7 Indirect Ways Marketing Automation is Helping You

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  • By Sakshi Arora,
    Published on: Oct 09, 2019
  • Updated on: Feb 13, 2023
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Marketing Automation is not any hidden concept; it has become the darling of every marketer irrespective of their business size. Once thought to be something for bigger companies Marketing Automation is now prevalent in small and medium-sized businesses in almost every industry.

- With 69% of people depending upon online research to engage with a brand, it becomes necessary to speed up your marketing efforts. 

- On average, 51% of businesses are currently using Marketing automation. - Emailmonday

- Almost half of the B2B companies (58%) admitted; they have planned to adopt Marketing automation. -  Emailmonday

- 48% of Marketers use Marketing automation prominently in their business marketing portfolio to create personalized customer experiences. – House of Marketing "Yearly Marketing Survey 2019" (2019)

This is the most effective way to promote & grow your business in this technologically moving world. 

Keeping track of what you should be pitching can be tiring, stressful, and time-consuming; if done manually. To attain equilibrium with the fast pace competition; you better get your hands-on marketing automation tools.

7 Indirect Benefits of Implementing Marketing Automation

Looking beyond the visible lead generation and automation results, there are some indirect benefits of implementing marketing automation tools. The benefits outline below might not come clearly in the picture but are of great value.

1) More Freed-up Time

The technological advancement in marketing resulted in more free time for marketers. You can now put your hands in various other creative and strategic business activities. 

2) Streamline Multiple Channels

The best part of the following automation tool is; it provides better control of various online channels. For example, there are numerous social media automation tools like  Hootsuite, Buzzsumo, Scoop.it, buffer, etc. to streamline your social media channels. Which, otherwise, when handled manually; can be quite a time-consuming process. 

3) Better Budget Allocation to Programs

Implementing these automation tools for marketing can replace a considerable team. Resulting in savings from your people budget that can now be allocated to programs. Increasing your program budget will lead to higher ROI from marketing.

Source:  Emailmonday, you may check out this post to get detailed figures on the latest Marketing Automation statistics

4) Increased Average Deal Size & ROI

The processes like cross-sells, up-sells, customer interaction, and follow-ups become quite comfortable with such tools.

Eventually, you will notice an improvement in your customer lifetime value. A well-designed campaign with qualified lead management can enhance your sales activity; which will further promise to produce a better ROI. Here is; how effectively you can leverage automation options to optimize ROI.

  • Lead Management Automation (lead scoring, qualification, and progression.)
  • Encourage return visits by automating loyalty programs.
  • Email marketing automation; to bag new customers and staying connected with the existing ones.
  • Using tracking, analysis, and measuring tools available with all marketing automation solutions. This will help in understanding the ROI flow. 

5) Improved Accountability of Resources

Passing the buck is a common trend in any organization. Especially when it comes to taking responsibility for something not doing well. Using any automation tool can reduce workplace issues while improving the accountability of personnel. The clear cut reports can quickly point out which part of the system is performing ineffectively. 

6) Better Co-ordination

The automatic processes have a clear definition, targets, time limits, and responsibility set for all involved team members. Moreover, working with marketing automation tools can benefit your team in many ways, including:

  • Increased productivity
  • Increased effectiveness
  • Working with other creative stuff
  • Librate from mundane tasks

 7) Giving Second Life To Your Content

Marketing automation can help in repurposing your published content. You might have a blog running; what you do after posting a new blog post? Share it on social media; that's it. 

Marketing automation can help in repurposing your published content. You might have a blog running; what you do after posting a new blog post? Share it on social media; that's it. 

Through marketing automation, you can set up some automated rules to use it further. This will be like giving your posted content a second chance. You can set the rules to share the relevant content for educating your audience when required. 

Doing this will widen the scope of lead conversion and increase customer lifecycle.

Moreover, marketing automation goes hand in sales & marketing, content marketing, lead generation, voice search, reputation management, and so on.  

These are just seven of the hundreds of benefits that you can get while investing in this practice. If you are still only using any traditional email blasters or generic CRM platforms, it's high time to think again. If you are a marketer having forward-thinking for: 

  • Regained hours 
  • Low operational costs 
  • Massive reach 
  • Qualified leads 
  • Sales conversions 
  • Higher ROI 

Then the best answer could be leveraging a suitable automation portfolio to materialize your idea of achieving marketing goals.

We can practically help you in choosing the best automation solution for your business. Write to us at info@growthnatives.com.

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