HubSpot Product Updates – Sept ‘22 Inbound Edition

HubSpot Inbound 2022 Product Updates
  • By Sakshi Arora,
    Published on: Sep 29, 2022
  • Updated on: Mar 31, 2023
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“Technology is causing a set of seemingly disconnected things—shortening of attention spans, polarization, outrage-ification of culture, mass narcissism, election engineering, addiction to technology.”

- Tristan Harris

Couldn’t agree more. With the ever-evolving digital transformation that’s pertinent to the growth of any organization, we have seen disconnected systems and people and have come afar in a crisis of disconnection. 

Realizing how companies engage customers in a distributed world and how it’s an obstacle to their own growth, HubSpot returned with an in-person INBOUND 2022 conference earlier this month, playing up the “Age of the Connected Customer.”

This is the reason this year we did not get to see any new major product offerings such as Playbooks and instead, HubSpot announced enhanced existing features that will enable companies to truly deeply connect with their customers. 

Everyone among INBOUND’s keynote speakers from President Barack Obama to Dr. Jane Goodall hinted at connectedness in some way. Because that’s the key to growth. 

Without further ado, let’s explore

The HubSpot INBOUND 2022 Product Updates

Operations Hub

Product Sync

Product Sync is not limited to Quickbooks and Shopify anymore. Now you can choose from more than 20 apps and easily integrate with your HubSpot product library to sync all data.

Invoice Sync

Earlier, HubSpot allowed data sync only with contacts, companies, and deals. Introducing Invoice Sync, HubSpot has enabled one-way sync of invoices from third-party apps such as Dynamics 365 and Quickbooks to your HubSpot instance. As a result, power your marketing, sales, and service tactics with revenue. 

Data Sync Health

Leverage the new “Sync Health” setting to identify app integration health and syncing issues. Therefore, ensure that all the desired data is in proper alignment. 

Marketing Hub


Connect your WhatsApp business account as a messaging app in your HubSpot inbox. Use this to communicate with your prospects and customers and also enable them to communicate with you via their preferred messaging channel. Since, the new WhatsApp feature allows both business- and contact-initiated messages. You can view the conversations on the contact record.

Campaigns 2.0

HubSpot has announced Campaigns 2.0 which have turned it into an end-to-end marketing strategy. You can view tactics throughout the buyer’s journey and find ways to drive engagement at each touchpoint. Therefore, your marketing team can deliver a delightful customer experience while also getting complete insights required to drive further growth.

Customer Journey Analytics

Marketers now have access to the complete customer journey and insights on conversion touchpoints, which they can leverage to garner more conversions.

Ad Conversion Events

Turbocharge your hyper-targeted ads without relying on third-party cookies. As we know that we are about to enter a cookieless and privacy-first world, this feature is a boon for HubSpot users who can now fully realize all first-party data to target, report, and perfect.

Sales Hub

Inbound Calling 

Assign a unique phone number to each of your sales executives which they can use to make and receive calls from their personal phone and still keep their personal number to themselves. Using the content of the calls, users can record, transcribe, and coach.

Custom Goals

Set each business’ individual goals to easily track and manage performance. Also, automatically update goals by reflecting the changes you make to targets in the progress bar. Push notifications to stakeholders based on stages of goals they are at, such as setting, achieving, missing, or exceeding goals. Therefore, ensure 100% transparency and accountability.

Deal Management 

With improved deal management and forecasting tools, get ready to seal more deals.

CRM Customization

Right Sidebar Configuration

If you have Admin access, you can now optimize the right sidebar for your sales team. Show or hide card sections as required and configure conditional logic that ensures that different teams can see only relevant cards.

New Activity Types and Configurable Buttons

With new activity types, you can manually log new customer connection activities such as LinkedIn messages, WhatsApp, SMS, and physical mail. You can also configure the activity buttons that you want to show in the record highlight card and rearrange them to ensure faster access.

Board Card Configuration

Admins can now choose and display up to four properties on board cards of pipeline objects including tickets, deals, and custom objects. In case of multiple pipelines, customize the cards such that each pipeline stage displays different properties. 

Records Overview Tab

With this update, leverage a new overview tab to view important information on all records. You can configure the layout and choose the properties that you want to show such as a recent activities card, associations tables, or property highlights. Further, conditional logic will allow you to show different data to various teams. In addition, allow developers to create custom cards that will feature on the custom tab with Service & Sales Hub Enterprise. 

Developer Improvements 

Development Sandboxes

Developers will have an isolated environment where they can safely build and test early work of proof of concept before the changes reflect in production. Save them valuable time as you no longer require separate testing accounts. The development sandbox will automatically have the features and CRM object definitions that are in the customer's production account. 

Projects GitHub Integration

Developers can leverage GitHub as the record source for the codebase of their projects. Thus, encourage collaboration and work with their teams using some familiar tools. Developers can also push code to their repositories to trigger project builds.


The debugging process has seen remarkable improvements with INBOUND 2022. There is a new CRM mid-panel card logging system that enables developers to track the functionality of their private apps. With each log, developers can get details into each execution, such as if it passed or not. These details are essential to avoid any possibilities of failure.

CRM Card Builder

Developers can create new CRM cards which will make CRM users’ lives easier. With an interactive user interface, it is easy to develop any required JSON payloads and use custom CRM cards in the middle panel of your HubSpot instance. You can use the new CRM cards on custom objects and even show custom object data on other records.

Data Management and Quality

Cleaner Import

With improvements in import functionality, you can identify and resolve any data errors before publishing imports to CRM. Thus, ensure a more proactive approach when it comes to solving data issues.

Property Validations

Whenever you import data manually, you will have a structure with Property Validations which will ensure you don’t have to waste time. For instance, when the data you are importing needs to have distinctive values, you can set a rule or a max character limit. Therefore, you can maintain a clean database.

Data Model Overview

With HubSpot’s new Entity Relationship Diagrams (ERDs), you can see how your custom and pre-defined objects relate to each other. Therefore, when you hire new team members, these ERDs will remain up-to-date and provide insights into your CRM infrastructure.

Custom Object Builder

You no longer need to code to create custom objects. With Custom Object Builder, you can easily create custom objects and tailor your data model to your infrastructure.

Data Quality Command Center

Use the data quality command center to quickly view the health of your HubSpot data in a single place. Any of your team members can use this centralized location to view any formatting or other property errors.

Automation Recommendations

HubSpot has enabled this AI feature that will continuously inspect your database for any errors. You can automate to fix these issues and eliminate the need to manually accept all suggestions, one at a time.

Implement INBOUND 2022 Updates to Stimulate Profound Connections With Customers

Though we have listed the majority of features and updates announced at INBOUND 2022, brace yourselves for more on the way. However, make sure you start implementing these new updates to witness business success in a more connected manner. 

Using the new features may require you to train your team first. Or, hire the right resources right away. Growth Natives is a HubSpot platinum solutions partner for our innovative and unique approach to devising HubSpot solutions, including creating custom CRM cards for a 360 view of customer data in a single place and secure manner. Write to us today at and let us introduce you to our end-to-end HubSpot solutions that propel your business for future success.  

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