HubSpot Rolls Out New Features in Sales and Service Hub

HubSpot Rolls Out New Features In Sales And Service Hub
  • By Sakshi Arora,
    Published on: Jun 15, 2022
  • Updated on: Feb 13, 2023
  • HubSpot

Even the crėme de la crème sales team will agree that sales support material is important to move clients further in the buying process. But what is more important is finding the right sales and service enablement content at the right time. 

And that is what HubSpot’s latest features do. Hubspot recently launched three high-value features—Playbooks, Call Transcription & Coaching, and Inbound Calling—to strengthen the value of its Sales & Service Hub Professional.

We will dive deep into each of the features one by one, beginning with Playbooks. So, let’s see what it means for users and how they can leverage it to their best advantage. 

Here’s What Playbooks Means for Professional Tier Users

Hubspot's Playbooks simplifies the process of searching and sharing content and helps create a robust sales enablement strategy. And it is now available for Professional SKU users too. 

Playbook is a simple sales management platform that allows you to create scripts, guides, battle cards, and other resources for sales reps. Also, it lets you customize the content in the format of your choice. For instance, you can create: 

  • Product and services specifications 
  • List of questions that your team needs to ask during a discovery call
  • Guidelines on pricing and discounts 
  • Competitor analysis report, including SWOT and battle cards
  • Negotiating tactics
  • Customer support-related information 
  • How-to-handle-common-objections document

Once you have these resources ready, you can save them within your HubSpot account and store all customer-centric questions and answers within the contact file or the client's deal record.

How Playbooks Will Benefit You

Say Goodbye to Hunting Content

If you are a Professional tier user, you can use Playbooks to create a repository of sales-related resources and practices to share with your team. It removes the hassle of searching for content on your desktop. 

Log into your HubSpot CRM, and find all the relevant information needed to close deals in just a few clicks. Whether product brochures or pricing guidelines, Playbooks makes the entire sales process more efficient by storing all the content and making it more accessible. 

Have a Steep Learning Curve for New Team Members

On average, large enterprises spend almost $1,000,000 annually on sales training. And that still does not guarantee short ramp-up periods for new hires. This is because, sometimes, the product knowledge required to close deals is acquired on the job. 

The Playbooks platform allows you to equip your new team members with the resources needed to start selling like your top performers. New hires can immediately access coaching, mentorship, and other insights to be their best at the job.

Track Reports and Make Informed Decisions

Measure the performance of your resources with an in-built dashboard that shows which type of collaterals are used the most. Such data allows you to decide better which types of new resources you need to create to further support your team. 

Here is what to expect from the new feature:

  • Create 5 Playbooks per portal.
  • Have quick access to Playbooks and search or share collateral within the HubSpot CRM.
  • Add notes to the Playbooks based on the customer conversation.

The Playbooks platform in the Enterprise SKU remains the same, with the following features:

  • Create 5,000 Playbooks per portal 
  • Surface Playbooks in CRM 
  • Embed notes fields in Playbooks 
  • Embed properties to capture Q&A and add property data

HubSpot plans to release new features in the Enterprise SKU in 2022 to support upmarket customers. So, that is for later. 

For now, the company has launched two more features along with Playbooks:

  1. Call Transcription and Coaching 
  2. Inbound Calling

Our next blog will focus on the second feature, that is, Call Transcription and Coaching release, where we will explain how you can leverage it for your business to close more deals. Follow our blog section to be the first to know about it and keep up-to-date. 

If you have any follow-up questions about Playbooks or need help to get started with it, write to us today at and our experts will get in touch with you. 

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