a customer was lost or won? How many times was your competitor mentioned, and why? Is there a section in the calling script that can be tweaked for closing more deals? Gain insights into these and more of such pressing questions.

Better coaching: How do you ensure a steep learning curve for new sales rep in your team? Scaling a team is a problem without Conversation Intelligence since listening to each person’s 30-45-minute call and giving feedback is inefficient and extremely tedious. 

Conversation Intelligence

How HubSpot Conversation Intelligence Solves These Challenges

With HubSpot’s Conversation Intelligence, you can better coach your teams by setting real-time insights into sales calls with automatic recording and transcription. It also provides complete visibility into customer conversations and lets you review, comment, and search transcripts. And the best part, the new features are simple to use, even for a non-tech-savvy salesperson.

Other benefits include:

1. Sync Data with CRM

Seamlessly transfer all the voice data into your CRM without having your reps do it manually. Conversation intelligence automatically enters properties after every call and links all the relevant data to the record, thereby saving valuable time of reps.

2. Data-Driven Coaching

Conversation intelligence allows you to review your top performer’s script and share it with new reps to level up their game. Also, with all the data recorded and transcribed, you can understand what transpired between the sales rep and customer/prospect without relying on handwritten notes, hunches or memory. You can also set up weekly meetings to review the efficacy of sales tactics and scripts.

3. Analytics and insights

With all the data saved in the CRM, get the analytics and insights into your sales department or the entire business. It also helps improve your business strategy or make data-backed decisions. Equipped with such insights also makes it possible to consolidate all the information across the enterprise to get a bird’s eye view of discussions between sales reps and prospects.

The new features of Conversation Intelligence are now available for Professional SKU. It includes: 

  • Call transcription (750 hours per portal every month)
  • Call review and commenting
  • Global and local transcript search

The Enterprise SKU, however, has remained unchanged. It includes:

  • Call transcription (1,500 hours per portal per month)
  • Call review and commenting
  • Global and local transcript search
  • Tracked terms

Our last blog will focus on the third feature—Inbound Calling—of the of Sales & Service Hub Professional. Be the first to read about it by subscribing to our blog.

And if you have any follow-up questions about Conversation Intelligence or need help to get started, contact us today at

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