Using Custom CRM Card in HubSpot to Ensure Zero Resolution Downtime

Using Custom CRM Card in HubSpot to Ensure Zero Resolution Downtime for Customers
  • By Sakshi Arora,
    Published on: Dec 30, 2021
  • Updated on: Dec 20, 2022
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Lightspeed Financial Services Group LLC (LFSG) is an established online broker that provides secure finance services and high-performance access to equities, options, and futures markets to active and professional traders. Core to their business strategy is high-touch customer service and efficient client account management.  

Problem Statement

Up until a few months ago, LFSG used multiple systems to manage the client lifecycle—from acquisition to onboarding to support. Despite the number of high-powered applications in use and high levels of integration between the tools, the client journey was still largely a manually executed process. Moreover, modifications and ongoing maintenance of the various systems required a high degree of expertise and time, making improvements and additional automation efforts costly.

As the business grew, the company’s client services team struggled to keep up with the hundreds of customer queries related to onboarding, trading, platform billing, and funding every day; the existing workflows implemented across multiple on-premise tools were insufficient to handle the volume. As part of Lightspeed's larger digital transformation initiative, the company sought to consolidate many of the disparate applications to an integrated SaaS solution, which would improve workflows for the client services team without losing control over the security of sensitive customer data.

Lightspeed was looking for a solution that could save them and their customers time and help resolve queries more efficiently. They wanted a consolidated system that could help them manage their marketing, sales, and support operations all in one place without the need for any manual intervention, and get the right data, including client PII, into the right hands—approved client services personnel only—for verifying the customer. 

To add to the challenge, Lightspeed needed a solution implemented in 30 days to avoid the renewal costs of legacy systems.


After careful consideration and consultation with Lightspeed, HubSpot was selected as the SaaS solution that could seamlessly tie together the customer journey and provide LFSG client services the view and data they needed to help the customer along the way. HubSpot would provide a unified solution to manage marketing, sales, and business operations including service and support, without complex integrations. As a SaaS solution, HubSpot would offload the operational overhead required of many on-premise systems.

Growth Natives outlined a plan to migrate the critical data and workflows from Lightspeed's legacy systems as well as address the need for a unified view of client data that included PII data stored securely on-prem—a key piece to the puzzle in making migration possible.

In short, Growth Natives needed to:

  1. Find a solution that could provide a single view of Lightspeed’s customer data, 
  2. Fetch PII from an existing secure on-prem data source,
  3. Ensure visibility to limited users, and 
  4. Notify restricted users when PII was not available. 

Thinking Outside of Box

In order to provide an integrated view for the client services team, Growth Natives built a custom CRM card for the HubSpot contact view along with an API bridge that pulls in PII data from Lightspeed’s on-premise database. The custom CRM card made sensitive information visible on HubSpot standard object views. However, it was visible to all HubSpot users, which was again a challenge that needed to be overcome.


To resolve this issue, the Growth Natives team again built a custom API. We made sure that only Lightspeed’s customer support team had the view and edit access to customer PII data. 


An error message appears when any restricted user views customer data in the HubSpot CRM. 



The implementation of the custom CRM card resulted in Lightspeed’s decision to migrate to HubSpot with confidence. Further, it improved customer resolution times by making critical customer data accessible on a single screen while maintaining the confidentiality of personal information.

An additional feature was added to allow client services team members to edit customers’ PII data if required and automatically update the on-premises database.



Lightspeed no longer needed to refer to other data storage systems to look for any information to resolve customer issues. With a successful custom CRM card setup in HubSpot, they received a one-stop solution for accessing all customer data, including their PII information without having to save it in HubSpot, which ensured security and compliance requirements were also in place. Using custom CRM card Lightspeed can now focus on further optimizations of the customer journey by leveraging HubSpot’s integrations and workflows.

“Growth Natives was instrumental in identifying solutions for Lightspeed that allow us to improve the client experience while maintaining control over sensitive data that our clients entrust us to secure. We look forward to evolving our HubSpot solution with Growth Natives.” - Mike Mayhew, Lightspeed CTO.

This blog post was submitted for a HubSpot Impact Award under the Integrations Innovation category and was the quarterly winner for Q4 2021

It’s a testament to our HubSpot team's prowess and ability to solve tough problems.

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